What Size Coffee Table For 84 Inch Sofa

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‘How big should a coffee table be?’ is a question that’s been on everyone’s lips (slashed something that many of us take advantage of our search engines for) recently. And, the answer depends on many variables in your living room.

What Size Coffee Table For 84 Inch Sofa

What Size Coffee Table For 84 Inch Sofa

The best coffee tables (opens in a new tab) are not made the same size. Some cute pieces are on the petite side, other wow factor furniture comes wide, and many of the tables we love are long. But there is a science to setting the coffee table in your lounge.

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We ask the question ‘How big is my coffee table?’ to the professionals, who were able to provide some excellent (universal) suggestions to suit all spaces – small and large.

What Size Coffee Table For 84 Inch Sofa

They hone in on a number of important factors that may influence your decision about which table you choose to place in your sitting room, taking into account the layout of your living room, your existing furnishings, and how you use this social space.

‘We’ve all been there. You’ve just bought a nice sofa, and now it’s time to choose the best coffee table that fits it and maximizes your space. How do you decide which coffee table size to buy? This can be a difficult task, especially if you’re working with small spaces,’ says resident designer Kyle Schuneman, APT2B (opens in a new tab)

What Size Coffee Table For 84 Inch Sofa

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‘If you pick one that’s too big, you’ll overwhelm your space. If you choose one that is too small – especially with regard to your sofa – your room will look unbalanced.’

‘Your coffee table should be proportionate to the sofa it is paired with and the size of the room. Usually, coffee tables are purchased after seating and other furniture, so if you have a tape measure and a calculator, it’s easy to figure out. the exact size you need for your table.’ says Amber Dunford (opens in new tab), lead stylist at Overstock.com (opens in new tab).

What Size Coffee Table For 84 Inch Sofa

When asking yourself how big a coffee table should be, you have to take into account how tall the table is. After all, you don’t want it to get in the way of TV viewing. And, on the other hand, you don’t want it to be so short that you have to take a deep squat to simply get your coffee out or your coffee table decor to be out of sight. So what are the magic rules for making a coffee table work for you?

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‘Your coffee table should be 1-2 inches shorter than the height of your sofa cushions,’ says Schuneman.

What Size Coffee Table For 84 Inch Sofa

‘This is very important if you like to kick your feet. It also helps create a precise, unobstructed eye line when you’re sitting on the couch, and allows you to conveniently grab snacks and other items from the coffee table. This is the most important measurement when choosing the right size table, so look at the height of the table first.’

‘The ideal coffee table is two-thirds the width of your sofa. If you have a sectional sofa with recliner, then the table should be two-thirds the size of the sofa portion. This creates a balanced look in the room.’ said Schuneman.

What Size Coffee Table For 84 Inch Sofa

Modus Furniture Saxon Natural Carrara Granite/marble Modern Coffee Table In The Coffee Tables Department At Lowes.com

‘If you have a sectional sofa with recliner, we recommend that the coffee table not protrude into the room any further than the recliner. Otherwise, the general rule is that the size of the room determines the depth of the coffee table. If you have a narrow room, choose a table that is not too deep. If you have a larger living room, you can opt for a larger square table or even a round coffee table.’

‘The depth of your coffee table should be narrow enough to leave at least 30 inches between the outer edge of the table and the next obstruction, such as the fireplace of your TV stand.’ Dunford explained.

What Size Coffee Table For 84 Inch Sofa

‘This distance may be greater in a larger living room where you have more room to work. If you have extra seating across the table, make sure there is enough room for adults to comfortably walk between them,’

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To find the perfect table depth for a small living room, measure the distance between the edge of your sofa and your TV stand, fireplace, or extra seating. Subtract 30 inches from that measurement. Then reduce the space you want to leave between the sofa and the inside edge of the table (see the next section for the perfect coffee table placement). The remaining measurements are the ideal depth for your new coffee table. For larger living rooms, keep the 30 inch minimum rule in mind.’

What Size Coffee Table For 84 Inch Sofa

‘If you have to leave less space on either side of the table than is recommended here, that’s fine as long as you can still easily walk through the room. Of course, you should also consider how much surface area is sufficient for everything you want to put on the table.’

And, if you’re looking for more small lounge inspiration, we have more suggestions on how to choose furniture for a small living room.

What Size Coffee Table For 84 Inch Sofa

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Of course, if you don’t have a tape measure, or don’t want to count, there’s an easier and simpler way to tell if a particular coffee table works in your living room layout (opens in the new living room). tabs).

‘If your feet hit the table while you’re sitting, the space is too tight. If you have to try hard to reach things on the table, it’s too big. The shape and style of your coffee table will also determine its size.’ said Dunford.

What Size Coffee Table For 84 Inch Sofa

‘The distance from the front of the sofa to the coffee table should be between 12 and 18 inches. Fifteen inches is usually a comfortable distance for walking and sitting.’ said Schuneman.

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‘Closer, and it can start to feel tight. Any further, and you won’t be able to reach it comfortably while having a snack or finding the remote. Position the table in the center of the sofa, so that there is equal space on each side of the table.

What Size Coffee Table For 84 Inch Sofa

‘It also guarantees you’ll be able to move around the table without having to side shuffle. You’ll want a seamless path between the TV and the table. Otherwise, the room will feel very cramped and crowded. It really is a feng shui killer.’

‘Consider your space, and make sure there’s enough room for foot traffic that’s comfortable for you and your guests. It’s a good idea to leave about 30 inches of space between your coffee table and other furniture, such as your media stand. Remember, not all coffee tables are rectangular. Think out of the box. Often, a square, square, or circular table will best fit the space you have to work with.’

What Size Coffee Table For 84 Inch Sofa

Rowe Nantucket 84

To create a cohesive space that has good flow, ideally you want to choose the right sized table to match the look of your living room. Modern coffee tables look great in a contemporary scheme and design-led pieces can create a real focal point, especially in neutrally decorated rooms.

‘Before shopping for a coffee table, it can be helpful to take a live photo of your current living room so you can consider the proportions of the table relative to its surroundings.’ says Hina Khan, senior content marketing manager at Society6 (opens in a new tab).

What Size Coffee Table For 84 Inch Sofa

‘If you have a modern aesthetic, you may want a smaller coffee table to balance the space, whereas if you have a more traditional cut you may be interested in a larger table.’

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‘Consider shape when choosing a new coffee table. Instead of defaulting to a classic rectangular coffee table, think about how a square coffee table, round coffee table, or oval coffee table can better complement your space.’ says Nadia McCowan-Hill, resident stylist at Wayfair (opens in new tab)

What Size Coffee Table For 84 Inch Sofa

‘A square table goes well with a longer sofa. If your room has a lot of soft lines, consider separating it with a rectangular coffee table. The round shape goes well with shorter sofas and more compact seating arrangements as long sofas tend to make a round coffee table look small. They are a good choice if you have small children or pets as there are no sharp corners to hit.’

‘If conventional isn’t your style, the freeform coffee table is for you. Geometric styles, such as a modern triangular, hexagonal, and semicircular coffee table (opens in a new tab) look great in a funky yet relaxed setting. If you opt for a more abstract shape, your everyday coffee table can fit in your space like a statue or piece of art. We recommend the freeform style if your living room has a modern and sophisticated look.’

What Size Coffee Table For 84 Inch Sofa

Coffee And Side Tables

As well as asking yourself the question ‘How big should my coffee table be?’ Another thing you may want to think about is the main purpose or function of your coffee table. While a gold coffee table is an ideal choice to showcase a modern coffee table decor, a black coffee table might be a smart choice to double as a WFH table.

‘If you

What Size Coffee Table For 84 Inch Sofa

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