Using A Bench As A Coffee Table

Using A Bench As A Coffee Table – About a week ago we decided we needed a new piece to serve as a coffee table in our living room. Something low profile but airy and not bulky. I stole the antique washstand we use and put it down in the fireplace room where the Christmas tree is.

I decided to browse The Creamery and see if there was anything that fit the description and was cheap.

Using A Bench As A Coffee Table

Using A Bench As A Coffee Table

I came across an old piano bench that could use some love. She loses the nails that held her together. At first glance it looked sturdy, but by the time I got it home it was clear it needed some strengthening. I took it to the garage and tapped back the loose nails.

Bench Legs Metal Coffee Table Base 105 Cleo W12 X H16

Once home, I found it was perhaps a bit too dark and lost myself in the dark leather couch and chairs.

Using A Bench As A Coffee Table

This was an easy fix as I had some chalk paint to cheer it up with.

I decided to leave the top dark and only light the base and legs. Since I planned to disturb the painted portion, I only applied a thin coat of chalk paint.

Using A Bench As A Coffee Table

Coffee Table Bench With Storage Hotsell, 55% Off

When dry I sanded it smooth to reveal some of the original dark finish and applied clear wax to seal the paint.

I tied some pine branches to glass bottles with some twine and placed them on a pretty white platter for a simple but pretty vignette.

Using A Bench As A Coffee Table

I also decided to continue the theme of natural greens and white by placing some artificial branches and berries in a white urn placed on the side table. This makes a nice smelling vignette on this table that didn’t cost a penny!

Using A Bench As A Coffee Table Factory Sale, Up To 56% Off

Anyway… I love using greenery to decorate! It doesn’t cost anything if you can access some scrub pines or spruces that could use some pruning. It doesn’t get any fresher than that! And…no trees were killed in the process! Win, win! 🙂

Using A Bench As A Coffee Table

One last note… I posted this picture a week ago and forgot to see if anyone knows what is hanging on the wall next to the Christmas tree.

I had found it on a farm in a junkyard and thought it had a nice rustic look. I liked the patina on the wood and thought I could turn it into some sort of message center or funky type of sign. It looks like it could have been part of some kind of sieve… I think that’s just because there were also antique car parts in the pit.

Using A Bench As A Coffee Table

Diy Coffee Table Storage Bench With A Boho Wallpaper Finish

If anyone has any idea what it could be I would be very interested to know. For now it’s a nice piece of wall art in our fireplace room 🙂

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Using A Bench As A Coffee Table

Today I’m rounding up all the beautiful benches I’ve found and also sharing four reasons to consider a bench over a coffee table! I hope I can convince you to throw yourself on the bench 😉

Trestle Chrome Coffee Table Base

We love putting our feet up after a long day. I keep the bench clean by throwing a soft blanket over it when we put our feet up.

Using A Bench As A Coffee Table

I have a lot of wood and white in our house. Adding this velvet bench with the pleated detail really warmed up the space.

I’m so glad I won’t have to worry about Weston teething or getting a black eye on this one! 🙂

Using A Bench As A Coffee Table

Rosalind Wheeler Upholstered Coffee Table Storage Bench

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My mom recently asked my dad if he could find the time to make her a bench that she could use at the dinner table for family celebrations and also in their entryway. I said, “Ma! Why not

Using A Bench As A Coffee Table

Make you that bank?” Girls know how to use power tools too! So we worked together to come up with this simple slatted wood bench design in a slightly weathered ebony finish.

Coffee Table Or Bench #7

4 tapered legs 12″-16″ long, depending on desired height — I used these ($17.95 each for pine), but these are less expensive ($5.38 each).

Using A Bench As A Coffee Table

Cost is for the less expensive table legs and does not include screws, paint, glue, etc. as these are items I already had on hand and you might as well. Also, the cost of wood will be less if you buy longer boards and cut them down to size.

Step One: Use the miter saw to cut 45 degree angles in the ends of two 1×3 boards as shown above. Cut the length of the 1x2s to match the inside length of the freshly cut 1x3s. It is very important that the 1x2s are perfectly cut to match the inside length of the 1x3s exactly.

Using A Bench As A Coffee Table

Live Edge Slab Coffee Table Or Bench

Step Two: Use an extra board to space the boards as shown above, arrange the 1x2s in the middle and the 1x3s at the ends. Use scrap wood to make sure the ends of the 1×2 are even.

Step Three: Measure the distance between the 1x3s and cut two pieces of 1×4 to that length. These will be the support plates for the bench. Screw them to the previously spaced 1x2s as shown above. I attached mine 6″ from the ends of the 1x2s. Be sure to keep pressure on the board as you drill the pilot holes and screw in the wood screws, or you could screw up the spacing between the boards.

Using A Bench As A Coffee Table

Step Four: Attach the Kreg jig to the ends of the attached board and drill 2 pocket holes that will be used to connect the 1x3s to the edge.

How To Choose A Coffee Table For Your Living Room

Tips for Drilling Pocket Holes: It is difficult to give specific instructions for what stop point to set the Kreg when drilling pilot holes because there are variations involved such as where the stop collar is placed on the drill bit, how long your screws are . use and the exact thickness of your wood. My suggestion is to practice with scrap pieces of wood to make sure you don’t over or under drill the pocket holes.

Using A Bench As A Coffee Table

Step Five: Lightly clamp the 1x3s to the edge of the attached backing boards. Use a piece of wood to make sure the edge of the 1×2 boards line up perfectly with the inside of the 1×3 edge. Once each end of the bench is perfectly even with the mitered 1x3s, tighten the clamps.

If the ends don’t fit evenly, you may need to cut the attached 1x2s with a table saw or shave off the 1x3s a bit before attaching them.

Using A Bench As A Coffee Table

Chunky Leg Coffee Table

Step Six: While the 1x3s are snug, screw 1.5″ Kreg screws into the support plates, firmly attaching the 1x3s to the base of the bench.

Clamping Tips: When clamping soft wood such as pine, use pieces of scrap wood as a buffer between the clamp and the finished piece, or the clamp will stamp the wood.

Using A Bench As A Coffee Table

Step Seven: Measure the entire width of the bench base to find the length to cut the last of the 1x3s to create the mirrored end caps. Cut more than you think you’ll need, then slowly cut a little more from the ends until you get a perfect fit.

Maisons Origines Bench Raw Wood / Coffee Table

Step Eight: Gently place a belt clip around the entire countertop in preparation for fitting into the mirrored end caps you cut in step seven. Soak the end grain of the wood with water and cover with some Gorilla Glue.

Using A Bench As A Coffee Table

Step Nine: Fit the mirrored end cap back in place and fully tighten the belt clip. The pressure in the clamp and the moisture in the wood will activate the Gorilla Glue, creating a strong bond. I added some finishing nails to make sure the wood doesn’t come out of place due to the natural shrinkage/growth that occurs with changes in humidity in the environment.

Step Ten: Sand the entire bench with 120-grit sandpaper to smooth out any unevenness in the seams. If you have extreme bumps, you can

Using A Bench As A Coffee Table

Recycled Teak Bench

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