Sur La Table Coffee Maker

Sur La Table Coffee Maker – Deal: Barista-Grade Espresso Machines at Sur La Table Are 30-40% Off Yes, you’re still allowed to enjoy great coffee

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Sur La Table Coffee Maker

Sur La Table Coffee Maker

First, they are around 35% off at Sur La Table. Since these Java endpoint characters can cost thousands of dollars, you’ll want to take advantage of these deals while you can.

Drip Coffee Maker On Table

Second, many places around the world (especially those that make better coffee than we do) consider owning a high-end espresso machine as normal as having a Keurig or a Cuisinart maker. I visit Australia often, and finding a four- or five-figure espresso machine in a suburban home is not a sign of luxury. It is an everyday tool.

Sur La Table Coffee Maker

When you can support local businesses during these times, and if you can safely leave the house and grab a coffee, do it (and do it well). But there will be a day when the old routines return or maybe now if you’re comfortable going out: For those times, you can reach for a barista-worthy espresso.

Lots of qualifications there! Let’s sit back, drink a cup o’joe, and examine three machines that could put a good home (aka your home) to good use.

Sur La Table Coffee Maker

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Easy to use but delivers a coffee worthy of your local high-end coffee shop. And the 64 oz water tank and 10 oz bean container mean you’ll rarely need to fill this up.

There are one- and two-cup models, but there’s also a manual switch and small temperature adjustments you can do on your own. You need to work on this a bit; As one typical reviewer notes, “It shoots better than where I live. [But] I recommend watching some videos to familiarize yourself with the machine.

Sur La Table Coffee Maker

This sleek machine keeps its focus where it should be: providing you with an ideal espresso within 30 seconds. And the LED display means you can keep this to simple one-touch operation, although you can change the settings to your preference.

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Sur La Table Coffee Maker

Sign up to get our best content delivered to your inbox every weekday. It’s free. And awesome. With the weather getting colder and the days shorter, coffee always seems like a good idea. In most cases, people tend to shove their large coffee makers and Keurig machines in a corner or along a wall in their kitchens where there is free counter space. But if you use yours often and often invite guests over for coffee, you might want to consider making your own little coffee shop if you have the room for it. Here are just a few fab ideas for some inspiration!

A small corner is all you need for a small and functional coffee. With a small table or dresser above, you’ll have plenty of storage space for everything! Check out these two lovely examples below from La Vie LC.

Sur La Table Coffee Maker

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Some kitchens have awkward fitting spaces between walls and appliances, which are perfect for coffee. See how this works – featured on Decoholic.

And like perfect bathroom spaces, some kitchens even come with built-in tables. This desk from the Bower Power Blog replaces a coffee station.

Sur La Table Coffee Maker

Coffee stations can be decorated in any way you like, but a rustic or chic theme sure looks great!

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You can make your coffee shop look like a real coffee shop simply by adding blackboard menus and some optional wall decor. This one featured by Facilisimo is for a simple framed painting to hang on the wall, while the other two from Homedit and Live Simply go for large blackboards that take up too much of the wall surface.

Sur La Table Coffee Maker

You might need to do some research around a kitchen that doesn’t have an obvious spot for a coffee bar – but if you get creative enough, you might be able to find the perfect place to put yours! This pattern from Forever in Pursuit uses a narrow section of wall next to the kitchen cabinets.

No wall space to work with, but lots of closets? Here’s a clever one from Apartment Therapy that hides a coffee maker right inside one of the cabinets.

Sur La Table Coffee Maker

Nespresso Vertuoplus: This Deluxe Machine Is At A Huge Discount

You can still create a nice little custom station on a gig by adding some accessories and instantly styling it, rather than tucking your machine in a corner next to a bunch of other stuff. Here is a great example from Improvised Design.

Bar carts or small tables also make great solutions for small, awkward spaces between appliances and counters. Here’s one to get inspired by – featured on The Kitchn.

Sur La Table Coffee Maker

And hey, if your coffee station doesn’t fit in the kitchen, that doesn’t mean you can’t have one! This one, again from Decoholic, hangs it on a wall outside the main kitchen area. Coffee Maker Touch Screen Filter Coffee Machine Espresso Coffee Timer Intelligent Maker Drip Home Office Fully Automatic Coffee Maker Coffee Machine: Home & Kitchen

Dark, dark colors create a great coffee shop atmosphere, but that doesn’t mean you have to have a bright space or paint it in lots of white or more neutral colors. Check out this sunny and modern setup featured on Pop Sugar.

Sur La Table Coffee Maker

You can really make a statement in a color-neutral room by using a table or dresser painted in a bright or bold color. This fantastic blue dress from I Heart Nap Time does it wonderfully!

Bright and bold colors definitely make a big impact, but you can still spice it up a bit by choosing a table or dresser that isn’t so dramatic. Here’s a cute little turquoise pot that turned into a simple Keurig coffee maker from the Thinking Cupboard.

Sur La Table Coffee Maker

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The holiday season isn’t here yet, but it will be here again before you know it! You can take it as an opportunity to decorate your cafe for the holidays and even add other treats like candy, hot chocolate, and marshmallows for your guests to enjoy. Here are some great examples from Everyday Enchanting and The Inspired Room.

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