Styling A Coffee Table Tray

Styling A Coffee Table Tray – It is very easy to make a coffee table look great, you just need to start with the basics that you may have lying around the house.

1. Start with stacking books or magazines as a great way to add height and color to the table.

Styling A Coffee Table Tray

Styling A Coffee Table Tray

2. Put a tray next to the stack of books. This confuses the area of ​​the table and creates interest.

Spring Coffee Table Tray Decor & Styling

3. Add a natural element to move through some texture. A bunch of cute flowers in a short pot, crystal, coral or a tree branch. You can place this on a stack of books, or in a tray.

Styling A Coffee Table Tray

5. Finally, add some personal accessories whether it’s jewelry from a trip, a vintage piece, or a designer jar.

A vignette is a collection of household items, furniture and personal items grouped together. You can style your home effortlessly by following these simple steps to create a cohesive look:

Styling A Coffee Table Tray

Etta Avenue™ Mabel Coffee Table Tray & Reviews

Then keep adding to the cluster but remember to work in odd numbers – 3 or 5 work best.

Bring pieces that have personal meaning. You don’t want your home to look like a showroom- your home should be a reflection of you and your personality.

Styling A Coffee Table Tray

Play around with heights and widths If you’re designing with books, play around with some stacking and some standing.

Places To Consider Using Trays In Your Home (& Quick Ideas On How To Style Them) • A Glass Of Bovino

Adding greenery always brings the space to life. Take a step back and see how it looks- it may need some tweaking and that’s fine. Remember not every surface needs to be covered and the eye needs to rest so having an empty space is a good thing! Explore All Bedroom Living Room Kitchen Bedroom Bathroom Entry Home Office Laundry Room Nursery Kid’s Rooms Teen Room Outdoor Spaces Holiday

Styling A Coffee Table Tray

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We have received an amazing response with our “How To” series! Last week, we put up a question box on our Instagram Stories, and you all asked for a post on how to style a coffee table! Today, we’re here to give you all our tips and tricks on coffee table styling!

Styling A Coffee Table Tray

Vintage Chic Coffee Table Styling Tips

Books are great to stack on your coffee table as an easy way to add work height and dimension. If you need extra height on top of the books, try a picture frame or decorative piece (beads, links, knotted material etc.) placed across the top book!

Jewelry will add dimension & layers. Choose objects of different heights to create depth and interest. Candles, small frames & beads will provide loads of added material.

Styling A Coffee Table Tray

We love adding authentic faux fruits to vases. These create a nice warm focal point in the room. Greenery and flowers always help create an inviting and welcoming feeling in a space so we love to use them in the main living areas! If you’re going faux, be sure to get as authentic fruits as possible. Some of the cheaper ones can look very fake which will take away from the trendy look you are trying to achieve on your coffee table. Favorite olives are linked below 🙂

Follow The Yellow Brick Home

Jewelry trays can be used as a strong anchor to the jewelry on top. Adding a tray can help frame your coffee table- if you have a round coffee table go with a round tray. With a square coffee table, go with a square tray. There are many textures and styles of trays to choose from depending on the style of your coffee table in the area. We link to our favorites below!

Styling A Coffee Table Tray

We love mixing in bowls and bowls when styling coffee tables! These are nice soft focal points that can easily add texture, color and dimension to your setting. Don’t be afraid to keep trending until it seems right. Try repositioning and changing things until it looks good on your eyes. Some of our favorite bowls and vases to layer in are below!

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Styling A Coffee Table Tray

Tried And True Tips How To Style A Coffee Table

Do you like what we did with this site? Do some rooms or spaces in your home need some designer help but you’re not sure how to start?

Check out our various offers through the links below & let’s start designing your dream room(s) today! I have been asked a few times about how to style a coffee table… usually, this is the kind of thing that I have done on a whim, using different accessories that have been picked up in different sources for each week. But, after looking through the pictures of our work, I noticed that there is some formula that I use! Since we are all at home feeling crazy, maybe this can help you guys tackle this small but informative task!

Styling A Coffee Table Tray

BOOK, BOOK, BOOK! We use many papers of different sizes. I want to make sure that the stacks we make start with big, hefty books and level up to small books. The bigger the table and the more shelves there are, the more books you will need.

How To Style A Coffee Table

I like to place small things like candles or small sculptures on the books also to mix the medium. It is also important to vary the height of each part of the objects you create on the table.

Styling A Coffee Table Tray

When you have little kids, it’s hard to get in with a lot because they tend to pull things off and we don’t need trips to the ER for falls or broken things, even these days! It is better to leave the small shelves empty, or to use only books or a woven tray or a basket full of magazines too. I love using a good tray to corral things – also makes it easy to take off and place on higher ground when the little ones are around!

For large square tables I like to think in squares – it’s hard to see from this angle but this table is a big square and so we used a long rectangular tray and attached it to the side of two stacks of book to fill.

Styling A Coffee Table Tray

Coffee Table Decor Ideas And How To Style Them

A large tray is a great accessory- keeps everything feeling neat and clean and a great place to store remotes and other things you really need. So today I thought I’d create a post that you can live forever on the blog to save you loads.

I will regularly update these coffee table ideas as products go, but for now all the glorious trays here are in stock and ready to buy.

Styling A Coffee Table Tray

It seems that many budget-friendly retail stores do not stock the trays. It’s probably why there’s a perception out there that coffee table trays are hard to find. They are not exact, and the round of the best 20 will prove it. You just need to know where to look. And in fact, it is always the online stores that have the best ones.

Tray Coffee Table Oak Wood Whitewashed With Wheels Hamptons French Vintage Style

I’ve broken down all my coffee table tray ideas into styles below. We have a beach/Hamptons selection, a contemporary collection, a luxe collection and an international/eclectic collection. I think it’s best that I do it this way so that you can know which coffee table tray best suits your home design style.

Styling A Coffee Table Tray

Leave me a comment at the end of this post if there are any coffee table manufacturers that I have left that you know. Or if you have any questions, leave them too.

The coffee table tray ideas above are all in a stunning neutral color palette. I’m sure you’ll agree though, they are anything but boring! What makes these trays divine is that while the color is down, the design and texture is on.

Styling A Coffee Table Tray

The Basics Of Coffee Table Styling

From marble to rattan, grass to polished wood, there are many tactile details here to enjoy. And the marble vein and geometric pattern in two of the prints above also add another level of dimension.

These trays I’ve labeled as beach/Hamptons but you could totally fit them into a Scandi or Country living room. Essentially any room that evokes a sense of calm and serenity will look amazing with one of these trays added into the mix. I’ll post some custom notes at the end of this post, but for now I’ll leave the links to buy below.

Styling A Coffee Table Tray

If you have a more modern feel going on at home, the trays below are right up your alley.

Our Top Five Tips For Styling A Coffee Table

Coffee table trays in this style category all have a more traditional, seasonal feel to them. They are in materials that are up and coming, or they feature a design that departs from the norm and offers something exciting.

Styling A Coffee Table Tray

The materials I am talking about here are

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