Square Coffee Table On Wheels

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A coffee table can have many purposes in your home. The top is great for giving a home while you’re reading or displaying your cheese tray or putting together a jigsaw puzzle. Sometimes, it has a low shelf to store your laptop and the magazine collection. Sometimes there are drawers for remotes and coasters.

Square Coffee Table On Wheels

Square Coffee Table On Wheels

Although all of these are important for living room, do you think it would be better if your coffee table has wheels? Suddenly, you can turn him over to your favorite chair across the room or push him out to eat pizza before your Friday night flick. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to do this type of thing without spending a lot of money. Check out these 10 DIY coffee tables on wheels for your living room.

Lack Table Basse, Effet Chêne Blanchi, 90×55 Cm

You’ve probably seen it floating around the internet. Adding some wheels to a pallet is the easiest way to create a coffee table on wheels. Pallets come in beautiful standard shapes that are perfect for filling an empty coffee table in your home. (via Delikatissen)

Square Coffee Table On Wheels

Although pallets are pre-assembled coffee tables, you can make your own coffee table using any wood that you throw away from past projects. Just put a glass on top for a nice effect. (from Plan B)

Maybe you have a room full of kids looking for storage for toys and another night’s movie. Make your coffee table on wheels a little smaller so you can store everything you need on movie night and throw it out of the way come show time. (via Shanty 2 Chic)

Square Coffee Table On Wheels

Coffee Table With Wheels

Don’t have the time or energy for a big, long DIY project? That’s good. On your next hiking trip, keep your eye out for a great old trunk. Just put the wheels on the floor and you have a fun and unique coffee table ready to roll. (via The Epoch Times)

Furniture can be found in abundance, especially at places like IKEA. Choose your favorite and the size that will fit in your room and just put the wheels on the floor. It’s a great choice when you need something a little heavier that the dog can’t throw around. (from IKEA)

Square Coffee Table On Wheels

Some rooms are not made for a large coffee table. In fact, some don’t even have enough storage space. This is a coffee table that will give you the height you need and additional storage on the floor. Perfect for storing toys and books. (via Mon Action)

Furniture Of America Gates Coffee Table In Walnut

Let’s not poo poo the classic coffee table on wheels. With a stained wood surface and large, unusual wheels on the floor, it’s the perfect piece of art to make your living room feel fresh and bright. (via Shanty 2 Chic)

Square Coffee Table On Wheels

Using stumps as a side table has been a popular trend for a while. But have you ever thought about using them as a coffee table? With the wheels on the ground, they will be easy to move if necessary and the sound of wood will bring some light to your space. (via schwartzandarchitecture)

Legs don’t have to be just for square or rectangular coffee tables. You can also use them in the environment! Make your own or go simple and use a section of a large wooden spool for your coffee table surround. (from 12th and Main)

Square Coffee Table On Wheels

Furniture Of America Kala Urban 32 Inch 1 Shelf Square Coffee Table Vintage Walnut Walnut Finish, Wood Finish

Concrete is what many modern designers look to when decorating their homes. Make your computer coffee table on wheels, complete with light. Think of all those cold nights roasting marshmallows from your couch. (via Homemade Modern)

Now what if the idea of ​​a coffee table on wheels sounds good but you’re not really a big DIY fan? Well the answer is simple – you can buy a table. Below, you’ll find 5 of our favorite products that fit this category. Some give you that authentic handmade look that we love so much but save you the trouble of building the table yourself. Let’s take a look at them and see what makes each one special.

Square Coffee Table On Wheels

This coffee table is made of 1.4″ medium density fiberboard and has a beautiful interior. It is waterproof and dry and it is easy to clean which makes it simple, effective and versatile. It has four metal wheels which makes it very stable and also gives it a strong look. The overall design is a mix of modern and industrial.

Teak Side Table With Small Wheels, Ca 1960

This is another awesome coffee table on wheels, this time with a unique shape. It is made from a combination of ash veneer, MDF and metal with a dark finish. The wheels are the most interesting part. There are big ones and two smaller ones, rare and awesome. This gives the table a lighter and softer look compared to other designs. The table also has a very low shelf for storage and display.

Square Coffee Table On Wheels

Similarly, this table also features a low shelf that is comfortable and affordable. It is the best place to store things like books, magazines, remotes and other types of things while you are relaxing on the living room sofa.

The table by FirstTime & Co has a beautiful industrial inspired design. It measures 17″ high x 29.5″ wide and 45″ long which makes it perfect for living room. It is made of fir and faux wood with a large Espresso with four large screws or two different sizes. the wheels are black and add a cool vibe to the design. there is no storage included on this one so if you are counting on privacy this is not it.

Square Coffee Table On Wheels

Oli Square Coffee Table

Our next and final favorite coffee table is made from solid wood, oak and steel. It has a unique industrial design with a slight metal tone on the corners. Another unique feature of the design is the wire mesh shelf placed on the floor. It is very good and adds security in a beautiful and elegant way. The frame weighs 118 lb which is a little more than 50 kg. Fortunately, it has four steel wheels that allow you to move it around easily.

This works well if you plan to take it out on the patio on a sunny day or move it into the same room.

Square Coffee Table On Wheels

The Westerberg coffee table has an old-school feel to it that adds character not only to the table itself but to the entire area around it. It has a round surface made from a combination of solid and engineered wood. The circular top is supported by six turned legs that also create a bottom shelf that can hold a variety of items such as books, magazines, physical boxes, remotes, controls and more.

Industrial Coffee Table Set On Wheels

The design of this beautiful table comes from a production car. It is a beautiful accent piece that can be the focal point of your living room. It adds light and character to the space around it and is rich in detail. The furniture coffee table has a rustic style, which is made from wooden planks and the tone of the machine hardware. Also, it has four wheels that make it easy to move it as needed. This type of travel is most appreciated in spaces with flexible floor plans or small areas in general.

Square Coffee Table On Wheels

Coffee tables on wheels are very practical and come in a variety of styles. The Loehr table has a simple and modern design with clean lines and a mid-century charm. In addition to the four small wheels placed on the bottom, this table brings you two storage drawers that are great for hiding things like remotes, coasters, clothes and more.

Returning to some of the other creative items, we want to show you the Magnus coffee table with a beautiful design full of details and quality. The table is made of solid wood and has four small screws that add beauty to its design. It also has drawers and built-in storage around it that keeps it organized. The hardware package and the minimal appearance are involved in the design.

Square Coffee Table On Wheels

Square Coffee Table W/wheels Ikea Lack * M52 A, Furniture & Home Living, Furniture, Tables & Sets On Carousell

The Glastonbury table has a very nice shape, with a thin frame and not a lot of detail but still has a lot of character. It is made from solid wood combined with metal hardware and the frame has a dark charcoal finish. The legs have fasteners on them for added flexibility in the design of the house. In addition, the shelf below is very large and can hold many different things, including clothes, books or jewelry.

If storage is important to you, consider the Mikesell coffee table with generous room divided into three storage sections. The body is exposed by lifting up with a metal ring. There

Square Coffee Table On Wheels

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