Solid Wood Storage Coffee Table

Solid Wood Storage Coffee Table – Hello. Today I want to tell you about a relatively unknown affliction that many of our contemporaries faced: Attention Deficit Disorder, more commonly known as ADHD, with or without hyperactivity. You’ve surely heard of bad moms leaving school who tickle another kid’s kid (because unbearable kids don’t have dads, you know), “That’s really a little jerk!”. If a kind soul were to pass, he would politely say, “No! He’s hyper! However, a 2011 study (Lecendreux et al., 2011) found that only 3.5% of children aged 6 to 12 in France had ADHD. The others are little scumbags, so the stats aren’t right for little Martin.

But the trouble I want to bring to your attention is that 60% of children with ADHD will see their symptoms persist into adulthood (according to DSM IV-R, 2000). But when we love children, it is possible to forgive them for their rudeness, carelessness, recklessness, even if they are not ours, in short, for anything that usually makes us hate children. But observing these symptoms in an adult is another matter entirely.

Solid Wood Storage Coffee Table

Solid Wood Storage Coffee Table

One of the hallmarks of ADHD is hyperkinesia, or, as my grandmother used to call it, “fidgeting.” If we tolerate a child running around with dubious excuses such as “I’m tired of sitting”, getting up 100 times from the table, playing at home with a bouncing ball, this hyperkinesia is far less acceptable in an adult. . For example, I took all the trouble in the world to explain why and how I broke when I got up on the coffee table. Why are you stepping on a coffee table? How ? What force majeure required me to climb on it? How can a coffee table at this price not withstand 46kg of pressure? I have no answer. I was on the phone for 2 minutes, sitting on the sofa and when I got up I wanted to light a candle, I got into a fascinating conversation. The shortest path between me and the candle was through the coffee table. So I climbed the coffee table. Kashya? At the time of the accident, there was a small vibration on the phone (“accident”, “argument”…) when I muted my girlfriend who was talking to me about an argument with her boyfriend.

Rustic Industrial Solid Wood Coffee Table With Metal Legs And Storage Shelve.

And the coffee table part was finished. The man said “banco” and my full attention was focused on this incredible news. Until the next morning, when I had to explain myself to the owner of the coffee table, whose patience and courage to live with me. Because if it was just a coffee table…

Solid Wood Storage Coffee Table

“Mom, it’s football time. Shall we go to football? We’re going to football! We’re going sooooo much!! Mom, are we going to football?!? »

If a parent has ADHD, the risk of their child having ADHD is 57% (J. Biederman et al. – 1995).

Solid Wood Storage Coffee Table Solid Wood Coffee Table With Tempered Glass Top, Rectangular Living Room Table With 2 Tire Storage Shelf, Industrial Centre Table, 45.5

– “Mom, don’t forget your football certificate. Football, football football. you don’t forget huh otherwise I can’t play. You forgot the certificate, huh? »

All my attention was focused on this bloody medical report that I had grudgingly received at the cost of three appointments from the doctor, who did not sign the first, let me go without him on the second, and told me “When” on the third. you don’t have a head… Haha!” “.

Solid Wood Storage Coffee Table

I wore my shoes to accompany my kid to his extra-curricular activity, which is FOOTBALL, if you have followed it correctly. And all my mental faculties are suddenly diverted to this truth:

Carson Storage Coffee Table

“I still haven’t received a call from the courier for the new dishwasher, how boring is life without a dishwasher, how was grandma?” It wasn’t working. He had time. Actually, her job was to wash the dishes. Still sad. He and I never talked about the plight of women. Pity, I’d love to get your opinion on the matter.

Solid Wood Storage Coffee Table

I’m on time in front of the football field with an uncertified, sullen Nutella son.

If you are not thinking about what you did on July 12, 1998 as you read this text,

Solid Wood Storage Coffee Table

Solid Wood Storage Trunk/coffee Table

As I was writing this post: I got up 4 times to get another cup of tea, the third time I had to warm it up in the microwave meanwhile I started doing some dishes and forgot the cup the microwave was suddenly too hot so I said “shit” I blew the tea, splashed, some tea fell on the floor and I thought to myself that the food was really disgusting and in those waters I had almost forgotten. was writing a text. After wiping the tea off the floor, I got up to return to the dishes, and after washing two glasses, I remembered that I had written a message. I sat at my desk, wrote a little. A green light flashed on my left side from my phone. But no matter what, I’m focused. 37 seconds later, I couldn’t hold back any longer, I checked my messages on Messenger. One thing leads to another, I followed a man, clicked on a link on the protest of the yellow vests, and after a few minutes I wanted to start a new ecological political party and forgot my text again. I went to make myself a very hot coffee and blew on it. Deja vu feeling. I just realized that I forgot my post again.

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