Smart Coffee Table With Fridge

Smart Coffee Table With Fridge – Coosno is a smart coffee table with hidden storage in the fridge, wireless device charging and disco lights… so you won’t have to get up from the couch anymore.

Home tech giants tout products like TVs and even refrigerators as smart home hubs, but one innovative new start-up wants you to consider the coffee table for this all-important role.

Smart Coffee Table With Fridge

Smart Coffee Table With Fridge

No longer just a home for your remote control and a place to put your feet up, Coosno is a smart coffee table with hidden space for all kinds of fun accessories.

This Ambitious Coffee Table Is Also A Fridge, A Bluetooth Speaker, A Wireless Charging Pad And More

At the push of a button, via an app or via voice control, the central support lifts the table top to reveal a circular fridge with space for 68 cans of drinks.

Smart Coffee Table With Fridge

Throwing a party? The Coosno also functions as a ‘party hub’ with 360-degree bluetooth speakers and rainbow LED lights at the base, as well as a light-up table top.

Connect your phone to the device and watch the phase and pulse of the screen in rhythm and base in 160,000 colors.

Smart Coffee Table With Fridge

Champagne Smart Coffee Table With Fridge And Storage

Apart from the flashy features, the device is also functional with hidden storage drawers to maintain a stylish look, as well as built-in power sockets and USB sockets to charge your smartphone and laptop.

Up to two smartphones or tablets can also be charged wirelessly when placed on the table top, and the coffee table can also offer hands-free help around the house with the built-in Google Assistant.

Smart Coffee Table With Fridge

Organize your calendar, ask for the weather forecast, control the lights in your home, set reminders and lift the lid on the refrigerator on the coffee table – all easily done by talking to the Google Assistant through Coosn. Sobro is a smart coffee table designed to support your connected lifestyle. Set the mood or start the party with rich, deep sound quality from dual Bluetooth speakers on each side. The LED lights on the underside of the Sobro coffee table create an amazing atmosphere, and Sobro offers 2 USB charging ports and 4 sockets so you’ll never be without a connection. Even connect the TV sound to the table via the included Bluetooth dongle and control all these features via the touchscreen on the tempered glass top. Sobro keeps drinks and food chilled and always within reach: Sobro uses a compressor to keep your wine, beer and drinks ice-cold and has precise temperature controls that you can adjust to your personal preferences using the touch-sensitive control panel. The Sobro coffee table is designed to plug and play — simply attach the table legs and turn it on — and is the ideal solution for a modern, connected home.

This Smart Coffee Table Doubles As A Fridge

The Sobro coffee table is the ultimate coffee table for the connected home, with an elegant exterior finish and tempered glass top. 1 built-in refrigerator drawer with an adjustable temperature range of 37-54 degrees Fahrenheit. Dual Bluetooth speakers for rich sound quality. The LED underside allows you to set the mood you’re in. 2 USB charging ports (4) 110 volt outlets. 2 additional storage drawers. The touch-sensitive control panel sets the refrigerator temperature, time, LED color, volume and more. Easy installation: just screw the legs in and plug in. Available in black and white. Designed in New York. US customer support is available.

Smart Coffee Table With Fridge

We bought this coffee table a month ago, loved what it offered and decided to spend the money. However, after 2 weeks the glass top exploded and the tempered glass completely shattered. When I contacted the manufacturer for warranty, I asked for a repair, not even a brand new one. BUYERS BEWARE! THIS COMPANY DOESN’T COVER ANYONE AT THE TABLE! they will NOT cover a replacement or even offer a solution. They only offered $100 off our next purchase which is a joke considering the table is 1499.99

I waited 3 years to buy this table and when it arrived it was amazing. I love the lights and all that practicality I would love. It was like a side table with the app connection, but I still love my desk

Smart Coffee Table With Fridge

Iease® 2.0 Smart Bar Coffee Table

The table works great, I love it, great talk HOWEVER, I don’t have a smart TV, but the table comes with a bluetooth dongle for an average TV. The dongle and the table are not connecting to each other and I’m a bit confused! Otherwise, the table is great, I recommend it!

Charge your devices, play music via Bluetooth and entertain friends with snacks and drinks: the Sobro coffee table does it all.

Smart Coffee Table With Fridge

Control Sobro temperature, volume and more from a touch-sensitive interface that blends seamlessly with the desk’s design.

Smart Coffee Table With Refrigerator, Wireless Charger, Usb Port And Plug Socket

The built-in cooler drawer stores enough drinks for everyone at the party and maintains the exact temperature of your choice between 37 and 54°F. The smart coffee table solves the age-old dilemma of getting off the couch and walking to the fridge every time you want a fresh cold one. It has a built-in refrigerator that allows you to grab a chilled drink without missing a single moment in front of the TV or your guests.

Smart Coffee Table With Fridge

The built-in refrigerator can hold up to 68 cans of beer. The cooling temperature is adjustable from 33.8℉ to 44.6℉ (1℃ to 7℃). It can also hold lots of juice, snacks, candy, and did we mention wine? Now you can sip a beer, knock back a glass of wine and listen to Billie Eilish without leaving the couch.

Take control! You can command the fridge to pop up or down with simple voice commands. It adds practicality and lightness while entertaining your friends.​

Smart Coffee Table With Fridge

Smart Coffee Table Refrigerator

Add life to any party and experience the rich sound of your favorite music with the built-in Bluetooth stereo speakers. Pair it with the smartphone app and play music from your phone or your favorite streaming service. Use voice controls to DJ any gathering and keep the party going.

The amazing LED light panel has almost infinite colors. Add atmosphere to the room and watch the LED halo phase, pulse and glow in perfect sync with the beat of the music. A smart coffee table is the perfect centerpiece for any event.

Smart Coffee Table With Fridge

​Take everything under complete control with a powerful smartphone app! Sync your music, open the fridge. and customize full color spectrum lighting for the LED tip. The app, LED Chord, will be available in the Apple Store and Google Store and allows you to control the smart coffee table.

China Factory Made Supply Modern Smart Coffee Tea Table With Fridge Speakers Usb Charger

The smart table also has a built-in Google Assistant. By using simple voice commands, you have instant access to almost any information. set your calendar, control lights and smart home features, check the weather, order food, set reminders and more. With it, you have a helpful home assistant ready to serve you at any time.

Smart Coffee Table With Fridge

Two pads for wireless charging are installed in the upper part of the coffee table, i.e. in the drawer below. There are also built-in sockets for your laptop, smartphone and other devices, 2 USB 3.0 ports are located inside the drawer to keep messy wires out of sight.

The coffee table is designed for plug and play. Simply plug the coffee table into the wall outlet and you’re all set.

Smart Coffee Table With Fridge

Multipurpose Modern Mobile Cart Couch Sofa Coffee Table Storage Smart Multifunction Side Table With Coffee Fridge Refrigerator|

No assembling drawers or building furniture, simply unpack your package and plug it in. Open the app and start using it immediately.

Store all your remote controls, snacks and magazines out of sight in the lower drawers. A round, elegant coffee table makes your home more practical and organized!

Smart Coffee Table With Fridge

The coffee table is available in two colors (grey and white) and two sizes (diameter 50 and 70 cm/diameter 19.7 and 27.6 inches) the two sizes make it perfect both as a side table and as a coffee table, and its modern, contemporary design suits every style of home decoration. The 20-inch coffee table  holds 32 beer cans/38 water bottles, while the 28-inch coffee table holds 68 beer cans/75 water bottles.

Sobro, La Table Basse Connectée Avec Frigo Intégré

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