Small Space Small Coffee Tables

Small Space Small Coffee Tables – We scoff at dining room tables and bedside tables, but the coffee table has evolved far beyond its original purpose of serving drinks. Now, the best coffee tables can replace kitchen islands in small rooms, hide rugs under hidden covers, and become the focal point of all living rooms.

Although the tables only fit in the “coffee” style when they are lower than your bed, the length and width of it stretch far. With so many options, only one question remains – which coffee table will match your home? We’ll leave it up to you to choose the size, budget, and style you want, but we’ve done something else. Read on to find storage options, fun designs, great accessories, and all kinds of living room-forward decorating skills. (No coffee necessary!)

Small Space Small Coffee Tables

Small Space Small Coffee Tables

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Coffee Table For Small Space

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Small Space Small Coffee Tables

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Small Space Small Coffee Tables

George Oliver Schmid 4 Legs 3 Piece Nesting Table & Reviews

We get it: small spaces can be difficult to design. You want decor to liven up and layer, but finding the perfect piece that maximizes style and space can be overwhelming. Luckily, our designers know a thing or three about designing with small spaces (just dream of a 700sf condo), and they’re well versed in researching small furniture – including the best coffee tables for small spaces.

Ahead, you’ll find 14 coffee maker-approved options that are compact enough to travel around, but still retain head-turning quality.

Small Space Small Coffee Tables

With its light wood (mango wood, to be exact) and sleek design, the Winona coffee table fits perfectly with the natural palette and style of Cali Cool. At 36 inches it’s the Goldilocks of size, too: not too big, not too small. Just right.

Buy Gold Round Side End Table With Marble Top, Modern Bedside Small Coffee Table For Living Room Bedroom Small Space, 14

No matter your modern style – 19th century or minimalist – this wooden coffee table fits the bill with its warm oak and sawn design. Coming in at 35″ in diameter, the round, basic shape maximizes table space while freeing up the floor for a lighter look.

Small Space Small Coffee Tables

Leather meets a touch of glam thanks to this eye-catching selection from Pottery Barn. It is the perfect balance of masculine and feminine elements. At only 24 inches, this super star takes up very little space.

Add elegance and natural patina at the same time with the West Elm Monti coffee table. It’s 30″, so it’s a perfect combination. But what’s more: the natural stone of ivory helps to reflect the light and give the appearance of a larger space, while the carved form transforms it from a supporting piece to create a statement.

Small Space Small Coffee Tables

Circula Small Coffee Table

The square pedestal silhouette meets the polished stone: no matter the size of your space, consider this beautiful travertine, choose the problem of geometry, solved. A very small space, this beauty can fly solo – or join medium and large teams for a layered look.

Create the illusion of more space with this stunning number by Lulu & Georgia. With its woven design and small footprint, this coffee table is light and airy in small spaces – from cool boho or Modern Organic and more.

Small Space Small Coffee Tables

A hammered brass table is perfect for busy families. There are no tight corners for small children, but the material is indestructible. Kids (and parents!) can breathe easy. Plus, at 28″, it packs a light load without sacrificing style.

Six Coffee Tables For Small Spaces

Luxury. When it comes to coffee tables for small spaces, it’s best to invest in a stunning piece that will complete the look and make your living room sing. You have a few pieces, so count them.

Small Space Small Coffee Tables

This Four-Handed Table offers very clever storage – like a small dresser – with a seamless design. We love the rustic pine design and subtle texture. Go ahead, pack it full.

Match the soft curves of your sofa and other fabrics with the geometric silhouette of the West Elm coffee table (it looks great from every angle!). At 26″ square, it fits perfectly inside any solid square foot, adding interest and dimension to the space.

Small Space Small Coffee Tables

The Best Coffee Tables For Small Apartments

When it comes to coffee tables for small spaces, pedestal styles are the designer’s bff to free up visual space with a slim profile. We love the mid-century inspired aesthetic, plus the diameter (26″ to be exact).

With retro vibes in mind, this CB2 coffee table features a bold silhouette, glossy white finish, and sleek design. Bright whites will reflect the light of your space, while the angular dimensions create a clear breathing room – perfect for small spaces.

Small Space Small Coffee Tables

The two-tone marble and bronze option has a 25″ square footprint that makes it the perfect coffee table for limited space. It’s minimal and precious, timeless and sophisticated – a designer’s favorite for a reason. Not only that, but you can also place books, throws, and decorations below to make it even more decorated.

Table Retro Small Space Narrow Side Table Bedside Table Coffee Table Console Table With Storage Function

Beautifully decorated, this coffee table from West Elm checks all the “small space coffee” boxes with a unique star base, glass top, and small space. Pair it with velvet chairs for a more sophisticated look.

Small Space Small Coffee Tables

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Small Space Small Coffee Tables

Small Coffee Tables For Small Living Rooms

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Small Space Small Coffee Tables

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Small Space Small Coffee Tables

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Small Space Small Coffee Tables

Stockholm Small Coffee Table

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