Serena And Lilly Coffee Table

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Recently, we began the renovation of our Connecticut home, Foxhill House. Today, I want to give you a glimpse into our living room and share the new Serena and Lily coffee table I just added to the space.

Serena And Lilly Coffee Table

Serena And Lilly Coffee Table

Before we get into the living room, I wanted to introduce you to our home. Foxhill House is a 1942 Center Hall Colonial and when we bought her, the house next door to her, needed more work. I don’t know if we were hungry for punishment, or just fell in love with those diamonds—but we bought her bruises and all. I fell in love with the original beauty. Built-ins with hardwoods in great condition, beautiful millwork, French doors, dental molding—the list goes on. The list of not-so-great things goes on, but that’s part of the challenge. It would be fun to put some shine back on her.

The Best Serena And Lily Dupes: Decor, Lighting, Furniture & Wallpaper

We have plenty of projects on the horizon, including two additions, bathroom and kitchen remodels, porticos, patios, and lots of interior design projects for every room. Here we go again…our last house we completely remodeled from the inside out top to bottom. Our Midwest home has been featured in Better Homes and Gardens and My Projects and Christmas Home Tour in BHG sister publications and a few other mags.

Serena And Lilly Coffee Table

For the Foxhill house, we’re starting with immediate needs like a new furnace/central air, electrical panel, and wiring—the boring stuff you don’t see. Also, we started fixing the exterior. The exterior is starting to get its fill to add more architectural interest and curb appeal. The painters finished painting the siding, doors and shutters. I will share its progress soon.

It is not a quick before and after real time account. There is so much to do here and I take my time, being deliberate and thoughtful with every detail and my fabric and wallpaper samples begin to shape what I envision for the interiors here. Also, researching the right contractors who care about furnishing the house properly is a project. Basically we are not in a hurry because we expect it to last a long time.

Serena And Lilly Coffee Table

Serena And Lily Coffee Table

So, now that you know the background, let’s get a first glimpse of the living room’s progress. Here’s what the living room looked like when we bought the house…

Like many New England Colonial houses, it has a long room and low ceilings. As you can see, it is very yellow and tired. The previous owners removed the wall from the kitchen into the living room and this helps with the flow and more open space. Today we are here…

Serena And Lilly Coffee Table

The first thing I wanted to tackle was the furniture layout. Since the room is narrow and taller than it is wide, I wanted to break it up and anchor the main seating area over the fireplace. To add symmetry, I designed box moldings around the fireplace. Grasscloth wallpaper and a nice coat of white over everything, (one of my favorite whites—Benjamin Moore Simply White), and it already looked brighter and made more sense. Floor to ceiling molding boxes actually trick the eye a bit and make the room look a bit taller. Not much, but they help!

Market Coffee Table

I really like how homes evolve and needs change as your life changes. We have really tall kids. Our college-bound son is 6’6″ so we went with a deep-seated and tall sofa that still works with the space. My favorite are white sofas with slip-covers, so it’s nice to pop the covers off and wash them when needed.

Serena And Lilly Coffee Table

The coffee table arrived last Friday and I love it. I wanted a simple Parsons design to break up traditional walls and details. Living in New England, the coast and ocean influence my choices a lot these days, so I went with a light blue linen painted table from Serena & Lily. It is a beautiful ocean blue and the subtle texture is lovely. Also, it comes in a large square size, but I needed something smaller for this space.

I will be linking to a lot of these items in the shopping links and at the end of the post for you, but I wanted to link this Chinoiserie candle from Southern Bungalow Co here. Isn’t that cute?! I love that it’s a candle and decor that I want to keep in my home after the candle is used.

Serena And Lilly Coffee Table

Serena & Lily Atelier Coffee Table

The rug was a temporary purchase, less than $200 since we got our golden, Scout, for Christmas. I’m not sure what a really great quality rug would look like with a new puppy in the house. I don’t mind it at the moment and since Scout is learning I won’t regret wearing it next year. It looks great right now, but I really want to put it here.

The good thing is that Scout is no longer biting on our furniture and she is now very compliant when we hold her on the furniture. So, full speed ahead to the new chairs!

Serena And Lilly Coffee Table

Besides painting the mantel and a new fireplace screen, the original fireplace is in great working order and doesn’t need much TLC. I love a real wood burning stove, so this is a must for our Connecticut home. This fireplace mantel is actually one of my favorite traditional designs, so I’m not changing it. The malachite jars are definitely a pop of color, but I can’t part with them. I love the green moment, so I think they’ll be in the room for a while.

Serena & Lily Living Room Refresh!

I actually don’t mind fireplaces above the TV, but there really isn’t a great place for one here. Maybe I’ll spring for a Samsung that looks like art, but for now, the black box above the fireplace is where it’s at or there’s going to be a coup in our house. Natives won’t have it!

Serena And Lilly Coffee Table

I’ve been enjoying adding things to our living room and I’ll be sharing the other side of the room soon. The built-ins are great and add a lot of character. I’m still working on that side of the room a bit more, so I’ll share that soon.

Christy is a photo stylist, photographer and writer based in the heart of Connecticut. Her years of creating creative content for brands, websites and magazines led to a blog that showcases her love for all things New England.

Serena And Lilly Coffee Table

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When she’s not working on her next creative endeavor, Christy lives in a small town in Connecticut with her loving husband, two active sons, and golden retriever, Scout, and Maltese, Joey.

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Serena And Lilly Coffee Table

I am in love with all things Serena and Lily. I use many of their items when remodeling and redesigning my own home or working with clients. From coastal blue wallpaper to weather-friendly outdoor furniture to wicker lighting fixtures, Serena and Lily have the perfect pieces to enhance your home.

Balboa Coffee Table

Today, Serena and Lily are having a sale where everything is 20% off! So, if you have some items on your wish list, make sure you take advantage of the discount today! To give you some shopping inspiration, I’ve listed some of my favorite items below.

Serena And Lilly Coffee Table

This hand-woven wicker table adds texture to any space. Place it next to your living room sofa and decorate with a beautiful coffee table book set. Add this rattan armchair to your set and play with patterns by choosing one of the many fabric options for its cushion cover.

I love this brown fringed ottoman. They are very versatile and you can use it as a footstool or a coffee table. Add some extra earth-tones to your space by layering these brown pillow covers over your sofa. Or, grab the same pillow cover in a different color like coastal blue, navy, white, dusk or yellow and experiment with different colors and sizes.

Serena And Lilly Coffee Table

Serena & Lily Friends & Family Event Sale

This coastal blue linen-wrapped Driftway three-drawer chest is a beautiful piece. Pair it with this coastal blue Driftway One-Drawer Nightstand and really elevate your bedroom. You can also use these wicker scallop baskets for extra storage to hold blankets or de-clutter your or your child’s room.

This white and wicker petite desk lamp or this waverly wall sconce are great options to use as a bedside lamp or night light, or to dress up a space with some special lighting. And this floral pattern wallpaper in coastal blue or grove

Serena And Lilly Coffee Table

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