Round Hairpin Leg Coffee Table

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Inspired by mid-century design and crafted from today’s waste, the essential round cocktail table is crafted from reclaimed wood that would otherwise be headed for the landfill. Pieces of different lengths and widths are joined together to create furniture with lots of character and the highest eco-friendly quality. Buying from essential goods collections supports sustainable initiatives to reduce waste. Built solid walnut or cherry.

Round Hairpin Leg Coffee Table

Round Hairpin Leg Coffee Table

Made of 100% solid hardwood – no imported wood, composite wood (MDF or particle board) or plywood. Topped with a GreenGuard-certified catalyzed lacquer for a highly durable finish and low chemical emissions. Craftsmanship takes time – your furniture order is made-to-order and lead times may vary.

Jenson Hairpin Leg Round Coffee Table

* Please note that a natural cherry or natural walnut finish sample will not reflect the color range of the added wood pieces. See the Recovered Cherry and Recovered Walnut finish images for examples of these color variations.

Round Hairpin Leg Coffee Table

Combining traditional techniques with modern technology and design, Copeland Furniture creates pieces that last for generations. Great care is taken at every stage of production to ensure that their pieces are of the highest quality. Environmental responsibility is taken seriously: most wood is sourced within 500 miles of the factory, and renewable energy is used whenever possible. Read more about Copeland here. After such success with our hairpin leg dining table, I decided to give hairpin legs another spin for our coffee table.

I love the industrial, modern/vintage look of the hairpin legs mixed with the warm, stained wood table top.

Round Hairpin Leg Coffee Table

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The history behind the hairpin leg really speaks to me as well. It was designed in the 1940s in response to wartime material constraints. The original designer, Henry Glass, believed that you should “get the most with the least”, which I think would make a great mantra for today’s DIY movement. If you want to learn more, I found this article a great (and quick ;)) read.

Kudos to Henry Glass for creating something so strong, aesthetically pleasing, and reusable to boot! With three kids running around, it’s comforting to know that they can’t really break these legs, and if the top gets damaged, I can replace it.

Round Hairpin Leg Coffee Table

Speaking of the table top, Lowe’s has a 3-foot round of pine wood, which makes this project especially quick and easy! Hip hip hooray for that!

Metal Grey Hairpin Leg Coffee Table, For Sofa, Rs 2699 D Obair

**3/4 inch machine screws + construction adhesive (or wood screws and large washers – see notes for more explanation)***

Round Hairpin Leg Coffee Table

*Most coffee tables are about 16-18 inches tall. Choose legs that are 16 inches tall to accommodate the table top. I picked up legs like these from Amazon (my original listing is no longer available but the look and price are almost identical). Shipping is free (!) which is a nice bonus since these legs are heavy. Attached Link: Narrow Hairpin Feet, Multiple Sizes, 3/8″ Solid Steel, Set of Four (4) (16 Inch)

**Lowe’s pine rounds are about 1 inch thick. If you consider the height of the leg top and locking washers, the 3/4 inch screws are just the right height.

Round Hairpin Leg Coffee Table

Diy $50 Square Hairpin Leg Coffee Table

*** I used machine screws because they fit the hairpin leg base plate better and that’s what I’ve used for things like my hairpin leg dining table. They hold up well in plywood, but I found a year after making this table that they don’t make such a strong connection in pine. Over time my table could no longer be exploited by small children. A reader suggested using small wood screws with washers. I added some construction adhesive and it has held up beautifully ever since. I am updating this after 2.5 years and have had no problems since adding construction adhesive (like loctite).

If you ordered the hairpin legs with a raw steel finish, like I did, you’ll need to clean them before you use them. Wipe them down with some steel wool and denatured alcohol and then clean and dry with an old towel.

Round Hairpin Leg Coffee Table

Stain your table top as desired. I started out using Minwax’s Dark Walnut on the bottom of my table, but found it too dark, so I switched to Minwax Golden Oak mixed with a little dark walnut.

Newcastle Coffee Table With Brown Finish

Note: The sides of the table may have knots and differences in the wood that will affect how well it absorbs stains. You can apply a primer to ensure an even color, but I love how the variety makes it look unique and natural.

Round Hairpin Leg Coffee Table

Lightly sand the table top with 120 grit sand paper, wipe off the sawdust and apply a clear coat. I used Varatha Triple Thick because it held up so well on our dining room table, but Miniwax’s Polycrylic would work just as well. I used it in our kitchen cabinets with great success.

Be sure to let the clear finish cure until the can sets. Not only does this allow the finish to harden properly, but it also allows the mist to dissipate before you bring it in. If the finish still has a slightly strong odor after full cure time, I’ve found that a light wipe with soap, water and a dry towel can also help.

Round Hairpin Leg Coffee Table

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Once your table top is completely dry and finished, measure a square on the underside of the table top for your leg placement. You don’t want your feet too close to the edge or too close to the center. I find that there is a good balance between those two extremes for aesthetics and function. The top corners of my feet are about 4-5 inches away from the edge.

Once you’ve determined your leg placement, use your measuring tape to make sure they’re equidistant from each other and centered on the table. Be sure to measure the feet from

Round Hairpin Leg Coffee Table

Angle and measure twice (trust meeee ;)). Then mark the leg top holes with a pencil. This helps you keep everything organized while you work.

Round Wooden Side Table With Metal Hairpin Legs, Brown And White

Place the split ring locking washer over the hairpin leg hole and then screw in the machine screw until it is tight.

Round Hairpin Leg Coffee Table

Tip: If you have a small frame like mine, it helps to go slow and lean with as much weight as possible.

Updated to add: If you’re using machine screws, I recommend gluing some construction to the legs first and then screwing them in. See my material notes for more explanation.

Round Hairpin Leg Coffee Table

Walker Edison Round Hairpin Leg Dining Table

Check your pencil marks as you go, making sure they line up with your leg holes.

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