Round Coffee Table Decoration Ideas

Round Coffee Table Decoration Ideas – Today I thought I’d take a look at what our living room looks like now and give you some ideas for decorating a small round coffee table.

Our coffee table has become a bit of a mess during this latest lockdown, with discarded plates from food, half-built legos and school papers. But I was very lucky to have it. We got this new round coffee table in November and I love its two levels and it’s sleek, flat surfaces are perfect for a busy family living room. We have a great surface for serving snacks and playing games, and I love that the lower level allows for easy clean-up of the table top while keeping things well organized. If you’re looking for a coffee table like this one, get the low end. 🙂 I recently cleaned out the coffee table, which we all do from time to time, and I made a short video of the re-styling process to share on Instagram. People really liked it, so I thought I’d share it here too.

Round Coffee Table Decoration Ideas

Round Coffee Table Decoration Ideas

The goal of styling a coffee table is to give it something beautiful and interesting, while keeping things tidy and allowing the table space to continue to be a useful surface for your everyday coffee table.

Hibiscus Carved Round Coffee Table Recycled Wood

Coffee Table | Dough bowl | Rattan Tray | Nest Candle | Coastal Blues Book | A beautifully organized book | Living room rug (washable!) | Pale Blue Throw | Similar to Planter

Round Coffee Table Decoration Ideas

Forming several small groups around a table at different heights usually achieves this effect, I think.

My particular coffee table is currently sold, but here it looks similar, albeit a little less than what I paid (so if you’re in the market for a new coffee table, I think you’re in luck! 🙂 ).

Round Coffee Table Decoration Ideas

Nord Round Coffee Table With Walnut Veneer

Like I said, I love the two tiers because they make the table very functional, but of course they allow for a little extra styling, which is always a good thing.

If it was a larger table, I would place the four balls symmetrically around this table, but when you’re styling a small round coffee table, it’s best to go with a triangle.

Round Coffee Table Decoration Ideas

When deciding on the height of different groups of objects, you’ll want to think about how the table will look from all angles, but also consider which side you’ll see it from the most. Of course, you want this side to be the most visually appealing, for example when you make a flower arrangement, you always consider one side to be the “best”.

Ideas For How To Style A Round Coffee Table

Start by creating a “base” for each group of your triangle and place each group at a different height. I had a tray, a stack of books, and nothing to base it on. This gave me three different heights. If you use a slightly larger tray, create different levels within it, and use more books or a decorative box.

Round Coffee Table Decoration Ideas

Then choose a few beautiful objects that you want to use on your coffee table. Use something evergreen: either a plant, some greenery, or a flower. Also try to include at least one object that exists only for its beauty. A purely decorative item. In this case I used a large gold writing object.

From there you can play around with other things until you arrive at something that seems right for you.

Round Coffee Table Decoration Ideas

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I used a candle, a really pretty little bowl, and a small china vase with eucalyptus. You just want something that serves a purpose and/or makes you happy to look at.

If your table is low, placing a large object or a stack of books under it will strengthen the look without making things look too cluttered.

Round Coffee Table Decoration Ideas

Just when you think you’re done, stand back and look at your desk. Make sure you don’t overdo it and leave some room for the table to actually be used. Do you have a place to put a mug and a plate of snacks? Can you put down your book when you need to stand for a second? Things like that. 🙂

Five Ways To Style A Round Coffee Table + Affordable Options

And that’s all! This can be a really fun way to use things you already own in a new way. Sometimes combining beautiful little objects in a new way can give them new life and make your entire space feel refreshed. I change this coffee table quite often, but I always stick to this formula in some variation. Follow me on Instagram to see how this table style changes over time!

Round Coffee Table Decoration Ideas

We use cookies to provide you with the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site, we consider you lucky. OkThe wheel gets a ton of credit. I certainly understand why. We go everywhere from A to B thanks to it. But what’s interesting about the wheel (if you think about it) is that it’s not necessarily the object that deserves applause, it’s the shape. Without his curves, the tire wouldn’t be his power weapon. Which brings me to my point: Sometimes the biggest changes happen in the simplest curve of a line. Take the humble coffee table. Swap the rectangular or square shape for a circular version and your living room will suddenly have a flow. It’s the lightness of the effect that inspired me to look for coffee table decorating ideas.

But before I get to the styling tips, I’d like to get to know the tricks behind this basic circular version of the living room. When is it ideal to choose curved edges over their 90-degree counterparts? And is a round (or oval) coffee table suitable for any space?

Round Coffee Table Decoration Ideas

Round Coffee Tables That Will Elevate Your Living Room Look

Not so much, interior designer Megan Basinger answers the latter. “It’s only appropriate in certain situations,” says Stevie Interiors founder and director. “You have to think about the room, the big picture, and consider other key pieces.”

To make the most of the curve trend (that’s right, they’re huge in 2022 decor), I found Bezinger’s tips on when to choose soft edges over hard ones. And of course, the best decor ideas for any round coffee table. Here is his take.

Round Coffee Table Decoration Ideas

Megan Basinger is the founder and principal designer of Stevie Interiors, an interior design studio in Milton. Known for layering old + new to create timeless spaces. Megan launched Stevie Interiors in 2020 and quickly expanded the business from an online store operating out of her home to a full-service design studio with a brick + mortar retail location. Megan spent more than a decade in public relations before turning her passion into a career, culminating as a speechwriter for Fortune 50 executives. Mother First, she is known for creating beautiful spaces amidst the chaos of everyday life.

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A round coffee table is perfect for a space with a sofa and chaise longue or a full sectional sofa. These types of sofas, which generally take up a lot of space, have a lot of hard lines, so a round table softens the look, Beisinger says. “It fits nicely into a little corner” and adds flow.

Round Coffee Table Decoration Ideas

Another ideal option is if you want to design a formal seating arrangement. Basinger likes to arrange four comfortable lounge chairs around a larger round coffee table to create an intimate spot for cocktails, conversation, or even game night.

A round coffee table is a little better when the little ones are running around. “We have clients with small children who often fall and hit the corner of the table,” he says. Of course, if it’s a square or rectangular shape, it doesn’t always look great!

Round Coffee Table Decoration Ideas

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It’s perfect when space is limited, Basinger believes. “It’s great if you don’t have a lot of space, because round coffee tables are often smaller and don’t take up as much space as square or rectangular coffee tables.” For crowded apartments like urban studios, look for a round option with glass overhead, he says, “which gives it a more airy feel.”

Whether you’re styling a coffee table or a bookshelf, Basinger says. Think of different heights and textures and layer them on the table. “A set of books on the coffee table. A bowl of fresh or dried flowers. And perhaps another object, for example, vintage or brass candlesticks.

Round Coffee Table Decoration Ideas

Avoid covering the round coffee table excessively. “I always tell people to avoid clutter,” Basinger says. “It has to be intentional.” You can do this by keeping it in three parts, which is a

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