Rectangle White Marble Coffee Table

Rectangle White Marble Coffee Table – Good morning. Today I would like to talk to you about a scourge that many of our contemporaries face but that remains relatively unknown: Attention Deficit Disorder with or without Hyperactivity, better known as ADHD. Surely you have heard, leaving school, bad mothers complaining about someone else’s child (because insufferable children do not have parents, as you know) saying: “That one is an idiot! “. If she passed a kind soul, she would kindly reply:” No! He is hyperactive! However, a 2011 study (Lecendreux et al., 2011) revealed that among children aged 6-12 in France, only 3.5% have ADHD. The others are little idiots. Therefore, the statistics are not favorable for little Martin.

But the scourge that he wanted to draw his attention to is that 60% of children with ADHD will see their symptoms persist into adulthood (according to DSM IV-R, 2000). However, when we love children, even if they are not ours, it is possible to forgive them their fuss, their inattention, their impulsiveness, in short, everything that usually makes us hate children. But observing these symptoms in an adult is something else.

Rectangle White Marble Coffee Table

Rectangle White Marble Coffee Table

One of the hallmark symptoms of ADHD is what’s called hyperkinesis, or as my grandmother used to say, “restlessness.” If we tolerate a rambunctious child running around, getting up from the table 100 times under questionable excuses like “I’m tired of sitting” or playing around the house with a bouncing ball, this hyperkinesis is much less accepted in an adult. . For example, I had all the trouble in the world to explain why and how I had broken the coffee table when I climbed on it. Why step on a coffee table? How ? What major force forced me to get on it? How can a coffee table of this price not withstand 46 kg of pressure? I do not have any response. I was on the phone, sitting on the couch for a good 2 minutes, and when I got up, I wanted to light a candle, striking up a fascinating conversation. The shortest path between me and the candle was through the coffee table. So I got up on the coffee table. Kesky? There was a little commotion on the phone at the time of the accident when I interrupted my girlfriend who was telling me about an argument with her boyfriend (“accident”, “argument”… that’s a lot of euphemisms for one sentence)).

Enver Rectangular Coffee Table White Marble/ Black Base

And the coffee table episode was over. The guy said “bank” and all my attention was focused on this incredible news. Until the next morning, when I had to explain myself to the co-owner of the coffee table, whose patience and courage to live with me I greet every day. Because if only the coffee table existed…

Rectangle White Marble Coffee Table

“Mom, it’s soccer time. Shall we go to soccer? We’re going to soccer! We’re going on a spree!! Mom let’s go to soccer?!? »

If a father has ADHD, there is a 57% risk that his child will also develop it (J. Biederman et al. – 1995).

Rectangle White Marble Coffee Table

White Marble Rectangle Coffee Table Online, 54% Off

– “Mom, do not forget the soccer certificate. Soccer, football soccer. you don’t forget huh? Otherwise I can’t play. You forgot the certificate, huh? »

All my attention is focused on this damn medical certificate that I obtained with a lot of effort at the cost of three appointments with the doctor that the first time he had not signed it, the second he had let me out without and the third told me “When you have no head. .. Haha!” “.

Rectangle White Marble Coffee Table

I put on my shoes to accompany my son to his extracurricular activity which, if you have followed correctly, is FOOTBALL. And all my mental faculties are suddenly diverted to the fact that:

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“I still haven’t received a call from the delivery man for the new dishwasher, life is boring without a dishwasher, how was Grandma?” She wasn’t working. She had time. In fact, her job was to wash the dishes. Although it is sad. We never talk about the status of women, her and me. It’s a shame, I would have liked to have her opinion on the subject.

Rectangle White Marble Coffee Table

I am in front of the football field, on time, without the certificate, with a son of Nutella who is in a bad mood.

If while reading this text you are not thinking about what you were doing on July 12, 1998, you are a

Rectangle White Marble Coffee Table

Square / Rectangular Marble Coffee Table

While writing this text: I got up 4 times to have another cup of tea, the third time I had to heat it up a bit in the microwave, so in the meantime I started doing a bit of washing up and forgot about the cup. the microwave was suddenly too hot so i said “shit” i blew on the tea i splashed some tea fell on the floor and i thought to myself the kitchen was really gross and i was pretty much in those waters i forgot i was typing a text. After cleaning the tea on the floor, I got up to go back to the dishes, and after washing two glasses, I remembered that I was writing a text. I sat at my desk, wrote a bit. A green light blinked to my left, coming from my phone. But I stayed focused no matter what. After a good 37 seconds, unable to take it any longer, I checked my messages on Messenger. One thing led to another, I harassed a guy, I clicked on a link about the gilets jaunes protest and a few minutes later I wanted to create a new green political party and forgot my text again. I went to make myself a coffee that was very hot, so I blew on it. Feeling of déjà vu. I came back to realize that I had forgotten my text message again. Depending on the size of the items ordered, we will ship your order via FedEx or UPS for small packages or via carrier on a pallet for large or multiple items.

Whenever possible, we will ship smaller, lighter items such as chairs, accessories, bar stools, etc. via UPS, FEDEX, DHL or USPS. These companies offer the fastest and most reliable shipping method. Depending on how close you are to the shipping warehouse, your item (if in stock) will arrive 3-7 business days after it leaves the warehouse. We do not require a signature for small package deliveries, but please note that the decision to leave your package without a signature is at the discretion of the delivery person.

Rectangle White Marble Coffee Table

Large items, such as sofas, beds, dining tables, etc. it will be shipped via a freight carrier (usually on a pallet) with a contracted carrier. Larger items that are in stock will usually ship from our warehouses within 1-5 days. Once the shipment arrives at the terminal closest to your location, you will receive a call to schedule a convenient time for delivery. If you wish to change the delivery date once agreed, please notify us at least 24 hours before the scheduled delivery. Please note that items shipped using this method are too large or heavy to ship with a small package carrier such as FedEx, so you may need a friend or family member to assist with delivery (see curbside delivery option information below). Be sure to inspect items thoroughly before accepting and signing for them. It is important to note any packaging damage on the document you sign when accepting the products for a smooth return process. If you are in an office building or an apartment, consider the room option or white glove service levels.

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Your shipment may arrive sooner OR it could be affected by various factors beyond our control and experience unexpected delays, such as traffic conditions, weather conditions, and the time it takes to deliver other goods to the truck. Choice Custom Home & Décor assumes no responsibility for damage to the product, personal injury to anyone, or any other problems that may arise due to handling of the product from the curb to the interior space. If the service requested prior to arranging a delivery time is curbside, the customer may not modify this request to a white glove delivery for any reason. When placing an order, you can choose one of three ways to receive your furniture. Options may be limited by furniture size/weight and destination (see MAP below).

Rectangle White Marble Coffee Table

Curbside delivery, by definition, means that the trucking service will park in front of your delivery address and you must receive the product outside. All cargo is delivered curbside or at the end of the driveway outside of the requested delivery address. Curbside delivery means that the sender will bring the package to your address. It is important to note any damage to the packaging on the document you sign when accepting the merchandise!

The delivery team will bring

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