Raymour And Flanigan Coffee Tables

Raymour And Flanigan Coffee Tables – Hello. Today I would like to talk to you about a scourge that many of our contemporaries face but remain largely unknown: Attention Deficit Disorder with or without Hyperactivity, better known as ADHD. Surely you have heard, out of school, bad mothers scolding other people’s children (because children who can’t stand not having fathers, as you know) saying, “That’s really stupid!”. If a good soul passed by, he would reply, “No! He’s hyper! However, a 2011 study (Lecendreux et al., 2011) revealed that among children aged 6 to 12 in France, only 3.5% had ADHD . The others are tiny. Therefore, the statistics are not in favor of little Martin.

But the catastrophe I want to convey to you is that 60% of children with ADHD will see their symptoms persist into adulthood (according to DSM IV-R, 2000). However, when we love children, even if they are not ours, it is possible to forgive them for their fussiness, their carelessness, their impulsiveness, in short, everything that usually makes us hate children. But observing these symptoms in adults is another matter.

Raymour And Flanigan Coffee Tables

Raymour And Flanigan Coffee Tables

One of the hallmark symptoms of ADHD is what is called hyperkinesia or, as my grandmother used to say, “fidgeting”. If we tolerate children who run amok, get up from the table 100 times with questionable excuses like “I’m tired of sitting” or play around the house with a bouncing ball, this hyperkinesis is less acceptable. . For example, I had all the trouble in the world explaining why and how I had broken the coffee table when I climbed on it. Why step on the coffee table? how? What is force majeure that requires me to climb it? How can a coffee table at this price not withstand 46kg of pressure? I have no answer. I was on the phone, sat on the sofa for 2 minutes, and when I woke up, I wanted to light a candle, engage in an interesting conversation. The shortest path between me and the candle is through the coffee table. So I went up to the coffee table. Kesya? There was some noise on the phone at the time of the accident when I cut off my girlfriend who was telling me about a discussion with her boyfriend (“accident”, “discussion” … that’s a lot of euphemisms for one sentence. ).

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And the coffee table episode is over. The man said “banco” and my full attention was focused on this incredible news. Until the next morning when I had to explain myself to the co-owner of the coffee table whose patience and courage to live with me I salute every day. Because if only there was a coffee table…

Raymour And Flanigan Coffee Tables

“Mom, it’s soccer time. Are we going to the football? We’re going to the football! We go fooooooot!! Mama we go to soccer?!? »

If a parent has ADHD, there is a 57% risk that their child will also have it (J. Biederman et al. – 1995).

Raymour And Flanigan Coffee Tables

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– “Mother, don’t forget the football certificate. Football, football. You don’t forget, do you? Otherwise, I can’t play. You forgot the certificate, huh? »

All my attention was focused on this bloody medical certificate which I obtained with great struggle at the cost of three appointments with a doctor who the first time did not sign it, the second time allowed me to go without and the third time told me “When you have no head… Haha!” “.

Raymour And Flanigan Coffee Tables

I wear my shoes to accompany my son to an extracurricular activity which if you follow correctly is FOOTBALL. And all my mental faculties were suddenly diverted to the fact that:

Raymour & Flanigan

“I still haven’t gotten a call from the delivery person for the new dishwasher, how boring is life without a dishwasher, how’s Grandma?” He doesn’t work. He had time. In fact, his job is to wash the dishes. It’s sad though. We never talked about her and my female status. It’s a shame, I’d like to get his opinion on that.

Raymour And Flanigan Coffee Tables

I’m in front of the football field, on time, without a certificate, with a sulking Nutella kid.

If while reading this text you are not thinking about what you did on July 12, 1998, you are one

Raymour And Flanigan Coffee Tables

Living Room Reveal With Raymour & Flanigan

While writing this text: I got up 4 times to get another cup of tea, the third time I had to warm it up a bit in the microwave so in the meantime I started washing a little and I forgot the cup in it. the microwave suddenly it was too hot so I said “damn” I blew the tea, I splashed, some tea fell on the floor and I thought to myself the kitchen was really disgusting and almost in the waters I forgot. writing a text. After wiping the tea on the floor, I got up to go back to the dishes and, after washing two glasses, I remembered that I was writing a text. I sat at my desk, I wrote a little. A green light flashed to my left, coming from my phone. But I stay focused no matter what. After a good 37 seconds, unable to take it anymore, I looked at my message on Messenger. One thing led to another, I stalked a guy, I clicked on a link on a yellow jacket protest and a few minutes later I wanted to create a new environmental political party and I forgot my text again. I went to make myself a very hot coffee so I blew it. A sense of deja vu. I realized again that I had forgotten my text again. I would like to thank Raymour & Flanigan for providing products for this space. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

If you’ve been following us through our renovations, then you know that we pretty much redid our entire house last summer (2016). We built a large addition on the back of our house, which included a large family room, kitchen and master suite, and basically gutted the interior of the existing structure. In anticipation of this reno, we never really set up an “extra” room in our house because we scrimped and saved every penny. This means that furnishing formal living rooms, dining rooms and home offices all use the back burner. That makes today even more exciting!

Raymour And Flanigan Coffee Tables

For four years, the formal living room at the front of our house was empty. It’s the first room you walk into when you enter our front door, so it’s kind of sad that it’s been empty for so long. In early 2017, we went to Raymour & Flanigan (

Spring 2020 Patio Deck Refresh With Raymour Flanigan

” during the Memorial Day Sale. It arrived in a few days and looked beautiful, but we kind of stopped there because we couldn’t decide what to do next. Lucky for us, a few months later Raymour wanted to collaborate, which was perfect as we had already started furnishing our home from Raymour & Flanigan themselves!

Raymour And Flanigan Coffee Tables

I was able to go to the showroom closest to me and work with the floor manager, Theresa, and a great sales associate, Jeff, to pick out everything I needed to complete this front room. I scheduled my in-store consultation and started! The matching chair that came with the Anastasia sofa was too big for the space we had, but since Raymour has so many stylish and budget-friendly options, I was able to find two accent chairs that would go well with this sofa. I was able to match the fabric on the accent chairs to a contrasting color to go with our existing sofa, buy matching Anastasia throw pillows and custom order this marble drum accent table.

Now, when people come to our front door, they don’t ask if we just moved in anymore, which is such a relief! I am also very excited to get this room ready for the upcoming holidays. Although the renovation and large kitchen we added gave us more room to have everyone in our home, it’s even better now that we have a second sitting room, aside from the family room, for people to relax and talk.

Raymour And Flanigan Coffee Tables

Deco Sofa With Coffee Table In Sunset Red By Rst Brands

Thanks to Raymour & Flanigan for providing products for this space. All opinions expressed are 100% my own. This post contains affiliate links, which enable this blog.

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Raymour And Flanigan Coffee Tables

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