Painting A Coffee Table Ideas

Painting A Coffee Table Ideas – Therefore, I know that I love the idea. But I don’t want a solid or flat coffee table. I want something with dimensions, oh and yellow would be great for my 3 bedroom. So I did this…

I used a curved coffee table (10 at Goodwill) and went. Blue is better to combine with pillows and do not put a lot of color in the space designed to make it stand out from the outside.

Painting A Coffee Table Ideas

Painting A Coffee Table Ideas

Chalkboard paint is really easy to use. I chose to use the Rust-Oleum Chalk Board Brush On and I only needed three thin coats to finish the surface. Bonus it’s perfect, and cleans well every time.

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What do you use to color the chalkboard? Do you have anything to do on your own during the 4th of July or are you just too lazy to enjoy your weekend?

Painting A Coffee Table Ideas

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This entry was posted on Wednesday, July 6th, 2011 at 1:54 pm and is posted in Decor Fun, DIY. You can follow any response to this entry via an RSS 2.0 feed. Coffee table makeover from orange pine to black chalk and a rich charcoal top gives a coffee table redo a thumbs up.

Painting A Coffee Table Ideas

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* If you are looking for a black stain tutorial please refer to this new project: Black Wood Stain & Black Furniture Paint.

The funny thing about this coffee table is that I decided to color it based on the new background that I recently bought. I was dying to use it and wanted to use a color that would work with the background. Who does such a stupid thing? So I pulled this coffee table from the collection thinking that the neutral honey color would look great on a baby!

Painting A Coffee Table Ideas

For more detailed information on using black furniture and black stain, click here – Black Furniture and Black Stain Table Makeover

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At first, I would paint the whole table. The coffee table decor should be a painted table top and the floor. I noticed the black background with the missing color from the previous pages above. Don’t waste, don’t want.

Painting A Coffee Table Ideas

But as soon as I got it in the truck I decided that I would sand on top and see how it looks under the orange light of the first honey to finish. It’s a beautiful sunny day, so why not spend it outside for a bit. I made a decision a while ago to no longer use an electric sander in my shop, I admit I used to but it was too dusty and uncomfortable. Oh my! Look at that beautiful grain.

For some reason, I thought the table top was a thin covering, but to my surprise it was actually solid wood. Insert happy song here. It has some nasty gouges on it and look at the grain! Even with the small remnants of gouges that are just dings, it has great potential.

Painting A Coffee Table Ideas

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Yes, in the background. It’s a unique and flowing vintage light. Can you believe it’s a book?

This coffee table is originally turned with a black painted head and legs and distressed to reveal colored wood pieces. I flipped it over again and put some really nice chocolate chips on top. You can find high-quality cotton fabric on the spot online here. An added bonus, when painting furniture, you want to make sure you use non-toxic paint.

Painting A Coffee Table Ideas

Wow, that fruit is amazing. I can’t believe it has been hiding under the orange lights of the previous finish. Plus, distressed black is an all-time favorite of mine.

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*UPDATE* As it turns out, I felt the background was a little distracting so I ended up taking a simple photo of the coffee table with my lamp holder and box plant greenery.

Painting A Coffee Table Ideas

For a complete tutorial on the latest coffee table, see How to Repurpose a Rustic Wood Coffee Table. Do you love that farmhouse style? This coffee table speaks to me of a farmhouse. We were asked to complete this table for a client who was looking for a new farmhouse style. And let me tell you when I first saw this table, all I saw was a beat up table that I wasn’t sure was worth saving. Anyway, keep scrolling and check out the awesome transformation of this Nzu Coffee Table.

There is no doubt that this table is in solid condition! It has a large number of nail heads removed. It was finished, and the water was damaged.

Painting A Coffee Table Ideas

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The table top was so hard, it looked as if someone had pierced the top with a fork. It was wasted! But with a little lovin’ it became a treasure!

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Painting A Coffee Table Ideas

First, we need to conquer all the nail head holes. Using Drydex Spackling Paste and a small putty knife, we filled all the holes.

Diy: Painting My Coffee Table

As usual when we rework the table and use chalk, there is no need to spread the sand. However, this table is in such a strong shape that if we don’t sand the surface, everything that shoots will stick out like a sore thumb. 🤪 So we got out of our palm and started sanding until the surface was smooth.

Painting A Coffee Table Ideas

Sand the nail holes by hand with a fine sandpaper. This place is too small for palm trees.

Now is the time to clear the surface for paint. Since the table top is planks, we use a heated brush attachment to vacuum all the gaps. Then, wipe the entire surface with water.

Painting A Coffee Table Ideas

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Okay, we’re ready for the fun part, color. Using our favorite paint, Behr Chalk Paint in Farmhouse White and a Purdy paint brush, we apply 3 coats to get full coverage. Allow to dry completely before distressing.

Having the finishing touches is an important step to achieving this popular style of home. It is best to do this by hand, this way, you will be able to control the amount of pain you will need.

Painting A Coffee Table Ideas

Using a fine sandpaper, gently remove the chalk sand from the side of the table, focusing on the natural patterns such as edges, and a few spots.

How To Rehab Old Furniture Using Chalk Paint

When we disturbed the table, we found that the problem area on the table did not coincide with the distress on the other tables.

Painting A Coffee Table Ideas

The rest of the table has dark spots that indicate problem areas.

When we are on the table, we have removed all the sand that finished the stain and only the pine does not leave.

Painting A Coffee Table Ideas

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To solve this problem, we use a black marker to add some color to the problem area in the table above. Let it sit for about 10 minutes and wipe off any remaining stains.

All chalk paints require some type of top coat. Wks(s) for this table.

Painting A Coffee Table Ideas

We like to use this Poly wipe finish for all of our furniture projects. It is durable, easy to use and leaves the furniture with a beautiful finish.

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Wipe-on Poly is easy to use. Spend a little money on clean clothes. We love using scraps from old t-shirts. Then, clean only the poly covering the entire surface.

Painting A Coffee Table Ideas

It’s always better to put on 2 coats of heat, then you’ll probably have to run. When the first coat is dry, sand a little on the steel wool again and repeat.

For the table top we apply 3 coats of poly. This will make the table more secure, as it will be stronger.

Painting A Coffee Table Ideas

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Doesn’t this finish look amazing? Look beautiful, silky and good finish. When it came out this was so good, I couldn’t keep my hands off it, I just had to feel the silky surface.

For another farmhouse-style coffee table, see how we turned an old dining table into a round coffee table.

Painting A Coffee Table Ideas

Can you believe the change? Remember, I thought this table wasn’t worth saving? Boy, wrong! It’s a real show stopper now!

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Have you tried using chalk? It never ceases to amaze me what a little paint can do. Do you have a piece of paper you’ve been dying to recycle? Please share what you’re working on, we’d love to hear from you!

Painting A Coffee Table Ideas

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