Outdoor Waterproof Storage Coffee Table

Outdoor Waterproof Storage Coffee Table – The Outdoor Box Coffee to Dining Table is designed to redefine the outdoor dining experience. It’s equipped with water- and weather-resistant high-pressure laminate, powder-coated steel legs, and wheels durable enough for outdoor surfaces. Compact yet comfortably extending to seat 10 people, it is perfect for patio and outdoor gatherings as well as an elegant indoor table. Easily maneuver the table with its built-in wheels and gas mechanism to raise and lower the unit. It can be stored outside and we provide a protective cover. Watch the demonstration in the video below. Weather resistant. Seats 10-12.

The outdoor ready box coffee table offers versatility and functionality without sacrificing style and beauty. Perfect table for the patio or kitchen deck. This table is ready for outdoor use and has great flexibility. It can also be used indoors with flexibility when you need to go outside. Easily convert a sleek low profile coffee table into a large outdoor dining table with three folding leaves allowing you to convert from 47+ to 86.5 inches. A powerful yet multi-functional piece with sophisticated hydraulic mechanisms that allow you to easily adjust the height from 11-30 inches up or down or anywhere in between. Compact and multifunctional furniture allows you to do more with your space in style. This table can withstand temperatures of -4°F (-20°C) and +158°F (70°C) and is waterproof. If you leave it in the rain for a night it will be fine. For longer life it is best to store under a protected area away from rain and sun or use our provided cover.

Outdoor Waterproof Storage Coffee Table

Outdoor Waterproof Storage Coffee Table

Info Measuring Set 8-10 People Comfortably… Add 8 Nano Packs To Make It A Dining Set

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As a dining table: 31.5 inches wide x 86.5 inches long – 30.75 inches at its height

Outdoor Waterproof Storage Coffee Table

The weight capacity of the outdoor box to the dining table is very strong and well made. The table can easily support a large dinner with lots of food, dinnerware and cutlery. A heavy duty piston system keeps the weight stable and there are strong metal dowels to secure the blade in place, as well as act as a lock for the extendable system to keep the table very stable. Most customers lift and lower the table easily, however, some customers under 150 pounds may need assistance (or use some heavy books) when lowering the table from its maximum height. Intended for use on most outdoor surfaces, but may become a bit unstable on uneven ground and may not roll well on hard surfaces. It’s a compact table with great potential to make small outdoor spaces feel bigger.

500-day worldwide warranty on mechanics. The surface is advised to be covered with weather protection for best long term results. While the material we made it with is water proof, over time the sun and rain can wear on any surface and that’s why we need to cover it for long term durability.

Outdoor Waterproof Storage Coffee Table

Outdoor Box Coffee

Returns As this is an outdoor product that is exposed to moisture and other elements we cannot accept returns as it cannot go in the packaging. Please measure carefully and make sure it fits your space well. This product works best on an even surface but can work on uneven areas.

Cleaning and care Use mild soap and water with a clean, soft cloth. Do not use chemicals or cleaning agents. Comes with a protective cover that is best used for long term storage.

Outdoor Waterproof Storage Coffee Table

Finish options are available in matte white (light cream tone) and gray wood waterproof high pressure laminate finish. The legs are finished in silver powder coated steel.

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The up/down mechanism was a little finicky at first, but I believe that was just an effect of the mechanism being new. Once I was able to get it up and down the first 1 or 2 times, the mechanism now works very smoothly. The included cover is also great for keeping it dust-free and protecting it from the elements. It looks great on our balcony!

Outdoor Waterproof Storage Coffee Table

Space saving furniture. Use your area and improve it. At Wide Furniture we provide stunning furniture from smart wall beds to sofas and tables, to convertible dining tables. Smart furniture so you can expand your possibilities.

Canadian Residents: Prices are automatically converted and displayed in Canadian dollars. Payments are processed in Canadian dollars at checkout Patio storage table with built-in storage is the ultimate side and sofa table. The table is a model in the lounge series, so it fits perfectly in any arrangement of your sofa. The possible ways to combine a storage table and lounge sofa are only limited by your imagination.

Outdoor Waterproof Storage Coffee Table

Patio Storage Table

ATT: All tables will be unique, and the color will vary from product to product, because the table is authentic wood.

Teak wood contains high levels of natural resin, which protects the wood. Therefore, the side table can stay outside all year round. But if you want to ensure an extra long life of your teak wood, we recommend storing it somewhere safe or with our cover.

Outdoor Waterproof Storage Coffee Table

Teak wood can last for many years without treatment but without fading over time. If you want to avoid gray color, you need to oil it regularly.

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Yes, the table is a model for the Kubana lounge sofa and can be attached to your sofa like other models.

Outdoor Waterproof Storage Coffee Table

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Outdoor Waterproof Storage Coffee Table

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Outdoor Waterproof Storage Coffee Table

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Outdoor Waterproof Storage Coffee Table

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Outdoor Waterproof Storage Coffee Table

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