Outdoor Coffee Tables With Storage

Outdoor Coffee Tables With Storage – I wanted to tell you about the coffee table I made today for the backyard.

I didn’t document the build process (honestly, I put the thing together without knowing if it would work or not), so this isn’t a tutorial. But, you could easily make your own once you see how it’s put together.

Outdoor Coffee Tables With Storage

Outdoor Coffee Tables With Storage

I really needed a new coffee table, but the reason I chose to build this table was because of this guy.

Dwell™ Modular Teak Outdoor 6 Seater U Sectional + Storage Coffee Tabl

Here he is a few months ago (MUCH smaller then) being caught with a bone in his chair. Look at those puppy skin rolls!

Outdoor Coffee Tables With Storage

Archer loves pillows. He likes to sit on them when covered in mud. He likes to throw them around like chew toys. He likes to chew on his ugly bones while sitting on them, covered in mud. They were disgusting. I’m sure I could have stored them in the garage and pulled them out whenever we wanted to hang out, but really, who wants to do that.

So, a coffee table that doubles as cushion storage was born. 90% of the time pillows are stored in bulk.

Outdoor Coffee Tables With Storage

Lily’s Living Amalfi Solid Wood Coffee Table With Storage

I built the table with a hinged top so that I could store the cushions inside within Archer’s reach when not in use and then easily remove them when needed. I chose the X model open on the sides because I didn’t want spiders or other nasties to make a home in a closed box.

I made the table according to the size of my pillows so that it fits perfectly inside. For the base I used 2×2. Four corners cut to the desired height and then eight sides (four top, four bottom) attached to the corners. I used a pocket jig to attach the sides of the corners.

Outdoor Coffee Tables With Storage

The X pieces consist of one long 2×2 and two short 2×2. I didn’t use any special tricks for calculating the angles, I just laid the 2×2 over the outside of the base and marked the angle on the inside with a pencil. Since they are only decorative and do not provide any support, they are simply glued and then nailed. NOTE: I filled my nail holes with wood filler and then sanded it before applying the weathering treatment. The filler didn’t take the treatment and now the filler sticks out like a sore thumb. If I could do it over again, I would have left the nail holes unfilled.

Outdoor Coffee Tables With Storage Areas, Trays & Other Handy Features

For the top I used 1×6s spaced evenly to match the inside dimensions of the table top, attached to two 1×2s with glue and screws. The top was then attached to the base with three hinges.

Outdoor Coffee Tables With Storage

I used two L brackets on the opposite side to act as stops when the top is closed. I lined them up with 1×2’s that hold the top together so they are flush when closed.

To give it the aged look, I brushed on a mixture of steel wool and vinegar that I learned about here. I left it alone with no sealer for a few weeks but started to notice that the wood continued to darken where the sun was hitting it (I found out when I moved some lanterns I was sitting on top of and noticed it was more open where they were. village). I finished by lightly sanding it to even out the color and applied a coat of Thompson’s Water Sealer in Clear. So far I haven’t noticed any color changes. The image below is the most accurate for color.

Outdoor Coffee Tables With Storage

Leisuremod Chelsea Outdoor Patio Aluminum Coffee Table In Black

I wish I could remember how much I spent building this. I mean it came in just under $100. I’m definitely thrilled with how it turned out and it’s a total win compared to the price of my inspiration piece 😉Aiko Multifit Table by Mamagreen From $3 $630.00 Anholt Lounge Table by Skargaarden At $880.00 Arholma Table Lounge by Skargaarden At $1 , 100.00 Basket Coffee Table by Sifas From $2 400.00 Bonan Lounge Table by Skargaarden From $980.00 Chester Footstool-Coffee Table by Cane-line From $615.00 Chill-Out Coffee Table – Double Height – Single by Cane-line As Chill-Out Coffee Table from $1,620.00 – Double Height by Cane-line Coco Coffee Table by Sifas 2,625, $00 Cone Coffee Table by Cane-line $1,300.00 Cone Coffee Table by Cane-line Djuro Lounge Coffee Table – Large by Skargaarden From $900.00 Long Coffee Table with Tray by Mamagreen From $3,990.00 Ekka Sectional Coffee Table from Mamagreen Herring Coffee Table from $240.00 from Skargaarden Jaydu Coffee Table from 2 .$000.00 – HPL by Mamagreen Up to $2,240.00

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Outdoor Coffee Tables With Storage

Lounge furniture, whether for a covered porch, hardwood deck, or poolside area, can vary greatly in size and style. You must be aware that tables and chairs complement each other not only aesthetically, but also functionally. The modular sofa with chairs should coordinate with the height of the outdoor coffee table so that the items are not too high or too low. Lounge tables should also be made from the same high-quality materials that you require upholstered or cushioned chairs. Our luxury coffee table collections are constructed from eco-friendly teak, powder-coated aluminium, stainless steel and synthetic resin wicker. There are matching tops and others in weatherproof ceramic, high pressure laminate and tempered glass. These state-of-the-art materials will continue to look great and last for many years.

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