Metal Base For Coffee Table

Metal Base For Coffee Table – Hello. Today I want to talk to you about a scourge that many of our contemporaries face but remains relatively unknown: Attention Deficit Disorder with or without Hyperactivity, commonly known as ADHD. Of course, you’ve heard the mean moms coming out of school biting someone’s kid (because obnoxious kids don’t have dads, you know), saying, “That’s really naughty! “. If a kind soul passed by, he would say: “No! He’s hyper! However, a 2011 study (Lecendreux et al., 2011) found that only 3.5% of children between the ages of 6 and 12 in France have ADHD. The rest little rascals So the statistics are not favorable for little Martin.

But the problem I want to draw your attention to is that 60% of children with ADHD will see their symptoms persist into adulthood (according to DSM IV-R, 2000). However, when we love children, even if they are not our own, we can forgive them their mischievousness, carelessness, impulsiveness, in short, everything that children hate in general. But observing these symptoms in adults is another matter.

Metal Base For Coffee Table

Metal Base For Coffee Table

One of the hallmarks of ADHD is hyperkinesia, or as my grandmother called it, “fidgeting.” If we put up with a tired child running around the house, getting up from the table 100 times under the dubious excuse of “I’m tired of sitting”, adults will not accept this hyperkinesis. . For example, I had trouble explaining why and how I broke the coffee table. Why step up to the coffee table? How can? What force majeure situation required me to climb it? How can a coffee table at this price not withstand 46 kg of pressure? I don’t have an answer. I wanted to talk on the phone, sit on the couch for a good 2 minutes, light a candle when I got up, and have an interesting conversation. The shortest path between me and the candle was through the coffee table. So I went up to the coffee table. Keskia? I freaked out a bit on the phone when I interrupted my girlfriend who was talking about the discussion she had with her boyfriend at the time of the accident (“accident”, “discussion”…that’s a lot of euphemisms for one sentence). ).

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And the coffee table episode is over. The guy said “banco” so my full attention was focused on this amazing news. I salute her patience and courage to live with me every day until the next morning when I have to explain myself to the owner of the coffee table. Because when a coffee table…

Metal Base For Coffee Table

“Mom, it’s soccer time.” Shall we go to football? We go to football! We’re going fuuuuuuu!! Mom, are we going to football?!? »

If a parent has ADHD, their child has a 57% risk of developing it as well (J. Biederman et al. – 1995).

Metal Base For Coffee Table

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– “Mom, don’t forget your football certificate.” Football, football football. Have you not forgotten? Otherwise I can’t play. You forgot the certificate, didn’t you? »

All my attention was focused on this bloody medical certificate, which I did not sign the first time, the second time did not sign, and the third time I met with a doctor who told me “When” with great struggle. you have no head… Haha!” “.

Metal Base For Coffee Table

I wore my shoes to accompany my son to his extracurricular activities, FOOTBALL if you did it right. And all my mental faculties suddenly:

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“Still no call from the delivery man for the new dishwasher, how boring is life without a dishwasher, how’s Grandma doing?” It didn’t work. He had his time. In fact, his job was washing dishes. It’s sad too. He and I never talked about the state of women. Shame, I’d like to hear his opinion on the matter.

Metal Base For Coffee Table

In front of the football field, on time, without a certificate, the son of Nutella was babbling.

If while reading this text you are not thinking about what you were doing on July 12, 1998, you are

Metal Base For Coffee Table

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While writing this text: I got up 4 times to get another cup of tea, and the third time I had to heat it up a bit in the microwave, so in between I started washing a little and forgot about the cup. the microwave suddenly became too hot, so I said “shit”, I blew on the tea, it splashed, the tea fell on the floor, I thought that cooking by myself is really disgusting, in those waters I forgot. was writing a text. I wiped the tea on the floor and was about to go back to the dishes, washed two glasses, and remembered that I was writing a text. I sat down at the desk and wrote a little. A green light flashed from my phone to my left. But I kept concentrating no matter what. After a good 37 seconds, I couldn’t hold it in anymore and looked at my messages on Messenger. One thing led to another, I stalked a guy, clicked on a link on a yellow vest protest, and minutes later forgot my text again wanting to start a new environmental political party. I went to make myself some coffee and it was so hot I blew it. A sense of deja vu. I realized that I forgot my text again. You have been redirected to the French version of our site. You can choose a different version here.

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Metal Base For Coffee Table

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Metal Base For Coffee Table

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Metal Base For Coffee Table

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Metal Base For Coffee Table

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Metal Base For Coffee Table

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