Living Room Coffee Table Ideas

Living Room Coffee Table Ideas – These contemporary coffee tables that combine the concept of art and design are gorgeous in their own way, some real masterpieces of art and craft that could be just the right piece you’ve been looking for to fine-tune your living room ideas.

Lapiaz inspired this unique coffee table. The French word is the name for typical karst formations created by surface dissolution of limestone or dolomite rocks. Polished brass details and mirrored sides give this luxurious piece of art a refined yet familiar and warm beauty. Definitely a distinctive piece for the most luxurious interiors.

Living Room Coffee Table Ideas

Living Room Coffee Table Ideas

The Empire coffee table has an extravagant form of sophistication and style. It is carefully crafted from brass and nero marquina marble. It is a combination of classic and modern design, ideal for any interior.

How To Style A Coffee Table

Monet is a tribute to the famous French painter behind the Impressionist movement, a work of art that transforms into a contemporary coffee table with a modern design. Featuring contrasting shapes and materials like the artist’s unconventional compositions, the contemporary coffee table is supported by a geometric acrylic base that captures natural light. Monet is an exceptional piece and ideal for modern living spaces.

Living Room Coffee Table Ideas

The perfect companion to the unique selection of furniture for your project. Konstantin has some beautiful glossy painted details that can be customized to match your living room project perfectly. This luxury coffee table showcases exquisite mid-century design style.

The mystique behind the name inspires Eden. This coffee table represents part of the tree of knowledge and the story of the birth of desire. Boca do Lobo uses the highest quality materials and textures that give them form through objects that create a cosmopolitan luxury environment. Made entirely of polished cast brass, with a finely engraved top that reveals the heart of a golden tree for the heart of the home.

Living Room Coffee Table Ideas

Chic & Glam Coffee Table Decor Ideas

Inspired by the ruggedness of the sub-Saharan plains, Robusta has a soft yet striking appearance. Ideal for a minimalist living room design, this coffee table is the perfect piece that represents a simple and neutral addition to a modern interior.

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Living Room Coffee Table Ideas

Building great empires takes centuries and wisdom. The Empire coffee table is the heart of the most memorable events and celebrations. The elegant round coffee table is made of mahogany wood and has a beautiful polished brass finish. Flawless and bright, the remaining poplar root finish will raise the bar for the most sophisticated living spaces. Designed and built to impress and provide an unparalleled experience, the modern Empire coffee table is ready to make a statement on any occasion.

Coffee Table Decor Ideas That Add Interest + Style

Koi carp is a returning symbol of Japanese culture, highly valued for its decorative purposes, not only in water gardens, but also in Irezumi practice or most often in tattooing. Its natural color mutations reveal its adaptability, as does the KOI set with glass or marble table tops that you can choose to better fit your environment. The KOI scales on the sides of the tables shine and reflect – on their brass surface – the sun caught in the clear water.

Living Room Coffee Table Ideas

The remarkable and time-tested Eden coffee table fits well with contemporary and modern design. This striking piece combines nature-inspired design with painstaking welding techniques

The Vertigo coffee table was made in an elegant design that looks refined and luxurious. Unusual shapes in gilded brass include Nero Marquina marble, making the focal point of living spaces the aura of your projects. I’m sharing all of my favorite coffee table decorating ideas to help you have a beautiful and functional coffee table!

Living Room Coffee Table Ideas

How To Decorate A Coffee Table (21 Simple Ideas)

I am a lover of beautiful coffee table decorations! After taking a good look at the two coffee tables in our house, I realized that there are five basic decorations that I always use, and I’m going to share each of these coffee table decoration ideas with you today!

I always use a large tray for coffee tables. Always. I love that they keep everything neatly lined up, and if you want to clean up your coffee table to use for gaming or food preparation, you can remove everything by simply lifting the tray. Trays are also a great way to add contrasting texture or color to keep things interesting.

Living Room Coffee Table Ideas

For our coffee table in the family room, I used a large 28 inch square wooden tray that takes up a large piece of the coffee table but still leaves room for my husband to throw up his feet (we have a dedicated “foot pillow” for him to do this with – lol!) :

Beautiful Coffee Table Ideas 2022

Sources: White Tassel Corner Cushion Cover  | Gray Textured Pillowcase  | Antelope Cushion Cover  | Artificial Fig Leaf Fig Tree  | Carpet  | A pair of floor poufs  | Acrylic Coffee Table (similar)  | Black and white striped box (on coffee table)  | Brass Cranes  | White Coral (similar)

Living Room Coffee Table Ideas

The hardest part for me was finding a large square tray with a handle that I liked, but I finally found the perfect one on Etsy. The store I bought mine from no longer exists, but you can find an almost identical magazine at . They offer them in a wide range of colors in velvet matte or glossy gloss. A tray that big is expensive, but I’ll have mine for YEARS. I like that if I change my color scheme in the future, I can simply repaint it instead of having to buy a new magazine.

I mostly use light woven trays on our ottoman/coffee table in the living room to add brightness and texture. I recently bought  which is a nice size and a great price for a tray this big:

Living Room Coffee Table Ideas

Coffee Table Décor Ideas That Will Impress Your Guests

FYI, don’t forget to add felt pads to the bottom of the woven trays to make sure they don’t scratch your coffee table! These are a few other favorite coffee table trays that would also work beautifully (

I use flowers and natural elements throughout my home because they add life in a way that nothing else can, so it’s no surprise that one of my favorite coffee table decor ideas! During the summer, when we have a ton of flowers blooming in our garden, I leave small bouquets of fresh flowers on our coffee table:

Living Room Coffee Table Ideas

You can add even more life and personality by placing your flowers in something unique, like this brass swan planter of mine (you can find similar planters and ) that I’m quite obsessed with:

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If you don’t have flowers to cut from your yard, pick up a $5 bag of tulips at the grocery store or add a plant for even less maintenance. This snake plant that used to be on our living room coffee table is the best—seriously unbeatable:

Living Room Coffee Table Ideas

And I also love that I have a pile of books at the end of our coffee table – it’s another way to bring nature into this space.

There’s no shame in cheating either! I recently bought a raspberry and two of them make the most beautiful arrangement:

Living Room Coffee Table Ideas

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And after I moved my snake upstairs, I used three of these faux eucalyptus branches (found ) on our living room ottoman:

You can also use other natural elements to liven things up – a bowl of pine cones, feathers or elements from the sea such as driftwood, seashells and coral are just a few ideas. The best thing about nature’s elements is that there are so many of them right outside your door that you can find and use for free!

Living Room Coffee Table Ideas

Books are another must for me. They’re perfect for adding a layered look, plus it’s nice to have some interesting coffee table books for your family and guests to pick up and read. Being a design lover, most of mine (big surprise) are design oriented. Another great option is books about the area you live in, your favorite state or country to vacation in, or a favorite hobby.

Light Wood Coffee Table Ideas And Designs

You might also consider downloading a bunch of your photos from your phone and computer into one of the  – these are future coffee table goals for me! And if you want to add some color or pattern to your coffee table, an easy way to do it is to use leftover favorite fabric to create a fabric book cover:

Living Room Coffee Table Ideas

If you’re a design lover like me and looking for some good coffee table books, here are a few that have great content inside and look nice on the outside (

Along with a few stacked books from the coffee table, I always add a book jacket or two. It can be anything from a large gold keystone (similar available ) that I used on the fabric-covered book above, to a decorative magnifier like one of or a small piece of coral like:

Living Room Coffee Table Ideas

Diy Coffee Table Ideas

Decorative boxes are the best! There are so many beautiful options and they are great for storing things you don’t want cluttering up your desk. it holds extra on our family coffee table

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