Large Books For Coffee Table

Large Books For Coffee Table – Everyone has heard of a coffee table book but what exactly are they and more importantly how do you style them like a pro? In this article we give you many ideas on how to display them for maximum effect and give you our recommendations for the most trending books. Whether you want to be a charming fashion house or a coastal beach environment, read on and see how coffee table books can really spice up your home’s living room.

Coffee table books are usually large, hardback decorative books that contain lots of inspirational pictures and photos. They are designed to be decorative on their own and a collection should represent the owner’s interests. “If a client loves boats and we display some boat features in the rest of the room as well as a boat themed book, this shows exceptional attention to detail,” says Kasia, our resident interior designer.

Large Books For Coffee Table

Large Books For Coffee Table

They are used to enhance the decor of a room and the way they are displayed becomes part of the decoration scheme.

How To Style Coffee Table Books

There is a great deal on the market from photography, design and travel to name a few. They can be picked up from book stores, lifestyle stores and for retro fashion, try your local charity shop.

Large Books For Coffee Table

Whether you already have coffee table books that you want to display or you are thinking of buying some, we will look at the following elements on how to style coffee table books.

When thinking about what books to use, one technique is to look for books that pick colors in your overall color scheme. Here, orange and black are used to tie the design together.

Large Books For Coffee Table

How To Save Money Buying Books On Amazon

No is the short answer but you need to pay attention to detail. Place larger books on the bottom of a stack and think about how the cover colors work together. With so many titles to choose from, you’ll have no problem finding one that matches your living room.

You can use coffee table books to create height and also as a base to display other interesting items. Plants, flowers, decorations and trays are all things that work well.

Large Books For Coffee Table

How you arrange coffee table books depends on the shape and material of your table, such as whether it is square or made of glass. If you have a round table, try using your books in a triangular shape and vary the height of the piles so they are not all the same. If you have a shelf, books can also be placed there. This can be very effective if you have a glass table and you can see the book covers from above.

Nella Vetrina Visionnaire Ipe Cavalli Pelleas Italian Coffee Table

If you love Mediterranean food and scenery, this book will really appeal to you. All recipes are also vegan. Pair with another predominantly orange book for a fun combo.

Large Books For Coffee Table

Filled with beautiful photography and quotes, The Beach is the best thing about the beach. It’s a good price for such a large book. This book would look great on a dark wood table, with white decorative accents.

Add some flair with this stylish and chic coffee table book. Digging through the archives reveals Cocoa Chanel’s inspiration from the 1920s. Place found objects and make a bowl of flowers to create your own mood.

Large Books For Coffee Table

The Basics Of Coffee Table Styling

If you love dogs and beautiful interiors this is the book for you. With 256 pages featuring over 25 of the world’s most amazing homes, and the dogs that live there, it will keep you occupied for hours. The book’s muted tones mean you can match it with any decor – try leaving it open on your favorite page.

If you’re serious about your art, this beautiful, anonymous book will sit well on your coffee table, along with other quiet tomes. Damien Hirst explores questions of beauty, color and excess in photography with a conceptual approach in Cherry Blossoms.

Large Books For Coffee Table

Open any page in this fantasy book of inspiring interiors and you will be transported to another country. With lots of pictures and inspirational ideas we think this book will work well with most interiors.

The Best Coffee Table Books For Any Well Appointed Home

This beautiful book perfectly captures this year’s main trend of bringing nature into your home. Whether you live in the leafy countryside or a city apartment, this book would look great on a glass coffee table and some greenery.

Large Books For Coffee Table

We hope you found some of these ideas and book picks inspiring. Remember, it’s really a very personal choice and buy books because you like them, not just because they match your shoes. A great place to source coffee table books are the shops in art galleries and museums, so when you’re getting some culture why not consider a purchase at the same time.

This blog is written in collaboration with Kasia. Kasia has excellent space planning and conceptual design skills. She has been an Interior Designer for 9+ years. During that time she established a very successful business in the interior design business called ShowMeDesign.

Large Books For Coffee Table

Stunning Coffee Table Books For Art Lovers

Furniture is labeled with strict titles such as coffee table or end table because, when they are made, they have specific functions in mind but

Decorating your living room can sometimes seem overwhelming; it’s a room you’ll spend a lot of time in, so the pressure is on

Large Books For Coffee Table

If you’re like most people, you probably spend a lot of time in your living room. Whether you’re watching TV, reading a book, or just Discover new arrivals and browse our newest book, plus get 10% off your first order on full price items.

Coffee Table Books By Color & The Best Prints To Pair With Them

Throughout its life, the coffee table will contain everything from cups and glasses to disposable buttons and switches, but, in addition to the functional benefits, these integrated living room features also make unique decorative platforms. As the focal point of most living spaces, coffee tables offer the perfect chance to unleash your inner stylist.

Large Books For Coffee Table

What is the secret to decorating coffee tables with style? Fortunately there is a proven formula found in many of the best interior design projects to answer that. The formula in question – a careful combination of four main elements: different heights, organic elements, the vibe of the tray and a personal touch.

Once you’ve chosen the coffee table style you want, check out our step-by-step guide on how to perfect your style game.

Large Books For Coffee Table

Coffee Table Chic A Guide To Well Styled Tablescapes

The coffee table is always brought to life by something organic so it is best to start there. Cut the coffee table into four squares and place a plant, a vase of flowers or a moss bowl in one for some color and vibrancy.

If you have a contemporary coffee table, try strong shapes and clean lines; if it’s more decorative, delicate flowers work really well in a beautiful vase. And, remember, faux flowers can work too—with a little more maintenance.

Large Books For Coffee Table

Next, the height. Although most coffee table decor should be relatively low-profile (practical), there’s no reason why you can’t play with height, even in detail. Decorative pieces that get a variety of thicknesses will make your coffee table arrangement look much more interesting.

National Parks: 100th Anniversary Hard Cover Coffee Table Book

A charming candle in an attractive container, a beautiful cup or stick (storage and beauty in one) and a richly patterned marble disc is a killer trio.

Large Books For Coffee Table

Refined yet functional, the coffee table tray is a style staple. A tray helps small clothes not get lost in larger pieces, balances proportion and weight and creates a simple, immediate look.

The shape and size are completely up to you. Match the shape of your tray to that of your coffee table for a nice repeat; contrast the texture of the rustic coffee table with the interesting patterns of an antique silver tray; or choose an oversized tray for statement appeal.

Large Books For Coffee Table

Tips To Style A Round Coffee Table In Your Living Room

A well-curated coffee table collection is incomplete without a little something personal. A collection of favorite coffee table books, a statue, a small keepsake box or an interesting rock you found on a special vacation at the beach are just a few options.

Non-directive items – which look good from any angle – are key here and will finish your coffee table style on a strong note.

Large Books For Coffee Table

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Large Books For Coffee Table

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These books are big enough to make a bold statement on your coffee table. They will be eye-catching and serve as decorative elements on their own! The coffee table is a great place

Large Books For Coffee Table

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