Lane Mid Century Coffee Table

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Lane Mid Century Coffee Table

Lane Mid Century Coffee Table

All prices on our website include restoration of the work by our skilled team of craftsmen. However, if you are willing to opt out of any restoration of this part, it will save us time and money and therefore we may be able to accept a lower price. So please use the Make an Offer button below if you are willing to buy this part as is.

Vintage Mid Century Round Coffee Table By Lane V4lb94 Please

If this is not quite what you are looking for, we have many more Mid-Century / Mid Century Modern / Danish Design / Scandinavian / retro / vintage mcm furniture listed for sale here on our website, as well as a large collection of Modern design furniture from mid-century in our catalog where you can sign up to be the first to know when we bring a certain detail you love back into stock.

Lane Mid Century Coffee Table

And since only half of our 2100+ items are online, we invite you to see our inventory in person here in the Chicago area. Call, text or use the Schedule a Visit link at the top of our page to schedule a private, one-on-one inventory viewing – even a virtual tour via Zoom or Facetime!

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Lane Mid Century Coffee Table

Mid Century Walnut Marquetry Coffee Table By Andre Bus For Lane, C.1960

We also ship your entire order in Chicagoland for $150. So if you’re in the Chicago area, just select “Local Delivery” at checkout. Most items ship within 10 to 12 weeks depending on our returns lead time (see below for more on free returns.) You can also select “Local Pickup” at checkout if you plan to drop by our warehouse in person.

FREE RETURN: When you purchase a piece, we thoroughly clean and prepare it for shipping. If during re-inspection we discover that a door or drawer is not working properly, find watermarks and visible scratches with paint loss (usually on the top) or veneer chips, our Master Restoration Team carefully restores the surfaces using tried and true restoration techniques using the original the colors and finishes used by the manufacturer (the same way it was made) so you get an original MCM piece without the disappointment of bad paint or undetected hidden problems. So even if you find a piece on our site that you love that isn’t quite right, we can make it right with our Master Restoration Team before it ships.

Lane Mid Century Coffee Table

SAVE AS IS: The price on our website INCLUDES free restoration, but some parts can be purchased at a discount if you choose to have no work done on the piece at all. This also means we can send the next truck heading your way, which is usually within 3 to 4 weeks max. Contact us for a full condition report if you want to save with this option.

Lane Acclaim Mid Century Walnut Dovetail Boomerang Coffee Table

SAVE ON REFINISHING and SWITCHING: Depending on your choice, we can also completely reupholster, repaint or even customize the item for a fee and at discounted prices before shipping.

Lane Mid Century Coffee Table

FREE FINDER SERVICE: We have over 2100 items in our current inventory and we receive new items daily; so if you tell us what you’re thinking of buying and the price that works for you, we’ll find it, fix it, and get it in your order with free shipping. You can also click a button on any out of stock item on our website and it will notify us that you are interested in purchasing this piece if we come across another that likes it.

ABOUT PHOTOS: We take our photos in a controlled lighting studio to show as much detail as possible. We do NOT photograph stains. In almost all cases, the photos were taken before any work has been done to improve the piece, therefore the piece you receive is often even nicer than it was in the photos. In some situations when we get the exact same piece back in stock that we’ve had before, we’ll use images from a previous shoot. In these situations, the piece you receive will be in the same (often better) condition than the photos.

Lane Mid Century Coffee Table

Mid Century Modern Lane Boomerang Coffee Table With Inlaid Burl Style #1929

The bottom line is that we know how difficult it is to source all the mid-century furniture you need from multiple sources in different parts of the country and have it restored to your taste and shipped to your door at the same time, so we try to make it all that way painless and worry-free as possible.

We keep you fully informed throughout the process – because we want you to be happy with your purchase and tell everyone how easy it is to buy authentic mid-century modern furniture online without wasting your money. The Lane Acclaim collection has become an American mid-century. century modern classic. The two-tone oak on walnut with exaggerated dove-tail design has been sought after by collectors across the country. Produced over ten years between the 1960s and early 1970s, the collection includes items for every home. Powerful American craftsmanship with a delicate profile borrowed from Scandinavian design. You really get the best of both worlds with Lane Acclaim

Lane Mid Century Coffee Table

The Lane Acclaim furniture range is one of our favourites, enjoying increased popularity as collectable yet functional furniture almost 60 years after its introduction in 1959.

Lane Mid Century End Table With Drawer Clearance Sale, Up To 65% Off

Designed by Andre Bus, it was created to border the allure of modernity with the comfort of tradition. Lane accomplished that balancing act with elegant, danceable lines and the skillful use of walnut and fruitwood. The dovetail between the two woods at the top of each section has become iconic.

Lane Mid Century Coffee Table

Lane cleverly positioned the usual modern line: artisanal quality at furniture store prices. And their marketing worked well, with countless pieces being sold in the meantime. It became a bona fide bestseller in 1963 and retains its appeal all these years later.

The top has been professionally varnished and the foot covers have been repainted. detailed from top to bottom otherwise. Minor flaws remain

Lane Mid Century Coffee Table

Mid Century Modern Lane Cosmopolitan Two Tier End Table

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Lane Mid Century Coffee Table

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Midcentury Modern Lane Acclaim 1960s Vintage Lamp Or Coffee Table

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Lane Mid Century Coffee Table

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Lane Mid Century Coffee Table

Lane Furniture Mid Century Coffee Table

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Lane Mid Century Coffee Table

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