Ideas For Decorating A Coffee Table

Ideas For Decorating A Coffee Table – I’m sharing my favorite coffee table decorating ideas to help you have a beautiful, functional coffee table.

I love the beautiful design of the coffee table. When I took a good look at the two coffee tables in our home, I realized that there are five basic decor ideas that I always use, and I’m going to share each of these coffee table decorating ideas with you today.

Ideas For Decorating A Coffee Table

Ideas For Decorating A Coffee Table

I always use a large tray on my coffee tables. Always. I love that they keep everything clean, and if you want to clear your coffee table to use it for playing games or cooking, you can take everything out with a simple lift of the tray. Trays are also a great way to add a contrasting texture or color to keep things interesting.

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For our family room coffee table, I went with a large 28″ square wooden tray that takes up most of the coffee table but still leaves room for my husband to put his feet up (we keep a special “foot pillow” around. He has to do that – lol!).

Ideas For Decorating A Coffee Table

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I had the hardest time finding a square tray with a large handle that I liked, but I finally found the perfect one on Etsy. The store I bought mine from no longer exists, but you can find an almost identical tray. They offer them in a wide variety of colors in a velvety matte or glossy finish. This large tray is expensive, but I will have mine for YEARS. I love that if I change my color scheme in the future, I can just repaint it instead of buying a new tray.

Ideas For Decorating A Coffee Table

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On the ottoman/coffee table in our living room, I mostly use light woven trays to add some brightness and texture. I recently purchased this large tray for a nice size and great price.

FYI, make sure to add felt pads to the bottom of the woven trays to make sure they don’t scratch your coffee table. These are some other popular coffee table trays that would also work beautifully (

Ideas For Decorating A Coffee Table

I use flowers and natural elements throughout my home because they bring life in a way that nothing else can, so it’s no surprise that coffee table decor is one of my favorite ideas. In the summer, when tons of flowers are blooming in our yard, I keep small fresh bouquets on our coffee table;

How To Style A Coffee Table

You can add more life and personality by placing your flowers in something unique, like my brass swan planter (you can find similar planters and ) that I’m quite obsessed with;

Ideas For Decorating A Coffee Table

If you don’t have flowers to cut from your yard, pick up a $5 bunch of tulips from the grocery store or add a plant for even less maintenance. This snake plant that used to be on our living room coffee table is the best.

And I love that I also have a pile of books at the end of our coffee table. this is another way to bring nature into this space.

Ideas For Decorating A Coffee Table

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There’s also no shame in going fake. I recently bought some raspberries and two of them make the cutest little arrangement;

And after moving my snake plant upstairs, I used three of these fake eucalyptus branches (found) on our living room ottoman;

Ideas For Decorating A Coffee Table

You can use other natural elements to add life too. a pine cone, feathers or nautical elements such as driftwood, shells and coral are just a few ideas. The best thing about natural elements is that there are so many on your doorstep that you can find and use for free.

How To Decorate A Coffee Table

Books are another must for me. They’re perfect for adding a layered look, and it’s nice to have some interesting coffee table books for your family and guests to pick up and read. Being the design geek that I am, most of my (big surprise) is focused on design. Books about the area you live in, your favorite state or country to vacation in, or your favorite hobby are other great options.

Ideas For Decorating A Coffee Table

You may also want to consider removing your photos from your phone and computer and uploading them to one of them. that’s future coffee table goals for me. And if you want to add some color or pattern to your coffee table, a simple way to do it is to use a scrap of your favorite fabric to create a fabric book cover.

If you’re a design junkie like me and looking for some good coffee table books, here are a few that have great content inside and look nice on the outside (

Ideas For Decorating A Coffee Table

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Along with a few dated coffee table books, I always add a brochure or two. These can be pretty much anything from a large gold bone (similar is available) that I used in the fabric covered book above to a decorative magnifying glass like one or a small piece of coral.

Decorative boxes are the best. There are so many cute options out there and they’re great for holding things you don’t want cluttering up your desk. our family room coffee table has extra TV remotes, our lighting remote, and my photo flash drives that I occasionally need in a sectional on the laptop;

Ideas For Decorating A Coffee Table

Once you’ve got these basics in place, it’s time to have fun and add some quirky things you love. For me, it’s often brass animals (#obsessed), like this pair of brass cranes (similar ones available).

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But for you it could be something related to your favorite hobby or an artwork that just has some history and special meaning. Put it all together and you have a coffee table that is the star of your space.

Ideas For Decorating A Coffee Table

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Thank you so much for stopping by today. You can find the full source list for my family room and the source list for my living room if you’re wondering where something came from. And if you’re new here and want to join the Driven by Decor group to get DIY and decorating inspiration delivered to your inbox, I’d love for you to subscribe via email. any time! CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE. A list of coffee table decorating ideas that you can mix and match to create your own unique look and inject some fresh air into your space.

Ideas For Decorating A Coffee Table

Decorate With Style: 16 Chic Coffee Table Decor Ideas

Coffee tables come in all sizes and shapes. Whether it’s a hard surface or something soft like a large ottoman, decorating a coffee table should be fun and reflect your own taste. A coffee table is the focal point of any room, so it’s the perfect place to display your favorite items. Below, find a list of suggestions to get your creative juices flowing, and then some easy ways to incorporate your ideas into your home decor.

Hint. If you’re shopping for a new coffee table, consider buying a two-tiered table. That lower level doubles your surface space and can be used as storage or to display more of your treasures.

Ideas For Decorating A Coffee Table

Before we go any further, I want to remind you that what follows is just a collection of ideas. There is absolutely no right or wrong way to style your coffee table. Follow your instincts. Use items that speak to you, items that reflect your family’s interests, and most importantly, items that reflect your personal style. I love neutral decor, so that’s what I usually use on our coffee table…with shades of blue, of course. If you’re a color lover, be sure to incorporate it into your coffee table decor. What you are going for is this. when someone walks into a room, they should be able to tell your style just by looking at your coffee table.

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The versatility of the trays is amazing and they are the perfect starting point for any coffee table vignette. There is no hard and fast rule as to what size or shape should be used. It’s fine to use a round tray on a round table… and it’s just as well to use a square or rectangular tray.

Ideas For Decorating A Coffee Table

Trays are your most important layering tool. Start by placing a tray on your coffee table. Whatever you add next will achieve a cohesive and stylish vibe as the tray holds everything together. Stack things on top of each other and make sure to alternate heights.

Coffee tables and books go hand in hand. There are

Ideas For Decorating A Coffee Table

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