Ideas For Coffee Table Decorations

Ideas For Coffee Table Decorations – A list of coffee table decor ideas that you can mix and match to get your own signature look and breathe a breath of fresh air into your space!

Coffee tables come in different sizes and shapes. Whether it’s a hard surface or something soft like a large ottoman, the style of your coffee table should be interesting and reflect your personal taste. A coffee table is the centerpiece of any room, so it’s the perfect place to display your favorite pieces. Below is a list of suggestions to get you started, followed by some easy ways to bring your ideas to life in your home decor.

Ideas For Coffee Table Decorations

Ideas For Coffee Table Decorations

Tip: If you’re shopping for a new coffee table, consider getting a two-tiered one. This lower level doubles your surface space and can be used as storage or to display more of your treasures.

How To Style A Coffee Table

Before we go any further, I want to remind you that what follows is just a set of ideas. There is absolutely no right or wrong way to style a coffee table. Follow your instincts. Use things that speak to you, things that reflect your family’s interests, and most importantly, things that reflect your personal style. I love neutral decor, so I usually use it on our coffee table…with touches of blue, of course. If you’re a color lover, be sure to incorporate it into your coffee table decor. Here’s what you want: When someone walks into a room, they should be able to tell your style just by looking at your coffee table!

Ideas For Coffee Table Decorations

The versatility of trays is amazing and they are the perfect starting point for a coffee table vignette. There is no hard and fast rule as to what size or shape should be used. It’s fine to use a round tray on a round table… and it’s equally fine to use a square or rectangular tray.

Trays are your most important layering tool. Start by placing the tray on the coffee table. Everything you add next will have a cohesive and stylish feel because the tray brings everything together. Stack objects on top of each other, do not forget to change the height.

Ideas For Coffee Table Decorations

Coffee Table Decor Ideas (to Liven Up Your Coffee Table)

Coffee tables and books go hand in hand. There have been several times in my life when I bought a book simply because I liked the cover. Books with beautiful covers add personality and uniqueness to the coffee table… so gather your most beautiful books or those that have a special meaning and start building. Gardening books, decor books, or flower books are perfect for this!

Think outside the box when it comes to lights. Sure, candles are great, but a candle isn’t the only thing that looks good in a lantern. A small nest filled with eggs, a pot of fresh or artificial greenery, moss balls of various sizes, scented potpourri, pine cones or balls of yarn are just a few suggestions on how to make the lantern interesting. See how to make a cute Mod Podge terra cotta Pot

Ideas For Coffee Table Decorations

Bowls and baskets can be used for layering, just like trays, but they add interesting shape and texture. A large neutral bowl can be used literally anywhere in your decor, but it’s an exceptional tool for styling a coffee table. Fill it with greenery or put a pitcher in it for a classic farmhouse look. I’ve had the bowl pictured above for at least 20 years, maybe longer. It was a birthday present from a friend and is one of my most treasured decor accessories. He moves around our house, but most often he lives on our coffee table.

Best Coffee Table Decorating Ideas And Designs For 2022

When it comes to layers, baskets do the same thing as bowls, but their superpower is adding texture. If you have a dark coffee table, consider using a light basket for contrast. Add unexpected items and try to include something tall.

Ideas For Coffee Table Decorations

The best way to take your coffee table decor to the next level is to incorporate any fresh or faux natural elements. Fresh flowers are always my first choice, but I also like to use artificial greenery or a combination of both. Something green, fresh or artificial, will add life to your coffee table decor that you can’t get any other way.

Natural elements are also a great way to bring in something seasonal. Apple trees bloom in spring, peonies in summer, sunflowers in autumn, pine cones or fresh pine for Christmas. The picture below is of the coffee table in our Sutton Place home when my peonies were in full bloom. It was really easy to do and of all the photos I’ve taken over the years, this is one of my favorites.

Ideas For Coffee Table Decorations

Chic & Glam Coffee Table Decor Ideas

Coffee table | dough bowl | artificial eucalyptus | wooden tray (similar) | lantern | Mod Podge Pot | neutral pitcher 1 | neutral pitcher 2 | neutral pitcher 3 | large neutral bowls | rectangle hyacinth tray | round wicker tray (similar)

Now that you have ideas and inspiration, have fun styling your coffee table! If it’s not quite what you had in mind the first time, be patient. When I feel the need to change the coffee table, it often takes a few days to find the right combination. Just keep editing, adding and organizing. Be brave, try something new and have faith. You will make it! Autumn has come, so do not forget to decorate your house not only outside, but also inside. Everyone has a coffee table in their living room, so decorate it this fall. It is very easy to make it autumnal and cozy, using table fireplaces, pumpkins in jars, flowers, nuts and other natural things. Collect some leaves outside and use them for decoration – or just buy artificial leaves and make them into a decoration. Add glitter and candles and you’re done! Below you will find different ideas in different styles – modern, rustic, minimalist and traditional, enjoy and get inspired!

Ideas For Coffee Table Decorations

Match your fall coffee table decor with your room decor and colors. The most popular ideas are farmhouse decor and a neutral color palette, although you can choose any you like. Choose details and containers for your compositions in this style and colors.

Round Coffee Table Decoration Ideas For 2022

Bold fall foliage in a pitcher and some natural pumpkins for a rustic fall coffee table

Ideas For Coffee Table Decorations

A bowl of pumpkins in a neutral fabric and a blue pot of greens plus a candle in a wooden candle holder

Autumn wooden tray style coffee table with wooden beads, natural and fabric pumpkins and red autumn leaves in vases

Ideas For Coffee Table Decorations

How To Style The Best Christmas Coffee Table Decor

Metal tray with autumn scented candles, rusty shiny pumpkin and bold pumpkin flower arrangement

Metal tray with greens, acorns, apothecary bottles, white candles and fabric pumpkins – whimsical and cool decoration

Ideas For Coffee Table Decorations

A pot with green branches, a wooden bowl with moss balls and a wooden bowl with pomegranates for natural decor

Coffee Table Decorating Ideas

A round tray with acorns in a cloche and herbs in a cloche pot to create a stylish and modern feel to the space

Ideas For Coffee Table Decorations

Round tray with green and white pumpkins, white candles in wooden candle holders and greens in a white pitcher

Round wooden tray with white pumpkins and candles – a simple but very cute autumn decoration in neutral tones

Ideas For Coffee Table Decorations

Top 7 Best Coffee Table Decor Ideas In 2021

Tin box with fabric and plastic pumpkins, greenery and signs for a simple and easy coffee table decoration

It’s a must-have for fall coffee tables—it’s not fall without a pumpkin! Natural, for example, large heirlooms – just put them on the table, and your decor is ready! You can also play with textures and colors by painting the pumpkins, or choosing some faux pumpkins made from a nice fabric like velvet. You can place pumpkins in bowls, trays, on stands, and use any other containers and holders that match your decor style.

Ideas For Coffee Table Decorations

Tray with checkered napkin, basket with faux pumpkins and gourds, stack of pumpkins and white vase with fall flowers

Best Coffee Table Décor Ideas And How To Style Them

Tray with stack of books, candle, white fabric pumpkins and white rose arrangement for glamor

Ideas For Coffee Table Decorations

Wooden tray with pastel floral arrangement, leaves and blue bowl with pastel faux pumpkins

Wooden tray with beads, cones, wheat in a small bucket, fabric pumpkins and a sign for cozy autumn decor

Ideas For Coffee Table Decorations

Best Coffee Table Decor Ideas & Designs (modern, Round) For 2022

Wooden tray with orange fabric pumpkins, giant acorns and a large painted pumpkin with leaves and berries in an urn

Wooden tray with wheat, white candle lanterns and artificial white pumpkin for autumn living room decor

Ideas For Coffee Table Decorations

A wooden tray with white pumpkins, a white lantern with a candle and bright autumn flowers in a white pot

Coffee Table Decor Ideas Guide

A wicker tray with a white pumpkin, a large candle in a metal jar and burgundy seedless flowers for a chic and bold look

Ideas For Coffee Table Decorations

Elegant marble tray with copper candle, pile of decorated pumpkins and white pumpkin flower arrangement

Fabric pumpkins, clear vase with rust and white flowers and stack of books for fall decor

Ideas For Coffee Table Decorations

Coffee Table Décor

White pumpkins in a cloche and a

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