How To Refinish A Coffee Table

How To Refinish A Coffee Table – Our family has a long history with this coffee table. Today I’m excited to share how to refinish a table and keep its character.

This table has been passed down a lot in our family. It was the resting place for five pairs of feet that grew from tiny baby feet to in one case a men’s size 13. It was the dining table for thousands of diners as well as a game table, a coffee table, and a pub table, and a work table. But there was one thing wrong with this table. I don’t like it being so dark and I’ve been wanting to change it for years. I finally decided it was time and I can’t wait to share how to refinish a table farmhouse style.

How To Refinish A Coffee Table

How To Refinish A Coffee Table

Why am I sharing how to refinish a table farmhouse style? I like painted furniture and I didn’t want to sand the table to restore it. I was too afraid of losing the chips and scratches that represent our boys’ childhood. Milk color would allow the chips to stay chippy.

Removing Stains And Refinishing Mango Wood Coffee Table

In case you don’t remember what the coffee table looked like before, here it is. It is a very dark brown and did not look good in our family room.

How To Refinish A Coffee Table

But here lies the problem. The table has a history in our family. The legs of the coffee table have chew marks from when our dogs Speffy and Sport were puppies. The top edge of the table, closest to the couch, has years of scuff marks from the kid’s soccer and baseball apparel.

I didn’t want to refinish our table if it meant losing the character of our table. So I decided to lightly sand the table and paint it with milk paint. I was pretty sure I could sustain the scrapes and bite marks. And the end result would be a white farmhouse coffee table in our home.

How To Refinish A Coffee Table

How To Refinish A Farmhouse Table

I want to leave a message here for my youngest son Michael. “I promise I’ve kept all the character and memories of this table. It looks so much better too and your mom is super happy. I hope you’ll forgive me for restoring the table.

If you look at what our coffee table used to look like below, you can see the puppy chew marks on the legs of the table!

How To Refinish A Coffee Table

A light sanding was all it took to get this table ready for some milk painting. It is important that you sand every surface. Pay special attention to areas that are covered with a lot of paint or any type of paint. You really need to sand these areas well. (A smooth surface does not like milk paint and it can peel off in large pieces if not sanded.)

Refinishing A 30+ Year Old Coffee Table

Once the piece is sanded, wipe it with a slightly damp cloth to remove all dust.

How To Refinish A Coffee Table

Continue to paint all surfaces. it is possible that your furniture will take more than one coat. I painted three layers of paint on this table because it just wouldn’t cover the dark wood!

I like that you can still see all the clamp marks on the top edge of the table.

How To Refinish A Coffee Table

How To Refinish A Table Top, Farmhouse Coffee Table Makeover

There were a few places on the table where I sanded too much. To fix it, I painted more milk paint in the chippy areas and then sanded again very lightly.

On the flip side, if the furniture doesn’t look chippy enough, you can sand the areas where natural wear has occurred.

How To Refinish A Coffee Table

Here is how the finished table will turn out. The polyacrylic finish coat also sealed the chippy surfaces so the chips wouldn’t fall!

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Milk paint automatically produces a quirky color texture that is a perfect “chippy” distressed look. It creates the perfect vintage look for DIY furniture and woodworking projects.

How To Refinish A Coffee Table

No milk paint comes in powder form and will bubble and create a chippy look when it dries. You will also need to cut your piece of wood to remove any paint if you are using milk paint. Chalk paint has a hard smooth finish and you have to sand it if you want a chippy look.

I love the top of the table and it’s the perfect amount of color and the dark wood that shows through. Plus, you can still see the football and baseball cleat marks on the top left!

How To Refinish A Coffee Table

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How To Refinish A Coffee Table

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Refinish A Coffee Table

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How To Refinish A Coffee Table

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How To Refinish A Coffee Table

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How To Refinish A Coffee Table

Would you like to receive an email when I write a new blog post? Register here and you will also have access to all my ebooks, tips and even my Christmas party menus. Old coffee table makeover. We salvaged a glass top coffee table and gave it a major makeover. I’m sharing how to refinish an old coffee table and give it a brand new look! The same technique and makeover ideas can also be applied to other wooden furniture in your home.

How To Refinish An Old Dining Room Table

My living room has been in desperate need of a coffee table for a very long time. In fact, the only piece of furniture that serves as a coffee table is a small outdoor side table that is 18 by 22.

How To Refinish A Coffee Table

So after I found this glass top coffee table on Facebook Marketplace, I couldn’t miss this opportunity. And guess what? I got it for only $10 – definitely a steal!

This coffee table looks quite dated, and a bit wobbly too, but it has great bones. Most of the parts are made of solid wood, which allows me to refine and keep the beautiful wood grains. I also like that it has two drawers that add storage space.

How To Refinish A Coffee Table

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So for this coffee table makeover project, I was clear at first to refinish the wood instead of painting it. This requires some elbow grease, but the end result is worth it!

I just love how this coffee table looks refinished and the wood texture adds instant warmth to our living room.

How To Refinish A Coffee Table

This DIY project is also really affordable. For tools and materials, most of them are very basic, which most DIYers already have on hand – which really brings the cost down.

Diy Painted Coffee Table To Add A Pop Of Colour

It’s always fun to do a before and after of wooden furniture, because the difference can be huge! I think it’s safe for this glass top coffee table!

How To Refinish A Coffee Table

The pre finish was very dark, but not in a good way because it has this red undertone and is also super shiny.

Also, I usually try to keep my living room light and airy, so having a big blob of black furniture will definitely make my room feel smaller (not something I like as a small home owner!)

How To Refinish A Coffee Table

Honey I’m Home: Refinishing A Coffee Table

After this transformation it went from an old looking coffee table to something that looks super modern and stylish – can you tell I’m excited?! ?

I just love this new wood finish. It looks bright, but doesn’t look rough. I also think that although the wood finish is new, it looks like something that has a history, or patina I would say.

How To Refinish A Coffee Table

I recorded my DIY process for refinishing the coffee table into a video. Hope it can

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