How To Make A Coffee Table

How To Make A Coffee Table – After buying a few pieces of furniture, I had a number of large pieces of cardboard left over. Rather than just throw everything in the trash, I decided to make a coffee table with it instead! I wanted to make it quite sturdy, so I thought I would try to shape the cardboard into triangular beams as the basis for the construction.

I had two long boxes that provided most of the material for the table top. I used the width of the boxes to determine the width of my coffee tables, but you can cut yours to whatever width you want. The length of the table is determined by how many beams you can get from your cardboard. Cut the cardboard into sections that are 30 ribs wide. (Your cardboard should all be the same type so you can measure pieces by just counting ribs.)

How To Make A Coffee Table

How To Make A Coffee Table

Draw the pieces in sections that are 8-8-7-7 ribs wide. Fold the cardboard on the cuts, rolling it up into a more or less equilateral triangle, with the two ends overlapping. (The image below shows a cross-section of what it looked like.) Glue the overlapping sections together and you should have a nice, strong triangular tube of cardboard.

How To Make A Midcentury Modern Coffee Table

One large flat piece of box is used for the table top. Lay it on the floor, placing the side you will eventually use for the top, face down. This will give us a nice flat top when we’re done.

How To Make A Coffee Table

You will glue your tubes from the previous step perpendicular to the ribs in the cardboard for the top. Leave some extra cardboard around the edges because we’re going to wrap that cardboard around the edges to finish it off. Glue the pieces with the double-thick side down and just stick them together.

Now we are going to fill in the space between the existing supports with additional pieces. To save on cardboard, we’re not going to make these full of triangles. Instead, we will have pieces that have one side the same width as the original triangles long side and enough cardboard on either side of this to glue it in place. I found that about 4-5 ribs worth was sufficient.

How To Make A Coffee Table

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Now it’s time to trim the top piece and wrap it around the bottom to hold the whole thing together.

The two end edges are finished and notched so that they just fold over the head of the table, giving us some nice edges.

How To Make A Coffee Table

The sides are folded all the way around so that they can be glued to the bottom of the table top. They should stick out a good inch or two so we can glue them on nice and tight. Then trim them so they are flush with the angled edge of the table. To hold the edges in place while the glue dries, I created some makeshift clamps by cutting a notch in some extra cardboard that fits tightly around the piece.

Herb Garden Coffee Table

When it’s all dry, apply a final piece to cover the rest of the bottom. It doesn’t have to be very fussy as it won’t be visible once the table is assembled.

How To Make A Coffee Table

The leg assembly uses the same basic idea of ​​triangular tubes. The legs themselves are made from two 45-degree right triangles glued together to make roughly square legs. It is connected by the skirt pieces which are made of right triangles with one short side and one long side. The exact sizes are all aesthetics, so use your own discretion. This whole thing should end up being an inch or two smaller than your tabletop, so size things accordingly.

Glue the leg pieces together and then glue the legs to the skirt. Build the whole assembly upside down so you get a nice flat ‘top’. (Assuming your floor is relatively flat, that is!) I used an angle where the floor meets the wall to get a good right angle where I needed it.

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All that’s left to do is flip the leg assembly over and glue the top to it. The bottom of the table top ended up being somewhat less than flat, so I used some small pieces of cardboard as shims to fill in some of the gaps.

The final table turned out to be surprisingly strong. I can actually put quite a bit of weight on this with no problem. (Although, because it’s cardboard, it will dent easily.)

How To Make A Coffee Table

You can finish it by painting it or using decoupage or another finish to make it more resistant to water and dirt from use. Welcome to my blog. I document my adventures in DIY, interior and lifestyle. Hope you have a good time!

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Would you like to build your own furniture but don’t know where to start? Do you think maybe you have two left hands or don’t own any power tools? Don’t let that limit you! I teamed up with Gorilla Glue and came up with a super simple coffee table design that involves no sawing or drilling!

How To Make A Coffee Table

The coffee table consists of 28 pieces of square wood that are simply stacked and glued together with Gorilla Wood Glue. It couldn’t be simpler, the only tool you need is a screwdriver to attach the legs to the bottom of the table.

I had the wood cut at my local lumberyard, this is something you can do anywhere they sell wood, it saves you a lot of work and is perfect if you don’t own a saw. I often cut my wood, especially sheet material, the professional saw tables are much more accurate with dimensions than I could ever be.

How To Make A Coffee Table

How To Make A Coffee Table With Lift Top

To make the table, apply a generous amount of glue to a piece of plywood and line your first 7 pieces of wood onto the sheet. The sheet is slightly narrower than your 7 pieces are wide. This is so you have a little overhang and can’t see the sheet when you look at the table. Make sure all the ends of the wood are sanded before you start building your table.

I like the wood ends to be uneven, so I have small pieces sticking out, between 0.5 and 1 cm in a random order. You can widen this length difference for a more dramatic effect or you can line them all up perfectly. I love how the light plays with the slightly uneven ends that create a lovely texture to my table.

How To Make A Coffee Table

To make sure you start with a stable base, wrap your first layer of wood with masking tape and let the glue dry for half an hour.

Diy Coffee Table

When you are done stacking and gluing all the wood you need to clamp the table to hold all the wood in place while the glue dries, I used masking tape make sure the tape is as tight as what you can handle. Allow the glue to dry for 24 hours.

How To Make A Coffee Table

The next day remove the tape and turn the table over, be careful the table will be heavy. Line the legs with the corners of the plywood and screw the hairpin legs in place with your wood screws. Use screws long enough to go through the plywood and halfway through the first piece of wood.

Put the table up so that it is the right way and check with your sandpaper that the sides of your coffee table are nice and smooth. You can oil, varnish or paint your table but I like to keep it that way.

How To Make A Coffee Table

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I love my new coffee table! It only took me an hour to make and then another 20 minutes the next day, super quick and super simple!

Gorilla Wood Glue is very strong so my new table is a solid build and by having the wood cut for you it is a no hassle build. The metal hairpin legs give a nice industrial look to the stacked wood coffee table, I like to keep the metal bare but you can spray paint them a fun color. I think mint green or bright yellow would look really nice.

How To Make A Coffee Table

The slight difference in how I stacked the wood gives the edges of my table a lovely bit of texture, I especially love how the light hits the end and creates little shadows.

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When stacking your wood, be sure to keep the nicest pieces of wood for the top and sides of your table. Hide the pieces with slight color differences from many buttons in the center of your table.

How To Make A Coffee Table

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