How Much Space Between Couch And Coffee Table

How Much Space Between Couch And Coffee Table – Guides, Home Decor & Furniture, How To, Living Room Ideas Coffee Table Dimensions Guide Posted: August 24, 2017 | Updated: July 23, 2020

Are you overwhelmed by the many coffee table height and length options available to you and don’t know how to choose the right one? Are you confused about all the rules you need to remember to avoid getting picked?

How Much Space Between Couch And Coffee Table

How Much Space Between Couch And Coffee Table

One Read on to find out what measurements you should take and what coffee table dimensions are to create a comfortable space for you and your guests.

How To Maximize Your Living Space?

Before you start your search, get out your tape measure. Finding a suitable table requires some measurements. A coffee table in the right scale with the surrounding furniture will keep the overall look in proportion.

How Much Space Between Couch And Coffee Table

However, there are caveats to this rule. The height of your coffee table can be based on the size of other furniture around it or your personal design preferences. For example:

A low height is useful for creating a modern feel, offsetting items in your room, or providing an unobstructed view of another piece of furniture.

How Much Space Between Couch And Coffee Table

Living Room Layout Ideas

A century ago, lower coffee tables were invented and taller tea tables were used for entertaining hostesses. Today, tall living room tables are perfect for rooms with high sofas or if you entertain regularly. The extra inch makes it easier to get snacks and other items to the table.

Coffee tables should measure two-thirds of the length of the sofa. Following this tip will help you keep your coffee table in the right proportion to your sofa, resulting in a more comfortable feel. Again, like other coffee table rules, this is flexible depending on the size of the other furniture in the room and your preferences.

How Much Space Between Couch And Coffee Table

Once you know the correct length and height of your coffee table, you can determine the depth, shape and style of the table.

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Your coffee table size will depend on the amount of room available. If you have a lot of open space in front of your sofa, you may want to choose a deeper table. This gives you more space to display your style and serve snacks.

How Much Space Between Couch And Coffee Table

When deciding on a shape, make sure it fits your furniture and design style. For a room with a lot of space, consider a large coffee table in the shape of a circle, square or hexagon. Thin rectangular and oval tables are suitable for narrow rooms.

Tip: For a family with children, an oval or round coffee table made of wood is a great choice because there are no dangerous sharp corners that children could fall into. Glass tables should also be avoided. Aside from random fingerprints, shards of glass can seriously injure children if they break.

How Much Space Between Couch And Coffee Table

How To Choose The Right Coffee Table For Your Space + A Brass & Lucite Round Up

Once you get your new coffee table home, it’s time to put it in its proper position. The ideal distance is 18 inches from the sofa, leaving plenty of leg space while keeping the table within easy reach. Also, if the table has drawers or cabinets facing the sofa, this space gives you the room you need for drawer access.

Apply the 18-inch rule when pulling chairs apart from the coffee table. Like other laws, this one is not set in stone. 12 to 18 inches of space between the table and sofa has flexibility. Sometimes an ottoman coffee table needs to be moved closer to accommodate someone with shorter legs.

How Much Space Between Couch And Coffee Table

Avoid becoming an obstacle in the room by allowing at least 30 inches of open space between the coffee table and other furniture. In narrow rooms, this space can be reduced to 24 inches.

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Leave 12″ to 18″ of open space between a coffee table and sofa. Allow 24″ to 30″ between the coffee table and the TV stand.

How Much Space Between Couch And Coffee Table

Having all the necessary measurements will make finding the right coffee table a breeze. It will be a perfect accessory for your living room, giving everyone a place to set their drinks. Or support their legs!

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How Much Space Between Couch And Coffee Table

Coffee Table Dimensions And Placement

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How Much Space Between Couch And Coffee Table

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How Much Space Between Couch And Coffee Table

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How Much Space Between Couch And Coffee Table

What Dimensions For A Coffee Table

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How Much Space Between Couch And Coffee Table

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How Much Space Between Couch And Coffee Table

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