Height Of A Coffee Table

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‘How big should a coffee table be?’ is the question on everyone’s lips (slash something that most of us are tapping out of our search engines) recently. And, the answer is that it depends on many variables in your home.

Height Of A Coffee Table

Height Of A Coffee Table

The best coffee tables (opens in a new tab) are not made to measure. Some beautiful pieces are on the small side, other furniture that causes wow comes in wide, and many of the tables we love are long. But there is a science to making a coffee table in your living room.

Centre Table Or Coffee Table

We asked the question ‘What should my coffee table look like?’ and experts, who can give some darn good (worldly) advice suitable for all spaces – small and large.

Height Of A Coffee Table

They recommend several important factors that can influence your decision on the table you choose to put in your living room, taking into account your home design, your current furniture, and how you use this opportunity.

‘We’ve all been there. You bought a big sofa, but now it’s time to choose the best coffee table to match it and maximize your space. How do you decide which coffee table to buy? This can be a difficult task, especially if you’re working in a small space,’ says resident designer Kyle Schuneman, APT2B (opens in a new tab)

Height Of A Coffee Table

Small Low Height Coffee Table

‘If you choose one that’s too big, you’re going to blow your chances. If you choose something too small – especially in relation to your sofa – your living room will look untidy.’

‘Your coffee table should be in proportion to the bed and the room in it. Often, the coffee table is bought after chairs and other furniture, so if you have a tape measure and a calculator, it’s easy to find out. exactly the size you want your table to be.’ says Amber Dunford (opens in new tab), lead stylist at Overstock.com (opens in new tab).

Height Of A Coffee Table

When asking yourself how big a coffee table should be, you should take into account how tall it should be. After all, you don’t want it to block TV shows. And, on the flip side, you don’t want it to be short, you’ll think you’ll have to do a deep squat to get your coffee out of the ground or your coffee maker isn’t visible. So what are the magic rules for making your coffee table work for you?

Extendable Coffee And Dining Table, Adjustable In Height, Grey

‘Your coffee table should be 1-2 inches shorter than the height of your sofa,’ says Schuneman.

Height Of A Coffee Table

‘This is especially important if you like to stretch your legs. It also helps you create a proper, unobstructed line of sight when you sit on the sofa, and allows you to hold snacks and other things on the coffee table. This is the most important measurement when choosing the right size table, so look at the height of the table first.’

The best coffee table is two-thirds the width of your sofa. If you have a sectional sofa and chaise, then the table should be two thirds of the sofa section only. This creates the right look in the room.’ Schuneman said.

Height Of A Coffee Table

Place Multi Use Coffee To Dining Table

If you have a corner sofa with a chaise, we recommend that the coffee table does not stick out in the room more than the chaise. Otherwise, the general rule of thumb is that the size of the room determines the depth of the coffee table. If you have a narrow room, choose a shallow table. If you have a bigger room, you can choose a large square table or even a round coffee table.’

‘The depth of your coffee table should be narrow enough to leave at least 30 inches between the outer edge of the table and another obstacle, such as your TV’s burner.’ Dunford explains.

Height Of A Coffee Table

‘This distance can be great in a large room where you have room to work. If you have another seat on the other side of the table, make sure there is enough space for an adult to be comfortable between the two,’

Unique Mid Century Adjustable Coffee Table By Ilse Mobler For Sale At 1stdibs

‘To find the perfect table for a small room, measure the distance between the edge of your bed and your TV stand, fireplace or another chair. Subtract 30 inches from the scale. Then remove the space you want to leave between the bed and the edge of the table (refer to the next section for the perfect coffee table installation). The remaining balance is the perfect depth for your new coffee table. For larger rooms, just keep in mind the minimum rule of 30.’

Height Of A Coffee Table

‘If you have to leave a little more space on each side of the table than suggested here, that should be fine as long as you can still walk across the room easily. Of course, you should also consider a surface that will be large enough for whatever you intend to keep on the table.’

But, if you are looking for more small living room inspo, we have many tips on how to choose furniture for a small room.

Height Of A Coffee Table

What Is The Average Size Of A Coffee Table?

Of course, if you don’t have a tape measure handy, or you don’t want to do the math, there’s an easier, simpler way to determine if a coffee table works in your home design (open and new .tab).

‘If your feet fall on the table when you sit down, the space is too narrow. If you have to struggle to reach something on the table, it’s too big. The size and shape of your coffee table will also determine its size.’ Dunford said.

Height Of A Coffee Table

The distance from the front of the sofa to the coffee table should be between 12 and 18 inches. Fifteen inches is usually a good place for walking and for sitting.’ Schuneman said.

Choose The Best Coffee Table For Your Space — Timber & Tulip

‘It’s so close, that it can start to feel. Also, you won’t be able to reach it properly when you are eating or finding a remote location. Place the table in the middle of the sofa, so that there is equal space on each side of the table.

Height Of A Coffee Table

‘This also ensures that you will be able to move around the table without changing sides. You will need an unobstructed path between the TV and the table. Otherwise, the space will feel too crowded and crowded. It’s a killer feng shui combination.’

‘Weigh your space, and make sure there is enough space for you and your guests. We recommend leaving about 30 inches of space between your coffee table and other furniture, such as your media stand. Remember that not all coffee tables are rectangular. Think outside the box. Usually, a square, oblong, or round table is best suited to your work space.’

Height Of A Coffee Table

Contemporary Coffee Table

In order to create a cohesive space with a good flow, you will want to choose a table that matches the look of your room. A modern coffee table looks good with a modern design and a leading piece can create a place to reflect, especially in these neutral rooms.

‘Before shopping for a coffee table, it helps to take a basic picture of your current living room so you can estimate the size of the table and its surroundings.’ says Hina Khan, director of content marketing at Society6 (opens in new tab).

Height Of A Coffee Table

‘If you have modern decor, you’ll probably want a smaller coffee table to complement the room, but if you have more traditional pieces, you can move to a larger table. ‘

Minimalist Height Adjustable Rotating Coffee Table

‘Consider appearance when choosing a new coffee table. Instead of settling for a cute rectangular coffee table, think about how a square coffee table, round coffee table, or long coffee table can complement your space.’ Says Nadia McCowan-Hill, resident stylist at Wayfair (opens in new tab)

Height Of A Coffee Table

A rectangular table goes well with a long bed. If your room has a lot of soft lines, consider breaking them up with a rectangular coffee table. The round shape works with short sofas and condensed seating arrangements since long sofas tend to make the round coffee table look smaller. They are a good choice if you have small children or pets as there are no sharp edges to fall into.’

“If traditional is not your style, free coffee tables are for you. Geometric shapes, such as modern triangular, hexagonal, and semicircular coffee tables (opens in new tab) will look good in three situations sweet and unusual. If you prefer a more casual look, your everyday coffee table can fit into your space like a sculpture or a work of art. We recommend the free model if Your home has a modern, sophisticated look.’

Height Of A Coffee Table

Mid Century Modern Adjustable Height Coffee Table By Opal Kleinmobel

Ask yourself the question ‘How big should my coffee table be?’ Another thing you may want to think about is the main purpose or function your coffee table will have. While a gold coffee table is a poor choice to showcase a modern coffee table decor, a black coffee table can be an elegant choice to double as a WFH chair.

‘If you

Height Of A Coffee Table

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