Gray Malin Coffee Table Book

Gray Malin Coffee Table Book – As part of the Gray Malin team, our mission is to ‘make every day a holiday’, so we’re always looking for new ways to make our daily escape home. Of course, we’ve decorated every room and wall with our favorite prints from around the world, but there’s always something new to be inspired by when flipping through the pages of a stunning coffee table book.

Oh, and did we mention that gift-giving season is officially here? You heard that right… We’re brainstorming ideas for what to gift our friends, family, and coworkers this holiday season, and if you ask us, a good coffee table book never disappoints. Whether your loved ones are interested in travel, fashion, interior design, or pop culture, there’s something for everyone on this list, and we’ve tried our best to tackle each one for you. Keep scrolling to check out ten coffee table books to gift to friends and family this season (okay, maybe a gift to ourselves to add to our own coffee table). Here we go…

Gray Malin Coffee Table Book

Gray Malin Coffee Table Book

If you want to relax every day in the comfort of your own home, make room on your coffee table for Grace ESCAPE. Documenting everything from surfing, snow, pools and parks, this collection of Grey’s most amazing prints will suit any taste and help you escape when you need it most.

Best Inspiring Coffee Table Books To Get Or Give This Upcoming 2019

For anyone with an endless fascination for fashion and old Hollywood, Slim Aarons: The Women is a must-have. This coffee table book features some of the most iconic women of our time, such as Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, and the women who most influenced Slim Aarons’ career. This is the perfect page for those who are in love with high society and the glamor of the good life.

Gray Malin Coffee Table Book

If you’re inspired by the melting pot of America (and New York in particular), this collection of photos and personal stories is one you’ll need to add to your collection. Not only is Stanton’s work beautiful and captivating, but the stories that accompany them will make you laugh, cry, and put a smile on someone’s face.

This coffee table book from the editors of home magazine, domino, shows you how to define your personal style and bring it to life to make your space just right. Along with all the space you’ve been longing for in your favorite home magazine. If anything, pick this up to see some of the coolest and most inspiring spaces we’ve seen in a long time!

Gray Malin Coffee Table Book

Beaches By Gray Malin By Abrams Online

As crude as it may seem on the surface, Blunt’s content couldn’t be more interesting and personal. The book features over 145 images from film, music and more, all captured in Nigel Parry’s intimate photography style. From actors like Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan to designers like Tommy Hilfiger and musicians like 50 Cent, Blunt is a whole new look at some of our most famous public figures.

Another of Gray’s collections, PEACHES, is full of her gorgeous beach photos that have mesmerized us over the years. From the vibrant beaches of Miami to the rocky shores of Capri and the tranquil sands of Bora Bora, PEACHES makes a gift that will delight any beachgoer.

Gray Malin Coffee Table Book

Whether you’re an interior design expert or just admire a well-designed space, you’ll love flipping through the pages of The Big Book of Chic. These chic and eclectic spaces by Miles Redd are bold, full of personality, and endlessly inspiring (not to mention just plain fun to browse!).

Chic Places: Gray Malin’s Italy Coffee Table Book

If you love living by the seaside as much as we do, you’ll be instantly drawn to our collection of beach-inspired designs. The book explores the dreamiest getaways of influencers like Donna Karan and Giorgio Armani, and even stops at one of our favorite destinations: Martha’s Vineyard.

Gray Malin Coffee Table Book

If you love time travel and marveling at the lives of the elite from all over the world, you’ll love this art book. Slim Aarons: Once upon a Time documents the lives of the rich and famous in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s through Slim Aarons’ beautiful and vivid photographs, inspiring nostalgia and inspiration for every reader.

Do you love the Hamptons as much as we do? Look no further… What you see is what you see when it comes to this coffee table book! The Big Book of the Hamptons showcases everything we love about this beautiful vacation, from inspiring architecture to beaches, pools, gardens and more.

Gray Malin Coffee Table Book

Best Coffee Table Books With Style & Substance

Which of these coffee table books will you add to your wish list? Whether you’re picking one up this season or gifting it to a friend, these picks are sure to make a splash on your coffee table. Here’s to kicking off our season of giving…

This site uses cookies to enable better navigation. By closing this banner, scrolling this page or clicking on any of its elements, you consent to all cookies. See our Cookies Policy to learn more and change your preferences. If you ask us, the art of coffee table styling is an endeavor by many and few hit it out of the park. A coffee table is often the centerpiece of any living room, office or lounge, and the difference between a hit and a miss can be as small as a few trinkets and treasures. So how do you create an Instagram-friendly table? That’s the question we’ve been asking ourselves, luckily for our resident design expert and contributor

Gray Malin Coffee Table Book

If you’re wondering what items to choose for your coffee table, how to arrange them, and which ones to highlight, read on for the following coffee table styling crash course. Trust us, with just six simple tips you’ll have a head-turning coffee table in no time… Go for it, Kate!

Coffee Table Books, Edition One

There are a million schools of thought when it comes to coffee table styling. Decorating a coffee table isn’t that scary, I swear, and I’ve done hundreds of coffee table photo shoots over the course of my design career. So sit back, relax and get ready to soak up some golden coffee table knowledge. Below I’ve put together my six tips and tricks for getting the perfect Instagram-worthy coffee table vignette every time, so read on for a little Coffee Table Styling 101…

Gray Malin Coffee Table Book

On average, I use about 10 perfectly sized coffee tables as a base to style a client’s coffee table. Place the larger (less) ones at the bottom and leave the most beautiful and attractive ones. (Ahem, Beaches or the eagerly awaited ESCAPE

…EVERYTHING. A coaster serves a practical and stylish purpose by displaying your favorite miniatures or vintage finds, while also allowing them to be quickly removed if you need to clear the table for entertaining. Podmos also adds structure and grounds tabletop items that can be mixed with books and pottery. #trash

Gray Malin Coffee Table Book

Beautiful Coffee Table Books: Interiors, Travel, Entertaining, Fashion & Garden

No it isn’t. Scale the objects you plan to display on your soon-to-be coffee table. (Nothing creates clutter faster than a large collection of little pigs.) For balance, vary the size and visual weight of items on display, and group similar objects together or group them together. #this is your friend

Think of your coffee table vignette as a cityscape. When everything is at the same eye level, nothing is noticeable. To create an eye-catching vignette, vary the height and scale of your objects, and remember that a little height on the coffee table can be a good thing, so don’t rule out tall vases and the like. #sky’s the limit

Gray Malin Coffee Table Book

This rule suggests that things are inherently funnier, more satisfying, or more effective when they come in threes than any other number. don’t believe me think about it. Three-piece suits, rock-paper-scissors…Hansen Brothers. So get some advice from a pro and remember to style the group of three and get “mm-bop”. #mmmbop

Beautiful Beach Puzzle

Pop with the scent of fresh greens, flowers or succulents. Adding plants or flowers will keep the table from looking old and sad. Switch them out every week and play with color and texture. Plus, it gives you an excuse to browse the peonies at Trader Joes or take an impromptu trip to your local farmers market. #stayinalive

Gray Malin Coffee Table Book

When in doubt, remember that more is more when it comes to coffee tables (and shoes). More funny objects. More vintage pottery. More books and landscaping. You know, Coco Chanel used to say that before leaving the house, you should look in the mirror and get something.

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