Fire Pit Coffee Table Outdoor

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If you’re lucky enough to have a backyard and want a centerpiece for your outdoor space, you’ll want a fire table.

Fire Pit Coffee Table Outdoor

Fire Pit Coffee Table Outdoor

The best fire tables add warmth and ambiance to your garden or patio, providing a space to gather with friends and a source of heat for movie nights or outdoor dining.

Little River Outdoor Wicker Seating With Propane Fire Pit Table, 4 Piece Set

The best fire tables are larger than a hearth and use a hidden fuel tank (usually propane) connected to a burner to operate, rather than burning wood. The tank is hidden under the table and connected to the burner through a hose.

Fire Pit Coffee Table Outdoor

To start the table, press the button on an electric starter and turn a dial to control the intensity of the flame. If you’ve ever used a propane-powered grill, you’ll be familiar with the process.

There are many factors to think about when choosing the right fire table for you; below are the most important ones, which we considered while researching this list.

Fire Pit Coffee Table Outdoor

In 3 In 1multifunctional Fire Pit Table Metal Square Patio Firepit Table Bbq Garden Stove With Spark Screen, Cover, Log Grate And Poker For Warmth, Bbq And Cooling Drinks Xh

Size: Fire tables come in either a square or rectangular shape, and the ones we’ve chosen for this guide range from 28 to 56 inches in length. We also made sure to include square and rectangular options. Fire tables are bigger than fire pits, but you don’t have to take up space in your backyard to store wood, which can be unusable for a while after it rains. Instead, you can light the table in a couple of minutes and be ready to go out with the guests.

Durability: Fire tables are large and quite heavy, which means you’ll probably keep them outside for one or more seasons. We made sure that the fire pit tables we chose were designed with materials that should withstand some rain or come with a cover.

Fire Pit Coffee Table Outdoor

Heat Production: In the United States, heat from flames is measured in BTUs (British Thermal Units). The fire tables we’ve chosen range from 38,000 BTU to 65,000 BTU, which is plenty to keep you warm when you’re around the fire.

Outdoor Greatroom Montego Crystal Fire Pit Coffee Table With Balsam Wicker Base

Tank Storage: All fire tables in this guide have a space to place the feul tank under them and come equipped with a tube for easy attachment. Note that you will have to get the feul tank separately.

Fire Pit Coffee Table Outdoor

The 43-inch table is made of a water-resistant rattan that Grand Patio says won’t wash out after being exposed to the sun. The frame of the fire table is made of rust-resistant steel and the top tiles are made of ceramic material.

This fire table produces up to 45,000 BTUs of heat from a single burner, which can be hidden by the tiles when not in use. That level of power means this fire table will be able to comfortably warm five or six guests seated around it.

Fire Pit Coffee Table Outdoor

Diy Concrete Coffee Table (with Cooler & Firepit)!

We love that this fire pit table doubles as a coffee table or card table when it’s not lit, and we have only one real complaint: it doesn’t come with lava rocks, beads, or windshields. You can get these accessories separately, but we prefer to see them as a package.

If you’re gardening on a budget, you won’t find a better buy than the Bali Outdoor Gas Fire Table.

Fire Pit Coffee Table Outdoor

The 28-inch fire table produces heat up to 50,000 BTUs, which matches the power of tables that are significantly larger. If you’re hosting a bunch of people, you won’t have to huddle around this fire table to feel the warmth. Bali Outdoors doesn’t go into detail about the materials it used for this fire pit beyond saying the burner is stainless steel, which is our only significant complaint.

Garden Firepit Concrete Gas Fire Pit Propane Fire Table Outdoor Garden

Another thing to note is that Bali Outdoors does not include any accessories, including a cover, with their fire table. This is easier to forgive when you consider the sub-$200 price tag of this fire table. If you want those accessories, Amazon is offering a discount on both a cover and windshield if you get them at the same time as this fire table.

Fire Pit Coffee Table Outdoor

If you want a basic and powerful fire table for your backyard, you can’t go wrong with this one from Bali Outdoors.

If you are looking for a fire table that offers a more elevated experience, Outland Living has just the right one.

Fire Pit Coffee Table Outdoor

Outdoor Fire Pit Coffee Table

It’s 44 inches long, 32 inches wide, and 23 inches tall, which puts it in the mid-range size class compared to other fire tables in this guide. It is made of weather-resistant resin wicker and a 0.3-inch black tempered glass plate. The single burner on the hearth table is made of stainless steel that produces flames of up to 50,000 hot BTUs, and its handles and dial are made of chrome.

These luxe materials were designed to withstand a few storms, which is good because Outdoor Living doesn’t include a cover. It also doesn’t include a wind shield or glass cover, although all three are available separately. The company includes a 15.5-pound “Arctic Ice Decorative Glass Rock Set,” which matches the unique look of the table.

Fire Pit Coffee Table Outdoor

Like the other fire tables in this guide, this one runs on a propane tank that weighs up to 20 pounds. It is located in a storage compartment accessible by removing most of the left side. Unlike those other tables, Outdoor Living left the place hollow enough to have extra storage space; looks big enough to hold a second propane tank.

Paradise Trail Fire Pit Table Ivan Smith Furniture

This table was also designed to work with a natural gas line (a conversion kit is sold separately), so you may not even need a tank if you are installing this table in a more permanent position. Outland Living included this fire table with a pair of torches, which fire 1-pound propane tanks. There is a storage space at the base of each torch to hold the tank, so you’ll be safe. If you have a bigger space and, like the idea of ​​getting a home, you might be able to upgrade over time with optional accessories, this one gets our recommendation.

Fire Pit Coffee Table Outdoor

The Akoya Outdoor Essentials Concrete Fire Table is a piece of furniture that will likely become the focal point of your entire backyard.

It’s just over 50 inches long and is made of fiber concrete and steel that Akoya says has been painted with a durable finish. It has a heat output of 50,000 BTU and can run on a propane or natural gas tank (conversion kit required).

Fire Pit Coffee Table Outdoor

Gas Vs Wood Burning Fire Pit: Which Is Better For Your Outdoor Space?

We love the modern aesthetic of this fire table, which will match any of your garden furniture. It doesn’t feel like it’s part of a specific theme (a cabin, for example), which is a definite plus. It’s also great that the table comes with colored glass, a protective cover and a concrete cover instead of requiring you to get them separately.

This is a luxury option, but in line with other statement furniture pieces. The materials are certainly more substantial (not to mention flame resistant) than rattan. If you’re redoing your entire backyard or planning to host a lot of parties this summer, the Akoya Outdoor Essentials Concrete Fire Table is our recommendation.

Fire Pit Coffee Table Outdoor

Unlike our other options, this Best Choice Products fire table separates the propane tank from the table. The propane tank sits next to the table, discreetly hidden under a matching cover that doubles as a side table for drinks or snacks.

Fire Pits That Will Upgrade Your Backyard

The fire itself is on the small side (a 35-inch square), making it a good choice for compact patios and decks. Still, despite its size, the fire puts out a solid 40,000 BTUs of heat, or enough to keep a few people happily warm.

Fire Pit Coffee Table Outdoor

We also think the Best Choice table looks great – it’s simple, modern, and features some colors to match your patio furniture. Plus, an included case should keep it looking good for a while.

Want to bring that cozy fire inside? Get this Ark 40 fire pit table from EcoSmart. Runs on natural gas or propane for outdoor installations or bioethanol for low-efficiency indoor use. If you choose to use it outside, definitely go for propane, which the small fire will turn into 65,000 BTUs of heat.

Fire Pit Coffee Table Outdoor

Best Fire Tables For Your Backyard Or Patio

Power and fuel versatility aside, we think the Ark 40 does very well in the looks department. At 40 inches in diameter, the smooth, round design is stylish in almost any setting, and three color options let you customize the look to your liking. The fire table can also be equipped with a glass curtain, which is sold separately.

Here’s another great option from EcoSmart: the Manhattan 50 fire table. Like the Ark 40 before it, the Manhattan 50 runs on propane, natural gas, or bioethanol for indoor use. It also has an equally powerful output of 65,000 BTU (with propane or natural gas) and 20,000 BTU with bioethanol.

Fire Pit Coffee Table Outdoor

One of our favorite features with the Manhattan 50 is its half fire, half coffee table design. This clever construction means it can replace your current outdoor coffee table, as you will still have

Propane Fire Pit Coffee Table

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