Farm House Coffee Table Set

Farm House Coffee Table Set – Nothing brings a large room together like a nice coffee table and we are inspired to share with you today a few projects that we think are really cool. Below you can find details about a few DIY farmhouse coffee table projects that are very easy to build as well as eye-catching each in their own unique way.

They play around with different styles and different ratios and as with any DIY project, it’s all customizable and adjustable.

Farm House Coffee Table Set

Farm House Coffee Table Set

Farmhouse coffee tables are not very dressy or slender. Instead they are rather chunky but that is definitely part of their charm and style. This special design makes it as much as you can see for yourself. The first step of the project is to build the base panels which include these decorative X panels that add detail to the whole thing.

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Once the groups are done you can go ahead and connect them by putting the bottom base after that it’s time to assemble and install the top, finishing the structure of the table. At the very end you can work on that beautiful distressed finish that is featured on the dashboard.

Farm House Coffee Table Set

Another thing that you can add to your living room is a coffee table. It is a unique feature that differs from the typical coffee table and is designed to sit behind a sofa or couch. They are a great way to add some extra storage to the room or to break the schedule by creating a border and to add texture to the decor. At the same time, the table can work as a space divider. There are many beautiful farmhouse designs to choose from and quite a few that are both eye-catching and budget-friendly. You can find a lot of inspiration in these examples from the small market.

Farmhouse coffee tables don’t have to look perfect. In fact, imperfections make it look authentic and add extra charm to the design. This special project from yesterday is a really nice example. This is a solid wood table with a simple and rustic design and versatile dimensions.

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It has a very handy lower shelf where you can store extra blankets, books, newspapers and other items and a natural finish. At the same time, the table is easy and cheap to build which makes it a great DIY project even for a beginner.

Many farmhouse tables have this basic X shape so you might think this is a defining feature for this particular style. On that note, there’s another project we want to share with you and it’s featured on shanty-2-chic. We really love the angles in this design and the fact that even though it looks rustic the table still has clean lines often associated with modern furniture.

Farm House Coffee Table Set

Instead of the X-shaped design, this farmhouse coffee table has a different use but just as beautiful and beautiful look. The project featured on chasingdaisiesblog does not include a tutorial on how to build this table from scratch but is a remodeling project showing the transformation of a used but otherwise beautiful piece of furniture. After some sanding and dirt, it has a whole new look.

Farmhouse Coffee Table [beginner/under $40]

There’s something about the sturdy and chunky designs of farmhouse coffee tables that make them really fun and easy to live with. That is actually typical of rustic furniture pieces in general. If you follow this tutorial from the instructions, you can see exactly how the whole building and design process goes and how the table is put together piece by piece until it’s all finished and ready to be stained and painted.

Farm House Coffee Table Set

An interesting idea is to try and mix a few styles and create something interesting. A perfect example in this sense is a project found on shadowsofblueinteriors. It shows how to make a modern farmhouse coffee table with a really nice herringbone design on top. The design is, as you can see, less chunky than most of the others on this list. That allows the table to look more lightweight and more modern.

You can also make a nice farmhouse coffee table that is smaller than your typical one, in case you are short on space or if you also want to use it as a side table or accent piece. Like many other designs, this one includes a storage shelf below which can also be used for display purposes.

Farm House Coffee Table Set

Original Handmade Reclaimed Wood Farmhouse Coffee Table

It also has these X panel details on the sides that give it more texture and more character. If you want to find more details about this simple build you can check out the edit.

Wooden columns can make very cool legs for a farmhouse coffee table which is a good design principle if you don’t want to go with any other common or traditional designs. You can also include a useful storage shelf below and it will connect the posts in a natural way. You can also raise the base as shown on itsagrandvillelife just to make the table look a little heavier.

Farm House Coffee Table Set

It’s not just coffee tables that look comfortable and charming in farmhouse style but all kinds of other furniture pieces as well. For example, this is a beautiful farmhouse side table which can also function as a night stand. It’s very easy to build and doesn’t use a lot of resources plus it looks very stylish and a lot of details for such a small thing.

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You can customize it with nice pulls of knots and you can also try a combination of painted and stained wood for some variation. Check the manual for more details.

Farm House Coffee Table Set

Having some kind of storage integrated into the coffee table is very convenient. The Carnes table offers two different options. It has a large open shelf at the bottom which can hold books, magazines and many other things and it also has three small drawers at the top for various personal items etc. As a whole, the table is simple and elegant and has a farmhouse-inspired design with a casual beach vibe.

The design of Kilinowski’s coffee table is both elegant and casual, featuring a combination of farmhouse and classic accents. It is a strong and manufactured wood and has a beautiful and rich finish that gives it a very strong look. The legs are beautifully placed and have a nice silhouette. The table also has two drawers which are ideal for storing remote controls and many other things and keeping them accessible on the go.

Farm House Coffee Table Set

Coffee Table 45cm Tall, Handmade From Reclaimed Wood, White & Grey Shabby Chic Colour, With Hairpin Legs

Seeing a table with sliding barn doors on it is uncommon. However, they make a lot of sense in a rustic or farmhouse-inspired design like this one. The Rosa table is solid wood and has a rectangular shape. It provides a generous storage space inside which can be accessed easily by sliding the doors open and positioning them in the most convenient way.

Oval tables, in general, are not very common which makes this really special. On top of that, it also has a very beautiful and graceful design. The Adagio table is a piece of furniture that is both functional and purposeful and a beautiful focal point. It is made from solid pine wood and has an elegant white finish with distressed accents for a retro look. The top is supported by a series of curved legs which are connected in the middle.

Farm House Coffee Table Set

The Westerberg coffee table has an interesting geometry. It is made from a combination of solid and manufactured wood and has a round top supported by a total of six turned legs. There is also a shelf below which connects all the legs and provides storage for books, magazines, remote controls and other similar items. You can expect this table to look good in a traditional living room but also in areas with rustic or farmhouse decor.

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Most of the coffee tables are solid and bulky but that is not really the case here. The Nadell table has a slim look and a lightweight feel even though it is not significant in size. It has a square shape with a flat top and a generous bottom shelf for storage. The frame is slim and there is also a nice contrast on the colors and finishes used for the top and the rest of the table.

Farm House Coffee Table Set

Magnum table is also quite slim-looking. It has a simple design with a square top and a large open shelf below and is made from a combination of solid and engineered wood. The distressed finish gives it a retro and farmhouse inspired look which makes it stand out and gives it a lot of character. There are other endings.

There are many different ways to add storage to a coffee table. As you have already seen, open shelves below the table are common and examples are also a good option. Mikesell’s table suggests a completely different concept. This is a trunk-style table with a series of

Farm House Coffee Table Set

Diy Farmhouse Coffee Table Plans Woodworking Plans Diy

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