Diy Coffee Table With Storage

Diy Coffee Table With Storage – Having a coffee table next to the sofa seems like a no-brainer. Although small tables are also a solution, a coffee table certainly makes gatherings more comfortable. If you’re thinking of making one yourself, here are some great DIY coffee table tutorials that I hope you’ll find extremely helpful!

Concrete and wood furniture looks so classy yet modern, don’t you think? Check out my free plans for this amazing concrete and wood coffee table and visit Sarah at The Created Home for the tutorial.

Diy Coffee Table With Storage

Diy Coffee Table With Storage

Wood and steel is another fascinating combination for furniture, especially if you like a rustic industrial feel. I collaborated with Ashley and Whitney from Shanty 2 Chic and it turned out great!

Industrial Coffee Table

Shelly from was kind enough to share the details of her rustic industrial coffee table, and the good news is that you can make it for around $100.

Diy Coffee Table With Storage

This rustic storage coffee table looks very functional, and since it’s easy to assemble, it might be worth a try if you’re a beginner.

I am amazed by the wonderful wood defects of this rustic coffee table made of sycamore wood slabs. However, these hairpin legs are a nod to Mid Century Modern, which is brilliant!

Diy Coffee Table With Storage

For Extra Storage Space: Sauder Dakota Pass Lift Top Coffee Table

Convertible furniture is one of the smartest solutions for small homes, and this DIY coffee table doubles as a full-sized table. Exciting, right?

Balustrade coffee tables look so elegant, but where do you actually buy railings? Fortunately, the original post covers this, making this project more doable.

Diy Coffee Table With Storage

This Terrazzo style coffee table looks like it will brighten up your living room and is quick to put together to keep you busy on a rainy afternoon.

Diy Coffee Table With Hidden Storage

Let’s face it, this extendable coffee table is practically a work of art. If you like to play board games, then you definitely want to do this.

Diy Coffee Table With Storage

A wood-sliced ​​table top and hairpin legs are definitely a winning combination, and this cabin-chic coffee table couldn’t be more stunning.

Since we’re still in the rustic department, check out this tree stump coffee table. I think it’s very unique and attractive!

Diy Coffee Table With Storage

Darby Home Co Borquez Wheel Coffee Table With Storage & Reviews

Terrariums are very popular in home decoration, and the truth is that they are very beautiful. This coffee table actually contains a terrarium, which is quite clever and certainly an eye-catcher.

If you like chunky coffee tables, this project is your best bet. This lattice beam coffee table is sturdy and perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Diy Coffee Table With Storage

Simple is classy! This round coffee table has a plywood top, so it will be light enough to be easily moved.

Wonderful Diy Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table

Here’s a basic coffee table design that you can customize with an extra bonus: those little castors on the bottom that make it super portable.

Diy Coffee Table With Storage

You know I’m a fan of concrete furniture, so I’m definitely in love with this one. Brittany keeps things simple by using concrete decking on top and provides free and easy-to-follow plans.

This farmhouse coffee table can easily be transformed with a different paint or stain, but if you want to get the original farmhouse look, the tutorial has full details.

Diy Coffee Table With Storage

Build A Coffee Table With Storage (ikea Hack)

Pallet furniture is so fascinating. You can take some plain pallets and turn them into something great without much fuss. This beautiful pallet coffee table also belongs to these lines.

This sharp coffee table looks too good to be true. But it’s 100% real, doable and remarkable.

Diy Coffee Table With Storage

If there’s one thing I appreciate, it’s furniture with hidden storage. Even if you don’t use it, it doesn’t hurt to have it. This basic project includes free plans for a storage coffee table that is perfect for beginners.

Smool Mid Century Modern Retro Coffee Table With Storage Drawer, Wooden Finish, Rustic Brown

Furniture that shows off the beauty of wood grain has a certain appeal, and this chunky coffee table proves my point. What’s more, it’s an extremely robust construction that kids or pets won’t be able to tear apart. Welcome to the fourth and final week of my four-week DIY series with RYOBI Power Tools! Today I’m beyond excited to throw in my next functional project – my DIY wood coffee table with hidden storage! Now not only can you find the full project tutorial on YouTube, but you can also fund RYOBI Nation’s free printables! Don’t forget to enter to win some power tools too!

Diy Coffee Table With Storage

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I’m so excited to share this tutorial with you, as it’s easily my favorite build in this entire series!

Diy Coffee Table With Storage

Unique & Rustic Diy Coffee Table Ideas

Living in a small space can be difficult – that’s why it’s so important to have functional furniture like this coffee table! Now we can pretend we don’t live in a studio and hide all our embarrassing messes when friends come over!

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Diy Coffee Table With Storage

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I could be wrong, but I think the most frequently replaced piece of furniture in our home is our coffee table.

Diy Coffee Table With Storage

When we first moved in, the only thing we used was what we had, which was a cheap and bland Ikea table. Not long after, I built my first coffee table. It didn’t take much woodwork. I built it from galvanized pipe and frame boards on top. This is one of my favorite builds to date and still one of our most popular DIY designs!

Then I built a printer’s coffee table. It was inspired by the $1300 version from Restoration Hardware and I built this one for only about $200. It has provided great storage space in our living room for blankets, pillows and other items that we don’t use every day but have easy access to.

Diy Coffee Table With Storage

Vingli 2 Tier Round Coffee Table With Storage

When we renovated our basement, which had a playroom, office, and family room, I built this faux metal and wood coffee table. It fit well in our family room, but we found we needed more toy storage. As our girls’ toy collection continues to grow, so does our storage capacity!

When I designed this coffee table, I made sure to make maximum use of the storage space inside. I was thinking of making it a lift roof, but we have a lift in our living room and if you want to get something out of it you have to take everything off the top and that’s a bit of a pain. With this design, children can open and close the drawer as they please.

Diy Coffee Table With Storage

I purposely designed the coffee table to sit directly on the floor. I didn’t want legs so that legos, goldfish crackers and other small things would get lost under it. I’m tired of getting down on my knees to find my lost baby shoe! These things are crazy small and never seem to stay on babies very long. This solves the problem. 🙂

Diy Storage Trunk

I wanted it to hold up to our kids putting weight on the open drawers so there was no danger of it tipping over. I’ve also seen our kids use our coffee tables as a stage for impromptu performances. If they decide to stand on top of it and belt out their favorite songs, I don’t have to worry about it collapsing or tipping over…heck, I might even be able to stand on it!

Diy Coffee Table With Storage

This coffee table with storage project is easy to tackle with our free plans for the beginner woodworker. This is a small and manageable project that can be completed in a week!

Click the link below to get full access to the closet organizer designs! And while you’re on Kreg’s DIY design site, I’m sure you’ll find many other projects you can build with the Kreg Jig. We needed a new coffee table and had a few requirements. We wanted something with drawers so we could have storage, but without everything being exposed. We wanted a different design than what you usually see, but it had to be easy for the average person. It had to be solid wood, not chipboard like in stores. I think the design ticks all the boxes and we love it. It has a unique color and design that everyone talks about when they see it and it’s practical too! I hope you like it and build it for yourself.

Diy Coffee Table With Storage

How To Build A Diy Modern Rectangular Coffee Table

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