Diy Coffee Table With Pallets

Diy Coffee Table With Pallets – Pallet tables have become popular in recent years as the love of country style furniture continues to grow. Plywood is attractive to DIYers because it’s cheap and it’s raw and imperfect. It has natural weathering, so no added patina is necessary.

There are so many instructions on how to build pallet wood tables of all different shapes and sizes. We have collected the best ones for you to consider. We even have a step-by-step tutorial at the end of the article to show you how to make an amazing pallet coffee table with hairpin legs.

Diy Coffee Table With Pallets

Diy Coffee Table With Pallets

We love this pallet board design from Beyond the Picket Fences. This beautiful picnic table is built from wood from an old pallet and then painted for a colorful and eclectic finished product. We also prefer this one over other designs because the benches are separated from the table, making it easier to get on and off the benches.

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This wood pallet side table from Grillo Designs is the perfect addition to any room! Not only is it stylish, but it also has plenty of storage space for all those books you’re not reading. This tutorial is very clear and takes you through the entire process from purchasing the materials to completing this pallet side table.

Diy Coffee Table With Pallets

We love the look of this simple pallet table with hairpin legs. It is slim in shape and has a rustic industrial style. When you’re done with the table, dress it up with a white tablecloth and candles, or leave it as is for casual dining. It would be perfect in both outdoor and indoor environments. Find the full tutorial on A Beautiful Mess.

This pallet wood nightstand from DIY Huntress is a replica of a more expensive West Elm nightstand. It blends industrial and rustic styles in a way that works with many different room designs. In addition, it has excellent closed storage and open shelving for items that are more attractive to display.

Diy Coffee Table With Pallets

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We love the chevron top on this pallet board DIY from The Merry Thought. This pallet wood coffee table is the perfect choice if you need a table that can withstand the wear and tear of a busy home life. There is also a handy shelf for storing things.

This professional style tutorial comes from Family Handyman. It has a video, cutting list, project plans, and step-by-step instructions on how to build this pallet wood end table. This tutorial may be more difficult for people who have no construction experience. However, the completed project is worth the learning time required.

Diy Coffee Table With Pallets

This is a project from Shelterness for a kids craft or dining room table. It has a white painted base with a dark palette top. It’s a solid design that will last for years of play dough and peanut butter sandwiches. Also, this is a project that the kids can help you build. For example, let them paint the bottom while you finish coloring the top.

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We are excited about this particular table from Remodelaholic. There is an outdoor table with a cooler for drinks in the middle. This is the most perfect party table we’ve ever seen. In addition, it is economical and cost-effective.

Diy Coffee Table With Pallets

Create this inexpensive, modern industrial coffee table with an old pallet and a set of hairpin legs to furnish your living room in no time! This coffee table is perfect for those who love to repurpose, apartment dwellers or those looking for extra storage – the open sides are great for storing books and remote controls! Also, this project is easy and can be completed in about an hour!

Start by changing your board to the size you want. Then saw down to size (or leave as is if your board is already the perfect size for your coffee table’s specs!)

Diy Coffee Table With Pallets

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Remove and replace slats as needed. All boards have different features (and often reuse parts from previous boards) so they can have slats that are further apart or closer together. Next, if the slats are further apart, you can take a piece of excess that you cut off and insert into the open slats as above. Use a hammer to loosen the slats and a crowbar to remove excess nails as needed. Be careful with this step though, as the pallet slats may break when you’re hammering them off if the wood is very dry. Be careful to remove the bars in one piece!

Use some extra slats (or cut some pieces of wood if needed) to reinforce the bottom of the board. Make sure you have two pieces of slats that go across the bottom of the board on each end so you have enough room to put on the hairpin legs.

Diy Coffee Table With Pallets

Attach the hairpin legs by screwing one into each corner at the bottom of the board. Additionally, you may want to pre-drill the holes before drilling the screws into place.

Pallet Table Lookbook With A Diy Pallet Coffee Table Tutorial

Finally, clear the board with one or two coats of varnish. Apply evenly and let dry for a few hours before applying. Sanding down rough spots before varnishing is optional. Here we left the edges rough for an industrial look.

Diy Coffee Table With Pallets

Once the varnish has dried, your new coffee table is ready to enter its new home. Add some books and a centerpiece for display!

This article has given you some useful links for pallet board making. You can also search YouTube for tutorials that show the whole process.

Diy Coffee Table With Pallets

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You should use bichromate screws (yellow in color) for your plywood projects as they are weather resistant. You can also use galvanized nails. However, screws allow you to take your project apart more easily if you make a mistake or need to take the wood apart for another project.

Your list of supplies will depend on the project you plan to do. However, at most you will need a board, screws, a saw and a measuring tool. You will also need sandpaper and paint or stain to complete the project.

Diy Coffee Table With Pallets

First, start by preparing the wood for stain by sanding. Next, agitate the stain and brush it on. Let it dry and recoat until you reach the color you want. Lastly, use some type of sealant such as polyurethane.

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Not all pallets are the same so you should consider what type of pallet you need for the project you are building. Make sure you have the right size and amount of wood for the project. Also, pallets are made from different types of wood, so find a pallet you like before using it for a project.

Diy Coffee Table With Pallets

Most pallets in the US are safe to use in furniture as they are not treated with chemicals. However, try to find the source of the board to be sure. Make sure the boards you use do not have pests embedded in the wood. Pallet wood can also be quite rough. Therefore, if you have small ones, it may be best to sand the wood to remove the veneer.

You can buy pallet wood, but you can also try to get it for free. Check with local grocery stores, furniture stores, and office buildings to see if they have extra pallets they give away. Also check your neighborhood sites like Craigslist and FB Marketplace to see if anyone has a pallet that needs a new home.

Diy Coffee Table With Pallets

Inspirational Ideas On How To Make A Coffee Table With Pallets

There are many sizes, colors and styles of hairpin feet that you can order online. Also, if you want to see the legs in person, your local DIY store should have some options for you to see.

Pallet projects are loved around the world for their style and cheap material cost. Pallet tables are a solid addition to your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Diy Coffee Table With Pallets

While pallet tables are inherently rustic, these projects can be adapted to work with industrial and contemporary designs as well.

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By making a pallet table, you can create unique furniture and improve your DIY skills at the same time! Try one of the amazing projects in our article and surprise yourself with your DIY genius! Do you want a new coffee table? If so, one of these 5 wooden pallet coffee tables might be perfect for you. Reusing wooden pallets into a coffee table makes for such a trendy and unique coffee table, and they are relatively easy. So read on to see which of the 5 DIY wooden pallet coffee tables would be the best for your home.

Diy Coffee Table With Pallets

I love how unique this coffee table is with the addition of “junk”. Follow this link for the tutorial.

The perfect diy wooden pallet coffee table, with shelves for books and wheels for style, it can’t get any better! Head over to Instructables for step-by-step instructions.

Diy Coffee Table With Pallets

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The bright orange (it’s clearly red, but it looks orange in this picture) on this self-made wood pallet coffee table really makes it a beautiful piece. It’s a really cool idea to make a pallet coffee table outside but this coffee table would work

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