Decorative Ideas For Coffee Table

Decorative Ideas For Coffee Table – Coffee table decor is easy to do yourself and really adds personality to your living room. If you’ve always thought you needed a stylist to show you how it’s done, you’ll be glad to know that’s simply not true. Check out these stunning coffee table decorating ideas and you’ll be ready to redecorate your own.

Choosing just two colors for your coffee table decor ties everything together to create a cohesive look.

Decorative Ideas For Coffee Table

Decorative Ideas For Coffee Table

A small living plant is the perfect thing to put on your coffee table. I love this idea!

Marble Coffee Table Design, Style Ideas And Tips

A basket tray is the perfect place to hold your favorite magazines topped with a small vase of flowers.

Decorative Ideas For Coffee Table

These tall orchids tower over the dog statue and I love how the books go so well with both.

The bright red flowers really stand out against the other neutral objects on the coffee table.

Decorative Ideas For Coffee Table

Round Coffee Table Décor Ideas For 2022

I love how this silver skull makes the coffee table edgy. Especially with the spike detail on the edges.

The size and color of these flowers gives the room a romantic impression in combination with candles.

Decorative Ideas For Coffee Table

I love how the bird on top of the books connects to the robin’s eggs in the glass jar.

Coffee Table Decor Ideas And How To Style Them

My house is full of kids and pets so my coffee table is often covered in their stuff. One day I dream of looking like this. Which one is your favorite? Looking for the perfect coffee table decoration? Chances are you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t, so that might be a bit of a stupid question. However, I personally think that decorating a coffee table can be a real challenge.

Decorative Ideas For Coffee Table

Coffee tables vary so much in size, shape and finishes that what suits one may not necessarily suit another. This may mean going through a bit of trial and error before settling on a screen.

Fortunately, farmhouse coffee table decor is still easy to move. So you can easily navigate the screen to see what suits you and your unique style.

Decorative Ideas For Coffee Table

Diy Coffee Table Ideas And Designs (2022)

Common items to play with when styling coffee tables include trays, vases, candles and baskets. Unique antiques or second-hand items can also help make your display stand out. And there are 33 farmhouse coffee table decorating ideas below!

Whether your coffee table is wooden or glass, rectangular or round, this collection is full of inspiring ideas to help make any table look its best!

Decorative Ideas For Coffee Table

Dual colors and textures throughout the room can make coffee table accessories look effortlessly cohesive. Above you can see table marquetry glass found again in a large and small vase. The round shape of the table is also repeated with the basket and candles in the window.

How To Style A Two Tier Coffee Table

Think big! Adding a large piece can make your table a showpiece. This living room is minimalized by using a large pitcher placed in a basket to create an eye-catching display. For coffee tables with lift-top storage (as above), it is best to use only one of the two accessories. This allows you to access the storage compartment without having to move a mountain of items.

Decorative Ideas For Coffee Table

Adding any plant to the coffee table is great to give it a natural feel. In this case, a taller plant enhances the earthy feel of this shabby chic coffee table. Want a hard-to-kill plant? Try a few hardy succulents, peperomia or spider plant.

Outdoor tables deserve to look fantastic too! This sure is with the lush green pothos plant perched on it.

Decorative Ideas For Coffee Table

Coffee Table Styling Ideas

This little bunny looks absolutely serene, relaxing under this vintage coffee table styled with a potted plant. I especially love the lace added under the bowl — it gives the rustic display a softer look and cozy cottage aesthetic

Put several plants on the tray if you have a hard time deciding on just one plant!

Decorative Ideas For Coffee Table

Speaking of trays, they are an amazing addition to any coffee table. A tray can help ground the screen and make it bigger. But apart from that, it also makes it easier to clean the table in one go. If you’re just starting to explore trays, try matching the shape of the tray to the shape of the table.

Top 10 Best Coffee Table Decor Ideas

Try spilling a few items from the tray to make a bigger display. This can help give the collection a sense of movement and ensure it doesn’t feel stiff.

Decorative Ideas For Coffee Table

Color is the easiest way to add contrast between a coffee table and its decor. However, consider playing around with the juxtaposition of finishes. This gorgeous rustic vase from Target set on a brass tray contrasts beautifully with the matte finish of this catalog-turned-coffee table.

Don’t forget the bottom shelf! Consider displaying magazines or books on the coffee table below to fill the space.

Decorative Ideas For Coffee Table

Best Coffee Table Decor Ideas (2022 Guide)

Books are also excellent for the table. They are particularly useful for supporting other accessories such as vases.

Need extra storage or want to hide clutter? Place several baskets on the bottom shelf of the coffee table. Fabric baskets are great because they come in multiple patterns and colors. But wire or metal baskets can also work if you want a rustic or industrial vibe. Want a classic farmhouse look? Go for wicker baskets instead.

Decorative Ideas For Coffee Table

The bottom shelf of the coffee table is also an ideal space for a few extra pillows or blankets. It keeps the sofa clean for everyday use, but leaves comfortable accessories close at hand for movie night.

Coffee Table Decor Ideas For Every Home

Adding textiles such as a coffee table can help make the living room extra cozy. Choosing a runner with colors already in the room is an easy way to ensure it blends in with your decor.

Decorative Ideas For Coffee Table

The white band softens the overall look of this desktop display. But not only does it look great; it also helps protect the wood finish from scratches.

This coffee table gets a refresh with autumn decor. The same stand and tray were used in the last image, but here they take on a completely different look with a pumpkin replacing the vase. Sometimes just replacing one item can make an incredible difference!

Decorative Ideas For Coffee Table

Coffee Table Christmas Decoration Ideas

An elegant autumn table display case that has plenty of warmth. Wood accents and a brown color palette are always choices to create a warm and welcoming display. Throwing a candle or two into the mix never hurts either.

Some of the best table decorations are under $10. Dollar store pieces can often be made to look chic and classy with a little paint. There are also sales and thrift stores teeming with unusual items at great prices. The elegant living room coffee table above uses painted dollar pumpkins, an inexpensive vase, and a deliciously scented fall candle.

Decorative Ideas For Coffee Table

This amazing Halloween coffee table makes things easy with a combination of large and small pumpkins. While orange pumpkins are a classic, white pumpkins can appear more elegant and whimsical.

Coffee Table Decor Ideas To Inspire You

You can always go with an arrangement of orange and white pumpkins if you can’t decide on one color!

Decorative Ideas For Coffee Table

This entire farmhouse living room feels fresh, chic, and well-appointed. I especially love the two geometric glass containers on the wooden coffee table. They are full of decorations and a mini Christmas tree, but the contents can easily be changed for different occasions. For example, you can put eggs for Easter, wool felt hearts for Valentine’s Day, fake or real succulents for spring, etc.

When Santa visits, he’ll love this farmhouse Christmas decoration – I know I do too! The trio of fake Christmas trees on the table is minimal, but adds height to the display. And they infuse it with some holiday magic.

Decorative Ideas For Coffee Table

How To Create An Elegant Look With Coffee Table Decor

The thin, weathered box is filled with a wreath, a raised candle and a few fake trees. If you love these mini trees, but can’t find them in a color you like, or are on a tight budget, you can make DIY mini Christmas trees out of bottle brushes.

Using a table runner and cushion covers in the same pattern is a great idea if you want to add a bold color to the room.

Decorative Ideas For Coffee Table

The right farmhouse vase filling makes all the difference on this proud coffee table. Those piercing red flowers were cut right from the owner’s crape myrtle trees, meaning they were free. Using flowers is a simple and environmentally friendly way to brighten up any table.

Top 7 Best Coffee Table Decor Ideas In 2021

Many coffee tables have gathered items—which can undoubtedly produce stunning results. However, for larger or rectangular country coffee tables, don’t be afraid to spread out the accessories.

Decorative Ideas For Coffee Table

Farmhouse coffee table decor doesn’t have to be in the middle either. Push it to one side to see how it looks (stacking everything on a tray makes this super easy!)

Who needs a break when you have a living room that looks this cozy? A weathered wooden drawer at an angle ensures that the white pot and candle do not go unnoticed on the white coffee table. If your accessories are a similar color to your coffee table, consider using a bumper like a tray

Decorative Ideas For Coffee Table

Best Ways To Decorate A Coffee Table

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