Decorative Boxes For Coffee Table

Decorative Boxes For Coffee Table – I’ve talked many times about decorating with things you love around your home, rotating with the seasons and redecorating again and again. Today’s post is about 3 ways to style a coffee table or ottoman. I had fun trying this one out, using a lot of my favorite pieces.

I’m constantly looking for new and different ways to change things up around our house. It’s like a studio here – I shoot blog posts on a regular basis, always bringing in and rotating different ‘props’ for different stories. My family is used to it now!

Decorative Boxes For Coffee Table

Decorative Boxes For Coffee Table

I recently shared different ways to style a console table– it’s a post full of styling tips that I think you’ll love. Tickle Monkey Decorative Books For Home Decor

When I’m decorating, I’ll always use new accessories that I pick up and add to the mix or add to a new design book. To be honest, I’m stuck in my decorating ways, and sometimes when I really like something, I won’t change at all.

Decorative Boxes For Coffee Table

There are so many ways you can bring your personality into your home. Read on for tips for styling a coffee table that speaks to who you are.

Blue and white is one of my favorites as you all know and I can’t get enough of it.

Decorative Boxes For Coffee Table

Handmade Rustic Luxury Monaco Ivory Bone Decorative Boxes, Set Of 2

Especially with so much available on the market right now – I’m constantly on the hunt for new items to add to my collection.

It’s funny that I didn’t use them as a group on our ottoman until now. But I can tell you, I LOVE this look.

Decorative Boxes For Coffee Table

I could live in a completely blue and white house! Now that we’re in the middle of summer, what better arrangement to use?

No Fail Objects For Styling A Coffee Table

Many of my pieces I’ve picked up here and there, some form vintage stores, some ‘borrowed’ from my mother’s collection, many I’ve picked up in Chinatown, and others from different retailers like HomeSense (or HomeGoods), Pier 1 Imports, or Bombay Company.

Decorative Boxes For Coffee Table

To add dimension and interest and showcase the summer look, I’ve added some coral, sand money and shells.

Not everyone collects blue and white, or has enough pieces to collect like this, but the idea of ​​styling a coffee table like this is to display a monochromatic collection – a group of accessories and vases in the same color palette.

Decorative Boxes For Coffee Table

Coffee Table Décor Ideas To Personalize Your Space, From The Experts

Look around your home and gather items in the same color family – even blue and green can work for this look, as they are both cool colors.

Or, maybe you want to stick to a vibrant palette if you have some brightly colored pieces around your home.

Decorative Boxes For Coffee Table

Whether it’s one color, or two or three, it’s important to group things together for this look.

Gauri Kohli Brown Bermuda Horn Decorative Boxes (set Of 2) Gk61006

Then add three or four other objects to break it up – like I have with coral and other accessories.

Decorative Boxes For Coffee Table

Make sure that if you light a candle like this, don’t leave it unattended, or consider lighting it with children or pets around!

Seriously, this look is so easy to pull off and it works any time of the year.

Decorative Boxes For Coffee Table

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The best part, it looks beautiful when the candles are not lit. Keep the lighting on when it’s just a quiet evening.

Be creative and use what you have…mason jars, glassware – even wine glasses with tea lights can work for this look.

Decorative Boxes For Coffee Table

Mix it with tall candlesticks – I used different metals mixed together, but you can use any type you like.

Decorative Box Vintage Marbled Paper Coffee Table Decor

A small, lower votive is a key element for this look as well. If you don’t have any, use a lowball or juice glass – I know you all have them!

Decorative Boxes For Coffee Table

I didn’t have time to change my thoughts and of course, I was wearing a red t-shirt…try to ignore it if possible!

My final take on how to style a coffee table or ottoman is with your favorite pieces grouped together.

Decorative Boxes For Coffee Table

Coffee Table Decor Ideas To Steal!

I had to use blue and white here, so I started this look with some of my new pieces, like the bowl and the ginger jar.

Bowls, agate bookends, decorative lacquer boxes and small dishes are all things I like to collect and have multiples of.

Decorative Boxes For Coffee Table

Stacking it on top of a stack of beautiful books (designing and decorating books in my case) is a no-fail way to showcase your beloved beauty.

Coffee Table Styling

I use this basic styling trick everywhere in our house and it’s the easiest way to showcase the pieces you love.

Decorative Boxes For Coffee Table

If you don’t have many books, you can use magazines to start – fashion magazines, decorating magazines or National Geographic will make a great statement with those beautiful yellow spines.

Try to keep the look clean and use magazines with thicker spines that are bound like books – not the stapled kind!

Decorative Boxes For Coffee Table

How To Style With The Coffee Table Book

I arranged these overlays in an evenly spaced grid-like pattern, and I covered as much space as possible for a strong visual impact.

You can play around with your color palette – I used black and white, different tones of blue and some green, with a touch of brown – everything is neutral.

Decorative Boxes For Coffee Table

This idea creates a ‘collected’ look of your favorite things. Make sure when grouping items together, you have a cohesive color palette, to avoid a cluttered look.

Table Basse En Acajou Boomerang Brun Foncé

Keep in mind that anything you use will add color – so book tops are something you’ll want to pay attention to.

Decorative Boxes For Coffee Table

Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope you find some tips that you can use on your coffee table! Let me know your favorite looks in the comments below! I also want to know what you want to see…I want to hear all about it! xo

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Decorative Boxes For Coffee Table

Decorative Book Box Sets

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Decorative Boxes For Coffee Table

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Decorative Boxes For Coffee Table

How do you decorate your bedroom for the warmer months? I’m always a fan of switching up my bedding…Add a pop of color to your decor by bringing home this beautiful quatrefoil patterned box. Use this to place on a coffee table or ottoman to house your remote control or keep your accessories organized. Buy a three-box set for 20% off – incredible value!

These boxes are completely handmade and beautifully crafted by skilled artisans hailing from India. The process begins with building a wooden base for the box. Bone fragments, ethically sourced as a by-product, are carefully cut into delicate shapes by several artisans. These chips are then attached in various intricate patterns to the resin, all by hand. The box is finally waxed and polished to bring out the detailed texture and beauty of the inlay work.

Decorative Boxes For Coffee Table

Set Of 2 Grey Boxes

Due to their handmade nature, no two pieces will be the same and slight variations from the image will occur.

This piece is made to order. Please allow 10 days for processing and ordering before shipping. Shipping is usually done via Fedex or DHL and once shipped, most orders take less than a week to ship.

Decorative Boxes For Coffee Table

We accept returns if the product you received is wrong or damaged. For more details, refer to our Returns Policy. I’m sharing all my favorite coffee table decor ideas to help you have a beautiful and functional coffee table!

Coffee Table Decor Ideas And How To Style Them

I am a sucker for beautiful coffee table decorations! When I took a close look at the two coffee tables in our home, I realized that there are five decorating essentials that I use regularly and I’m going to share each of those coffee table decorating ideas with you today!

Decorative Boxes For Coffee Table

I always use a large tray on my coffee table. Always. I love that they keep everything neatly organized and if you want to empty your coffee table to use it to play games or prepare a meal, you can take it all away with a simple lift of the tray. Trays are also a great way to add some texture or contrasting color to keep things interesting.

For our family room coffee table, I used a large 28″ square wooden tray that takes up most of the coffee table but still leaves room for my husband to put his feet up (we keep a designated “leg pillow” for him to do that with – lol!) :

Decorative Boxes For Coffee Table

Multi Colored Decoupage Box Decorative Box Jewelry Box

Source: White tufted corner pillowcase  | Textured gray pillowcase  | Antelope pillowcase  | Fake fiddle leaf fig tree  | Carpet  | A pair of floor poufs  | Acrylic coffee table (similar)  | Black and white striped box (on coffee table)  | Brass crane | White coral (similar)

I had the hardest time finding a large handled square tray that I liked but finally found the perfect one on Etsy. The store I bought it from no longer exists but you can

Decorative Boxes For Coffee Table

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