Decorative Box For Coffee Table

Decorative Box For Coffee Table – I’ve talked many times about decorating with things you love around your home, upcycling and redecorating. Today’s post is about 3 ways to style a coffee table or ottoman. I had fun experimenting with this, using many of my favorites.

I am constantly looking for new and different ways to change things around our house. It’s like a studio here – I shoot for websites regularly, always bring, and turn different ‘props’ for different stories. My family is used to it now!

Decorative Box For Coffee Table

Decorative Box For Coffee Table

Recently I shared different ways to style a video game table – it’s a post full of styles I think you’ll like.

An Italian 19th Century Pietra Dura Casket, Probably Montelatici Workshop, Florence

When I’m decorating, I’ll always use a new accessory I’ve picked up and add it to the mix, or add a new design book. Truth be told, I tend to stick to my decorating methods, and sometimes if I love something too much, I won’t change much.

Decorative Box For Coffee Table

There are many ways you can bring your personality to your home. Read on for tips for coffee table style that speaks to who you are.

Blue and white is one of my favorites as you all know and I can’t get enough.

Decorative Box For Coffee Table

Decorative Storage Box With Black And White Inlay Design At 1stdibs

Especially with the plethora available on the market right now – I am constantly looking for new pieces to add to my collection.

It’s so funny that I haven’t used it as a group on our ottoman until now. But I can tell you, I LOVE this look.

Decorative Box For Coffee Table

I could live in a blue and white house! Since we are in the summer season, what is the best plan to use?

Chessboard Black Bone Inlay Decorative Boxes (set Of 2)

Most of my pieces I’ve picked up here and there, some thrift stores, some ‘borrowed’ from my mom’s collection, many I’ve picked up in Chinatown, and others from various retailers like HomeSense (or HomeGoods), Pier 1 Imports, or Bombay Company.

Decorative Box For Coffee Table

To add dimension and interest and to play up the spring vibe, I added some coral, sand dollars and shells.

Not everyone collects blue and white, or has enough space to put together like this, but the idea is that the style of the coffee table like this is to show a monochromatic collection – a group of accessories and vases in one color .

Decorative Box For Coffee Table

Tips To Style A Round Coffee Table In Your Living Room

Take a look around your home and gather things that are in the same color family – even blue and green can work for this look, as they are both beautiful colors.

Or, you might want to stick to a neutral palette if you have some bright colors around your home.

Decorative Box For Coffee Table

Whether it is one color, two or three, it is important to combine things that are similar to this look.

Ozzio Box Transformable Table

Then add in three or four other things to break it up – like I have coral and other accessories.

Decorative Box For Coffee Table

Make sure that if you are lighting candles like this, don’t leave them unattended, or even think about lighting them with children or pets around!

Honestly though, this look is easy to pull off and can work any time of the year.

Decorative Box For Coffee Table

Brass Decorative Boxes With Green Agate Lids

The best part, it looks great when the candles are not lit. Keep the light on for the evening hours only.

Be creative and use things you have around…mason jars, glass jars – even wine glasses with tea lights can work for this look.

Decorative Box For Coffee Table

Attach them with long candlesticks – I used different metals mixed together, but you can use any kind you like.

Jen Graphic Black Pattern Decorative Box

Small, small selections are key to this look. If you don’t have any, use a small soccer ball or juice glass – I know you all have these!

Decorative Box For Coffee Table

I don’t have time to think again and of course, I’m wearing a red t-shirt… try to ignore it if you can!

My last look at how to style a coffee table or ottoman is with your favorite items put together.

Decorative Box For Coffee Table

Alcott Hill® Columbia Trellis Pattern Storage Book Decorative Box

I had to use blue and white here, so I started this look with a couple of my new pieces, like a bowl and a ginger jar.

Bowls, agate books, decorative lacquer boxes and small dishes are all things I like to collect and have in abundance.

Decorative Box For Coffee Table

Arranging them on top of a stack of beautiful books (design and decorative books in my case) is a fail-safe way to show off your beauty.

Buy Decorative Books With Blank Pages Inside For Coffee Table Decor,shelf Decor Or Table Decor,faux Books For Decoration,farmhouse Accent Decor For Living Room, Entryway Shelf,mantel & Bedroom Night Stand Online In Oman

I use this styling trick all over our house and it’s the easiest way to show off the things you love.

Decorative Box For Coffee Table

If you don’t have many books, you can use magazines to start – fashion magazines, fashion magazines or National Geographic will make an interesting statement with these beautiful yellows.

Try to keep the look neat and use thick magazines that are bound like a book – not the folded type!

Decorative Box For Coffee Table

Cosmoliving By Cosmopolitan, 2 Piece Contemporary Decorative Box Set

I arranged these dots in a regular grid-like pattern, and covered the space as much as possible for a strong visual effect.

You can play with the color palette – mine uses black and white, different tones of blue and some green, with a touch of brown – all of which are neutral.

Decorative Box For Coffee Table

The idea is to create an environment to ‘collect’ your favorite things. Make sure when putting things together, you have a complementary color palette, to avoid look alike.

Style A Coffee Table Or Ottoman 3 Ways

Remember that everything you use will add color – so the main book is what you want to take care of.

Decorative Box For Coffee Table

Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope you got some tips that you can use on your coffee table! Tell me your favorite look in the comments below! I also want to know what you want to see… I want to hear all about it! xo

You must know by now, that I love blue and white. It’s no secret, that’s for sure. Blue and white…

Decorative Box For Coffee Table

Decorative Fake Book Simulation Book Box Multicolor Print Set Coffee Table Book Model Room Hotel Villa Mansion Home Decoration

Happy Thursday! Things around here have been in doubt lately…this summer has turned into a whirlwind to say the least!…

Our dining room, as most of you know, has undergone a minor makeover and while I should have explained it…

Decorative Box For Coffee Table

If you remember, in August, I shared a post called ‘shop myLIVING ROOM’, which marks the beginning of a new series,…

Lyndon Leigh Formosa Coffee Table

UPDATE:  VIEW OUR NEW LIVING ROOM  CLICK HERE Do you remember my post two weeks ago…

Decorative Box For Coffee Table

Today is my first Christmas blog post of the season and I’m so excited to bring you my take…Add a pop of color to your decor by bringing home these cute quatrefoil quilts. Use these to set up a coffee table or ottoman to keep things away or store your accessories. Buy a set of three boxes for 20% off – amazing value!

These boxes are completely handmade and are handcrafted by skilled artisans in India. The process starts with building a wooden frame for the box. Bone chips, which are naturally found as samples, are carefully cut into delicate shapes by many artisans. These chips are glued in various complicated patterns onto the resin, all by hand. Finally the box is polished and polished to bring out the fine detail and beauty of the inlay work.

Decorative Box For Coffee Table

Yves Small Table

Due to the nature of handwork, no two pieces will be the same and slight differences from the photos will occur.

This piece is made to order. Please allow 10 days for processing and ordering before shipping. Shipping is done via Fedex or DHL and once shipped, most orders take less than a week to arrive.

Decorative Box For Coffee Table

We accept returns if the product you received is incorrect or damaged. For more details, refer to our return policy. How to wrap a cigarette box with contact paper for recycling into a decorative remote control for your coffee table.

China Three Book Props Decorative Coffee Table Book Custom Home Decor Books

I swear you could give your baby a million colorful toys with all the bells and whistles, but really, the best toys always end up being car keys, cardboard boxes, and, in our case, remote control. Go figure.

Decorative Box For Coffee Table

But then I had the idea of ​​making a useful place to keep it out of sight and thought, while making it nice and easy for us all the time. (Hey, that rhymed!)

I always find myself stumbling over cigar boxes and jewelry boxes while I eat, so I knew it would be the perfect solution for the remote control on our table.

Decorative Box For Coffee Table

Best Ways To Decorate A Coffee Table

And it’s the perfect little activity for this month’s Trash to Change Tuesday Archive. (You can see more meaningful changes from my bloggers at the end of this post.)

Luckily, I still had some marble contact paper left over from the coffee table earlier, so this cost me about $4.

Decorative Box For Coffee Table

1. Roll out your contact paper first, decorative side down, and place the cigar box in the center of the paper with enough paper on each side of the box to allow for height.

A Dose Of Inspiration

3. Draw a diagonal line in each corner. Then draw a vertical line at an angle and a horizontal line joining up with the diagonal line (shown above).

Decorative Box For Coffee Table

6. Carefully peel back one side of the contact paper (about 1/3 of the way) and place the box on the paper so it stays.

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