Decorative Books For Coffee Table

Decorative Books For Coffee Table – If you’re a Pinterest addict, you can’t escape the “coffee table book” trend. We keep this wonderful book as a decoration on the living room table. It’s to please a loved one or to pimp your interior. Here are 5 must-have books.

For a stunning table book, choose this charming and evocative book by Marc-Antoine Coulon that celebrates Parisian fashion, spirit and chic. Like a colorful walk, we find pictures of famous people. Others are more personal as well as sketches of parades and Parisian places dear to him. In a few brushstrokes, he captures its essence in a very elegant way. Like his claw, delicate and insulting… As usual, we easily recognize his unique style and his precise line in this wonderful illustrated book.

Decorative Books For Coffee Table

Decorative Books For Coffee Table

To celebrate his 30 years of culinary photography, Patrick Ruggiero has taken a ‘freeze frame’ by releasing an anniversary book. The photographer relives his career and describes his encounters with chef friends through his photos. Anne-Sophie Pic, Yannick Alleno, Christoph Michalak… but also his native Normandy… A top-of-the-range book that shows us what is beautiful and good to see. The perfect table book for photography enthusiasts!

Best Coffee Table Books For Decorating

A leader in French pastry, Pierre Hermé made the macaroon a 21st century icon. In this meticulously finished book, he reveals his macaron “bible.” Sixty very detailed and elegantly illustrated recipes. We find great classics

Decorative Books For Coffee Table

And other unusual creations such as hazelnut oil macaroons or strawberry compote. His most recent creations, “Les Jardins” delight gourmets!

Through this book, renowned designer Sarah Lavoine shares her symbolic universe with us. It’s pure, full, vivid colors that are bright enough to evoke joy…timeless with names that last forever. This sensual book reminds us that the way we think about our inner self sheds light on our soul. And defining your style is easy if you’re honest.

Decorative Books For Coffee Table

Coffee Table Books: A Must For Any Table — Sara Smith Interiors

The Big Momma team compiles and unveils the best recipes from its various establishments. In this book we present a total of 130 wonderful Italian recipes reinterpreted and twisted with current sauces. Sicilian arancini, lobster linguine, astonishing black tortelli… gourmet and generous dishes that can be made again and again in moderation for those you love.

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Decorative Books For Coffee Table

We use cookies to ensure you have the best experience on our site. If you continue to use the latter, we will consider you accepting the use of cookies as well as our data privacy charter, which you can consult by clicking here. Well, it’s no secret by now that I love decorating my coffee table with books. They are used for many applications and hence have become a versatile accessory in today’s modern design styles.

Beautiful Coffee Table Books For Gifting And Decorating

If you’re wondering where to buy them other than at an expensive home decor store, I have a few favorite ways to use them that I thought I’d share with you along with this round-up of bulky books.

Decorative Books For Coffee Table

I think of a coffee table book as larger than a regular book, which is why they’re so special in my opinion and why they’re so easy and fun to decorate. Here are some of my favorite ways…

I used them here as a riser to fill the space between the left and right sides of my dresser and to get my accessory up to the right height on my dresser under the mirror.

Decorative Books For Coffee Table

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My friend Tamara of Citrine Living uses them here in stacks and groupings to elevate her accessories and create some drama. Pretty cute, right? You can see her talent and coffee table styling here.

I love how these large books are used in stacks to fill the space on this wall! It’s such a dramatic way to display things along this wall that it creates a main point of interest and a focal point (not to mention a conversation piece).

Decorative Books For Coffee Table

So whether you’re decorating your coffee table, console table, bar cart or any other piece of furniture, a shelf, a tray or making a beautiful stack on the floor, remember that a coffee table book has many uses. Places in home design!

How To Decorate With Coffee Table Books

When choosing coffee table books I look for books that are at least 9-10″ tall so that they have some weight and mass and are large enough to hold an appropriately sized accessory. You never want your accessory to swallow your book so that the book gets lost in your design. And, when I stack my books I like the graduation from the bottom to be no more than 1-2″ shorter than the book below it…if the book or books on top are much shorter than the one below it (it’s fine without it, even the graduation), it’s a well thought out idea. Looks like an afterthought rather than a design.

Decorative Books For Coffee Table

Here are some of my favorite books that I personally use and have my eye on as my decorating budget allows.

I hope you enjoyed my coffee table book round up and my simple tips! If so, I hope you’ll subscribe to the blog for weekly updates from ZDesign At Home! Thanks for stopping by and you can do it here :).We’re collecting our favorite beautiful interior design coffee table books and sharing how to style them in your home!

Decorative Books For Coffee Table

Fake Book Luxury Decoration Fake Coffee Table Books Model Living Room Home Decoration Accessories Faux Livres Decoration Luxe|

I have always been a book lover, so I love decorating with books. And over the past few years I’ve added new coffee table books to my collection here and there. I ask them for holidays or my birthday, or pick and choose when I find something I like.

They are not only beautiful to display but also fun to read. Of course we can all look to Pinterest on Instagram for home inspiration, but it feels so much better to unplug from screens and turn the pages of a book instead. Feel the paper, smell the ink and pour over every little detail. (Can you tell I work in book publishing?? 😂)

Decorative Books For Coffee Table

You can get coffee table books on a variety of subjects, but I love home decor and interior design coffee table books the most!

Luxury Decorative Books Coffee Table Books Luxury Books

Sources: Brass Dragonfly Decor | Beautiful book Enduring Southern Homes Book | Live Beautiful Book | Fake Potted Fittonia Houseplant | Console Table | Console Sneakers | Sectional Sofa | Pink Throw Pillow | Midnight Blue Throw Pillow | Follow Me Canvas Art

Decorative Books For Coffee Table

I also think it’s fun to display beautiful cookbooks in the kitchen, I shared how to decorate kitchen counters. There are some beautiful and practical cookbooks that I love!

If we left “word art” in the 2000s, coffee table books are a cute way to put words into our art, don’t you think?

Decorative Books For Coffee Table

Reasons To Decorate With Coffee Table Books

Styling these lovely books is easy, but here are some ideas to get you started. And just because they’re called “coffee table” books, doesn’t mean you can’t use them elsewhere!

Add 2-3 large books to the console table and add a cute trinket on top. I have a brass turtle that I have been using for years. I got this adorable brass dragonfly to sit on my books this spring and summer.

Decorative Books For Coffee Table

I mean never mind the books on the bookshelf. But they look beautiful against a wall or between bookends.

Beautiful Coffee Table Books To Bring Aesthetic Charm Into Your Home

Sources: Dried Grapewood Branch|Large Pocket Watch Clock|Wood Chain Decor|Brass Turtle|Elements of Style Family Book|More Beautiful Book|Tracery Book|Pinecone Bookends|Blue and White Ginger Jar|Mini Lamp|Faux Fern

Decorative Books For Coffee Table

Decorative books for the coffee table No wonder books look great on a coffee table! Place a box above or next to books to hold remote controls. Add a candle or plant to the mix for a cute coffee table vignette.

And if you have a bigger coffee table than mine, you can add multiple stacks of books too!

Decorative Books For Coffee Table

Decorating With Coffee Table Books

Coffee table books have many more uses: some fun books in the home office, bedroom or playroom. Use them throughout your home for a lovely, interesting layered look!

These books are not only beautiful but also smart

Decorative Books For Coffee Table

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