Coffee Tables With Stone Tops

Coffee Tables With Stone Tops – Upholstering vintage furniture is a favorite thing in my home. In the dining room there is a renovated sofa, bentwood chairs with new velvet seats in the dining room, and a mid-century dresser in the bedroom that has a few coats of paint on the shell cut.

Earlier this spring, the coffee boards on our Craigslist-found table were showing off. It didn’t bother me too much, but my husband Austin wanted to try a concrete surface for a different look. We sanded it and put concrete. It was not a great success. By the next morning the parts had already broken off from the top of the concrete and it didn’t seem like a lasting solution. We removed the concrete floor to find that the wood had soaked in the moisture from the concrete and now looked worse than ever. I’m sure we could have done more research and tried to make concrete, but it was so frustrating that we just started looking for new coffee tables.

Coffee Tables With Stone Tops

Coffee Tables With Stone Tops

One thing we all loved about our coffee table was the design of the legs. Instead of human legs attached to brackets like most tables we saw from the 50’s and 60’s, this one had solid wooden legs attached in the middle. When I started looking at replacement tables, I kept going back to what I liked about what we already had. Austin had the great idea to go to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore and see if there were any rocks that would work as a coffee table instead of getting a new coffee table.

Tapered’ Coffee Tables Stone Top Aluminium Frame

Fortunately, there were 20 pieces of 2-by-3-foot sierra white granite that were just right and $40 each. The only problem was that they were all drilled with 2 inch holes for the pipes. Austin found the answer and off we went. This DIY project was much more doable for us than the concrete surface and we completed it in less than an hour. I hope this project inspires you to rethink pieces in your home!

Coffee Tables With Stone Tops

Place a table on top of it. Use a saw to separate the legs from the top of the seam.

Put the right leg up and slowly sand the bottom of the leg when the top was removed.

Coffee Tables With Stone Tops

Round Coffee Table With Stone Top In …

Place the leg frame where the coffee table will go. Although the furniture and the weight of the stone surface will ensure that the table will be strong enough to be used every day, it will be too heavy to change and move easily into two pieces.

If your stone has a prepared hole that needs to be closed, use a drill with a hole saw that is about 1/4-inch larger than the hole to cut the disc from the hardwood (we used a nut). Use sandpaper to clean the edges and grind the edges until the disc fits into the hole with a little pressure. Place the disc in the hole, place a towel on top and tap it lightly until it settles. Our original idea was to swallow it until it melts with a table top, but we liked the way it looked like it was going up.

Coffee Tables With Stone Tops

Place the top of the stone on the legs with another person and guide it to the center – and you’re done! This site uses cookies to provide and manage your shopping experience. If you want to benefit from this great service, please join. Cookies page.

Halland Coffee Table With Stone Top, 130cm

The minimalist design is made from smooth stainless steel, with a high-gloss silver finish that lends a light air. The beautiful round top is made from natural agate stone, boasting rich earthy tones in contrasting textures. Orange, purple and ocher colors make a great contrast to the cold metal frame.

Coffee Tables With Stone Tops

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Coffee Tables With Stone Tops

Stone Coffee Tables That Add Interest To Your Living Room

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Coffee Tables With Stone Tops

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Aonesy Stylish Coffee Table Sintered Stone Top Metal Frame

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Coffee Tables With Stone Tops

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Coffee Tables With Stone Tops

Alcova Sintered Stone Top Modern Coffee Table, 130cm

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Isabella has a unique talent for creating stunning pieces of furniture with a bold edge using raw materials and textures.

Coffee Tables With Stone Tops

Sophia often uses animal skins or hides and wood and is interested in designing and making furniture. The Vida rectangular coffee table with a crystal stone veneer top is supported by hand-crafted metal in a natural finish. Other Vida stone-top pieces include the Vida Square Stone-Top Coffee Table, the Vida Stone-Top End Table, and the Vida Stone-Top Demilune Console. Vida models are also available with wooden tops.

Riverside Furniture Capri Travertine Top Coffee Table

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Coffee Tables With Stone Tops

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Coffee Tables With Stone Tops

China Luxury Furniture White Marble Top Tea Table Concrete Coffee Table Stone Coffee Table Round Set

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Coffee Tables With Stone Tops

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Martin Visser Design Coffee Table With A Black Stone Top

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Coffee Tables With Stone Tops

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