Coffee Tables And End Table Sets

Coffee Tables And End Table Sets – Check out our favorite round coffee tables to find one that offers the open feeling you want in your living space.

Whether you want to feel like King Arthur at his round table or if you want to ‘collect’ a round of a game of Catan, a round coffee table will keep the energy in your living room circulating.

Coffee Tables And End Table Sets

Coffee Tables And End Table Sets

The reason King Arthur used a round table was because it made everyone equal. With a square table, the corners are dividers, keeping everyone on their own side. (That’s not always a bad thing – we can think of a few siblings who sometimes need their separate corners!) But if you want to create a communal space in your living room, a round coffee table can do a lot of the work legs for you

Coffee Table Set Toba Satin Black & Walnut Oak

What better way to browse around coffee tables than with rounding? Here’s a look at our favorite pieces in a variety of home decor styles.

Coffee Tables And End Table Sets

With its black metal hairpin legs and wooden top, this round Churchill coffee table bears the signatures of mid-century modern design. That said, its minimalist aesthetic can easily blend with other styles, such as modern coastal decor (picture surfboards as wall art) or industrial design (to match those metal pipe shelves you’ve been eyeing ).

The wooden top is arranged in a delicate starburst pattern that draws your eyes to the center of the table, as if to confirm that this design is the perfect focal point for your living room.

Coffee Tables And End Table Sets

Bamboo End Table Set

You can buy this piece on its own or create a complete set with a matching side table and sofa table.

If atoms are the building blocks of life, does that make this atom-inspired coffee table a building block of style? We think so.

Coffee Tables And End Table Sets

Part of the appeal of a round shape is its infinite nature (no hard stops, no rough edges), and this modern coffee table – with its round metal base, interlocking rings, and clear glass top – lets d eyes wrapped around her ad curve. infinite.

Hamilton Coffee Table Living Room Furniture

This table comes as a set with two matching end tables. Besides being a great fit with modern and coastal home decor, this design can help brighten up a dark room with its reflective chrome frame and glass top.

Coffee Tables And End Table Sets

In case you thought a marble coffee table was the only way to add glam to your living room, think again. This dark espresso table has enough sophistication to rival any white marble top. The contrasting metal frame, electroplated in a delicate rose brass, adds a level of boldness suitable for a Gatsby-inspired Art Deco home.

This design also plays well with the lavish Hollywood Regency style, and can bridge the gap between classic and contemporary pieces in a transitional living space. But that highbrow style doesn’t translate into a delicious, elegant coffee table. The engineered wood top is built for durability and split with a subtle starburst pattern.

Coffee Tables And End Table Sets

Round Tray Coffee Table Set

This rustic, industrial coffee table is ready to make itself at home in a modern farmhouse living room. And because farmhouse style is all about family, this set of nesting tables can expand to accommodate your extended clan.

The larger table has an opening in the bottom of its black metal frame so the smaller table can give you more floor space or slide out to create more table space for appetizers, cocktails, or board games for you and all your cousins . .

Coffee Tables And End Table Sets

The curved legs on this glass and metal coffee table add an architectural element to your home decor. The sleek, modern design is reminiscent of modern buildings with a curved steel exterior that reflects the look of waves.

Pc Coffee / End Table Set

The tempered glass top features a black trim around the edge that will tie this piece in with your black leather sectional – creating a living room look that’s not only modern, but polished.

Coffee Tables And End Table Sets

With a solid wooden base and a tempered glass top, this coffee table set is the picture of contemporary style. The table features a tapered silhouette from the back that gets thicker towards the bottom for an extra sturdy base, meaning you won’t have to worry about guests getting noisy around your table glass coffee.

The dark wood base provides an elegant contrast to the light, airy feel of a glass top, and will help tie this piece in with your other wood furniture.

Coffee Tables And End Table Sets

Sydney Coffee Table

The glass top on this elegant round coffee table allows a clear view of the dramatic drum shaped base. The metal base is electroplated in a unique chocolate chrome which – on a sliding scale of iridescent metallic finishes – falls somewhere between classic brass and rose gold.

The elegant metallic color and soft, sloping arches of the metal base will elevate your contemporary glam style. Pair it with a velvet sofa and some intricate candlesticks to complete the look.

Coffee Tables And End Table Sets

These solid wood tables have a tripod base for a silhouette that proves there is style in simplicity. The look of these tables is highly customizable: Add some anchor and sailor knot tchotchkes to create a coastal style, use woven tapestries and poufs for a boho style, or stick to clean lines with black and white photography for a contemporary style.

Coffee Table End Table Set

The set comes with one wooden coffee table and two wooden side tables. You can use them in the traditional way – to surround your sofa – or you can break up the set and use it in several rooms to add some consistency to your decor.

Coffee Tables And End Table Sets

The bottom shelf on this round coffee table is made from a real bicycle tire! The spool and stick pattern is visible through the round glass top, adding visual interest that looks under your coffee table books.

The black metal frame makes this table a good fit for industrial decor, but it also looks at home in rustic, contemporary and eclectic living rooms. This unique style adds a personal touch to any cyclist or mountain biker’s space, and is a great way to bring your personality into your home decor.

Coffee Tables And End Table Sets

C Shaped Coffee Table

This nesting coffee table set can nest together to save space and create an elegant two-tiered table, or it can pull apart to serve as a coffee table, cocktail table, or accent table.

The glam, gold finish sparkles like a chandelier, and the metal frame has a unique design that covers only two-thirds of the glass top, adding visual interest and a practical design element. Since the lip doesn’t go all the way around the table top, you can easily slide heavy cookware on and off when you’re serving hors d’oeuvres in the living room. (And trust us, when your furniture is this glam, they’re definitely hors d’oeuvres and not delicious!)

Coffee Tables And End Table Sets

What if the answer to your round coffee table search isn’t a coffee table at all? A storage ottoman can easily replace a coffee table – and then you won’t even feel guilty when you use it as a footstool.

Della Coffee And End Table Set

Storage ottomans offer space inside to organize your duvet, throw blanket, or throw pillows. Add a serving tray on top, and you can turn the ottoman into a cocktail table with a sturdy surface for placing your drinks and snacks.

Coffee Tables And End Table Sets

This modern ottoman will complement your brown leather sectional or create an elegant contrast with a lighter colored sofa.

We love a round coffee table in the living room. This shape is a perfect fit next to a small sectional – just tuck it between the chaise section and two seats. It also looks great in a living room with a sofa on one side of the coffee table and a pair of accent chairs on the other (the perfect layout to encourage conversation). A round table is also easy to wrap around when you need to run to the kitchen or bathroom.

Coffee Tables And End Table Sets

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Coffee Tables And End Table Sets

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