Coffee Table With Storage Plans

Coffee Table With Storage Plans – Happy Wednesday! We’re so excited to share this latest set of plans with you! The chef and I made a DIY Storage Coffee Table that we shared on Instagram a while back, and today we’re sharing a new YouTube Video Tutorial and free plans with you! Yes, for that!

Storage + Function = Happy Mommies 🙂 Well, you can download the FREE plans by clicking here! And, we’ll go through all the builds below!

Coffee Table With Storage Plans

Coffee Table With Storage Plans

We cut it using a hacksaw. The box is constructed with 1×12. If your saw can’t cut 12″, turn the board over and make the second cut after you’ve made the first.

Industrial Cart Coffee Table { Free Diy Plans } Rogue Engineer

We make pocket holes in three of our 33″ boards from the Kreg Jig. You can find our favorite Kreg Jig models on Amazon here!

Coffee Table With Storage Plans

We drilled a pair of 3/4″ holes and will attach these boards to our longer boards with 1.25″ pocket hole screws.

After building your box, you will cut the top and bottom pieces. These use 1×6 and 1×6 boards. Here are your cuts.

Coffee Table With Storage Plans

Diy Outdoor Coffee Table

Attach the base pieces with wood glue and nails. Start attaching the center panel first, then attach the side panels in the same manner.

Flip it over the table and make the centerpiece your centerpiece. Then using 3/4″ pocket holes and 1.25″ countersunk screws, we joined the two boards together and made two covers.

Coffee Table With Storage Plans

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Diy Coffee Table Plans You Can Make Today

Find it in these categories Beginner By Project Type By Room By Skill Level By Tools Coffee Tables Drill Free Plans Furniture Kreg Jig Living Room Miter Saw Nailer Storage Solutions Storage Solutions Video Tutorials Wood Paint Projects Woodworking Projects Storage of a coffee table next to your couch can seem out of place. brain. Although side tables are also a solution, a coffee table makes gatherings more comfortable. If you are thinking of making your own, here are some great DIY coffee table tutorials that I hope will be very helpful!

Coffee Table With Storage Plans

Concrete and wood furniture looks very classy, ​​but isn’t it modern? Check out my free plans for this beautiful concrete and wood coffee table and visit Sarah at Built Home for a tutorial.

Wood and steel are another great combo for furniture, especially if you like industrial designs. I collaborated with Ashley and Whitney from Shanty 2 Chic and it turned out great!

Coffee Table With Storage Plans

Best Diy Farmhouse Coffee Table Ideas And Designs For 2021

Shelley from was kind enough to share the details of this custom industrial coffee table, and the good news is, you can make one for about $100.

This custom storage coffee table looks very functional, and since it’s easy to assemble, you might want to give it a try if you’re just getting started.

Coffee Table With Storage Plans

I was impressed by the beautiful wood grain of this custom coffee table made from sycamore wood slabs. However, those hairy legs are a perfect reference to Century Modern!

Pallet Coffee Table With Lifting Top And Landing Gear

Folding furniture is one of the smartest solutions for small homes, and this DIY coffee table doubles as a full-sized table. Exciting, right?

Coffee Table With Storage Plans

Balustrade coffee tables look great, but where to buy balustrades? Fortunately, the original post can make this project more feasible.

This terrazzo-style coffee table looks like it’s just the thing to brighten up a living room, and it’s quick to set up to get busy on a rainy afternoon.

Coffee Table With Storage Plans

Diy Storage Coffee Table & Youtube Video Tutorial!

Let’s just say this coffee table is a work of art. If you like playing board games, you will definitely want to play this game.

A wooden tabletop and hairline legs are definitely a winning combination, and this cabin’s elegant coffee table couldn’t be more impressive.

Coffee Table With Storage Plans

Since we’re still in the rustic section, check out this wooden coffee table. I think it looks very unique and attractive!

Custom Rustic Reclaimed & Sustainably Harvested Wood Coffee Table With Chevron Pattern By New Antiquity

Terrariums are very popular in home decor and are actually quite beautiful. This coffee table has a really clever and eye-catching terrarium.

Coffee Table With Storage Plans

If you love coffee tables, this project is right up your alley. This truss beam coffee table is sturdy and perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Simple! This round coffee table has a plywood top so it will be light enough to move around easily.

Coffee Table With Storage Plans

Diy Coffee Table Inspiration For Every Home And Style

Here’s a basic coffee table design that you can customize to your heart’s content with one extra charge: small rollers underneath make it super compact.

You know I’m a fan of concrete furniture, so I definitely love it. By using concrete slabs for the top, Brittany keeps things simple and provides free and easy to implement plans.

Coffee Table With Storage Plans

This farmhouse coffee table can easily be refinished with a different stain or paint, but if you want to keep the original farmhouse look, the guide provides the complete details.

Diy Outdoor Coffee Table Storage Bench Tutorial!

Pallet furniture is very attractive. You can take a simple palette and turn it into something amazing without too much fuss. This beautiful pallet coffee table also falls in those lines.

Coffee Table With Storage Plans

This lively edge coffee table looks just right. But 100% real, doable and awesome.

If there’s one thing I can appreciate, it’s hidden storage furniture. Even if you don’t use it, it won’t hurt him. This basic project includes free coffee table plans that are perfect for beginners.

Coffee Table With Storage Plans

Best Coffee Tables With Storage From Target, Wayfair, And More

Furniture that shows off the beauty of wood grain has a certain charm, and this coffee table proves my point. In addition, it is a very sturdy construction that children or pets cannot tear. Some of my favorite projects to work on include furniture making. I’m not even close to being an expert, but I’m always willing to try something. There are great design ideas on Pinterest or woodworking forums. It is very easy to collect good plans and start a new project. A recent piece of furniture I made was a DIY coffee table with storage.

We used to have one of those cushioned “leather-like” rugs in our living room. I think we got it at HomeGoods or Burlington or one of those thrift stores. It looked cheap and nice. It has served its purpose over the years and has held up very well despite my kids always jumping on it.

Coffee Table With Storage Plans

Finally one day a big fool (that would be me) pretended to be the six million dollar man and jumped on it and broke the frame. Yes, I do stupid things like this all the time and I’m not ashamed. Just don’t tell my wife! I’ve been playing the theme song from The Six Million Dollar Man on my Amazon Echo and even making bionic noises. Imagination running was fun when I was a kid and still is. Your weight should not exceed anything more than about 240 pounds.

Coffee Table With Storage

So now we needed a new coffee table in the living room. I’ve done a few outdoor furniture projects in the past, like a coffee table and a bar, and I thought it would be a fun project to make a DIY coffee table with storage. As I said earlier, there are tons of plans and designs available online. I settled on one from Shanty2Chic.

Coffee Table With Storage Plans

Shanty2Chic projects are often made with inexpensive wood and common tools. That sounded pretty good to me. Here’s a link to a Shanty2Chic YouTube video showing how to build a DIY coffee table with storage. Shanty2Chic has some great projects.

I went to a big box store for wood and bought some premium pine. Normal pine is usually full of knots and swollen, so I raised the premium a bit. These items are better quality, but don’t break the bank like buying wood like oak or maple. The total cost of wood for this project was only about $30-$40. Not bad actually. The hardware (wheels and hubs) is an expensive part, but the project can easily be done under $100.

Coffee Table With Storage Plans

Coffee Table With Hidden Storage Plans Discount, 54% Off

You can see the pocket holes here. Keep them indoors and out of sight.

Pocket holes are a very quick and easy way to join two pieces of wood together. There is an argument that “real carpenters” shouldn’t use pocket holes, but I never said it was a real thing. Remember, I used to think I was a bionic. It would be fun to do some fine woodworking with a saw or dado knife, but they take more time. The appeal of pocket squares is that you can get things done quickly, and that’s always a good thing when it comes to my weekend projects. Someday when I’m a full-time woodworker I’ll add a nice mortise and tenon or make dovetails, but one day isn’t today.

Coffee Table With Storage Plans


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