Coffee Table With Seating Underneath

Coffee Table With Seating Underneath – Last winter I started hunting for a coffee table. I have something specific in mind, which is not a good place to start when 1) you don’t like to spend a lot of money on furniture 2) your expectations are more.

What I have in mind is a large square or circle storage ottoman that can double as a coffee table. I’m very lucky to find lots online that are smaller, the wrong color, or several hundred dollars out of my price range.

Coffee Table With Seating Underneath

Coffee Table With Seating Underneath

Now a good blog would include pictures of the original post I found on Craigs List but in my rush to email and visit the seller, I forgot.

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So imagine, a black, 36″ square coffee table with pull-out chairs underneath upholstered in – wait for it – black pleather.

Coffee Table With Seating Underneath

But I knew I could paint the table black, and I thought I could try getting the seats back, so with that information we drove to look.

Once we meet the kind seller, we do a quick review of the table and chairs to check for hardness and general condition. It is said to be a few years old and for the most part is in perfect condition, minus a “dent” on the side.

Coffee Table With Seating Underneath

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He said that I did that for 125 dollars, but when we told him that we have to go to the ATM to get the rest of the money, he sold it to us because of what we had in our hands. – $75!

Needless to say I am very happy with our purchase and can’t wait to get it home and reassemble.

Coffee Table With Seating Underneath

Once we moved in, I did a quick photo of our old coffee table, which now looks dwarfed compared to our new square table.

Upholstered Petit Royale Ottoman Coffee Table In Champagne Velvet

A few days later after working up the courage to start painting, I went to Lowe’s for supplies: paint, paint, and a small, disposable roller. I decided to use my go to chalk paint recipe because the idea of ​​sanding all the tables and sinks sounds and sounds like a nightmare.

Coffee Table With Seating Underneath

After about two full coats we are in action. It’s always fun to see the second coat dry – mostly because that means it’s almost done, you have to pack up, and get the clothes out of your closet 🙂

I use that word very loosely because this is about the most basic repair job you can find. #LazyDIY-er  One of the more fun parts of the whole project is looking at the fabrics. After looking through the store, I decided I wanted something simple instead of a bold design, and we set on ticking stripes. I texted G this picture – hoping he would confirm what I was getting at.

Coffee Table With Seating Underneath

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It works! The blue and cream ticking stripe wins! G thought the others were a little dingy and I agree. So with my coupon I went to the store and checked out for a little less than $15.

When I got home, I watched some tutorials on YouTube on how to recover, and got the gist down. The only thing I had trouble with (other than my hands being sore from the 100+ bunches) were the corners, and I finally figured out a way to make them uniform.

Coffee Table With Seating Underneath

Eventually I would like to find some baskets to put down for storage, but there will be a certain size so I’m not in a hurry. Speaking of baskets, the one on our table was a wedding gift. I loved it from the day we got it but couldn’t use it anywhere because of its size. And trust me, I even tried to hang it on the wall. 🙂 I’m happy to finally be able to use it and I love that it gives the table a more finished look!

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