Coffee Table With Matching End Table

Coffee Table With Matching End Table – Photo by sara ligorria-tramp for ehd | from: reveals: budget rental-friendly living and dining room (and 80% thrifted finds)

I’m not a traditional risk-taker. The same hairstyle for 10 years, the same eyeshadow for three (I probably should have thrown it away) and my closet has gradually become a sea of ​​white blouses and slightly ripped jeans. So when it came time to choose a sofa for my living room, I decided on a simple cream, single cushion beauty. Yes, I toyed with the idea of ​​getting a dark mustard velvet sofa instead but the practical side of my brain kept saying, “Jess, what if your style changes and that mustard sofa doesn’t work in the future? It’s a

Coffee Table With Matching End Table

Coffee Table With Matching End Table

Invest in something very daring. ” But wait. Let me back up for a moment. I just painted myself as really boring. I mean I’ve made cross-country moves (and cross-ocean moves), I’ve skydived and one time I wore red lipstick on my upper lip and orange on my lower lip to work. I can be crazy guys… but in moderation. Anyone feel me?

Milano Tavolino Side Table

So even though I missed Arlyn’s post about “non-basic sofas,” I thought we needed an article for readers like me who are a little.

Coffee Table With Matching End Table

Risk-averse but not boring (I mean, the girl has a bright cobalt blue velvet sofa, so we know.

Not riddled with fear like so many of us maybe). Or maybe even those who are not ready or can drop money on the sofa but can get a new side table. You are my people and this article is for you. But also if you have a thick sofa and want to keep it thick rollin’ times, you are also welcome to this post, we are happy to have you.

Coffee Table With Matching End Table

Wood Coffee Table Styles To Add Natural Beauty To Your Ho

I feel like the power of the accent table is underrated. The couch may be Beyoncé’s living room but would her concert be a stopgap if she didn’t have fierce backup dancers?? I apologize for comparing Queen B and her dancers to living room furniture but that’s how strongly I feel about the matter.

We thought it would be helpful to show you what I mean instead of just saying it. I pulled out four average sofas and paired them with a coffee and an interesting side table (and your way is why we think they work because pairing apples and oranges is not always intuitive). But before we get into the combos, let’s go over the six rules you should think about when buying your next piece and then check out this post for all your other coffee table burning questions.

Coffee Table With Matching End Table

1. Various shapes: Mix it up with round, oval, square, rectangle, triangle or life edge shape. It is the fastest and easiest way to instantly create visual interest and breakthrough “samesies” syndrome.

Ash Wood With Iroko Finish Side Table

2. Mix materials: Stay away from using the same materials for all of your accent tables. If you are diverse, for example, combine a metal coffee table with a fabric side table, give your room texture. Good texture. But if you are dying to use, say, all wood, then various stains and yes, also shape.

Coffee Table With Matching End Table

3. Look for interesting details: I think the key to having your coffee and side table as “unique” furniture in your living room is interesting details. It can be an interesting pattern, color, material or accent. Whatever makes it special for you.

4. Visual weight is important: I know we have said it before but balancing the visual weight of your pieces is crucial so that your room looks put together and interesting. So for example, if you have a larger coffee table then consider the softer side. Or if one piece has legs, so it looks more “laang”, then the other piece can be “legless” and look more rooted.

Coffee Table With Matching End Table

Set Of 2 Round Coffee Tables Side Table Round Marble Coffee

5. Make sure they speak to each other: Okay, so I have spent the other four points talking about all the ways this table should be.

, but this is where I talk about where they still have to tell somehow. Something about the pieces should talk to each other. This can take shape if the materials are different, from the period, the general details, or the color palette. Think sisters, not sisters.

Coffee Table With Matching End Table

6. Consider your sofa: While your sofa may be on the more neutral or basic side, you still want everything to look cohesive. Look at the style, shape and color of your sofa. You don’t want to stray so far from the style rails that the pieces don’t make sense together. Have at least one thing about at least one piece that speaks to the sofa’s style.

Thurner White Coffee And End Tables

Combo 1: sofa + coffee table + side table | combo 2: sofa + coffee table + side table | combo 3: sofa + coffee table + side table | combo 4: sofa + coffee table + side table

Coffee Table With Matching End Table

1. Here, we have a modern traditional boxy sofa. It’s visually heavy so it needs a coffee table that can hold up but also “lighten the mood.” Enter that very cool vintage coffee table that is also boxy but footed to give the visual illusion that it is airy. Then the side table has a contrasting shape, color and material but the style of the era and the drawer accent both speak to each other.

2. This dark sofa needed a lighter, happy friend. Both the sofa and the table have an MCM feel but the table’s wood tones and circle-cut details lighten the mood. Funks up if you will. Then the circular shape of the side table we talk to the circle of the coffee table but nicely contrast it in terms of material and visual heft.

Coffee Table With Matching End Table

Parker Coffee Table — Miller’s Home Furnishings

3. The gray sofa just needs some color to liven it up. Here, both of these works because the gel and the more contemporary vibe of the sofa. And while they themselves are pretty visually different in terms of material, they are both tonally rich and wooden tie it all together.

4. This sofa has a relaxed feel that is a great partner for a more natural table style. The coffee table is both modern in shape and its chunky legs but natural materials. This contrasts the black color with the ground color of the sofa and side table. Then the side table brings more texture and ceramic material and line details. The two tables complement each other in both texture and varying heights of their three-footed base.

Coffee Table With Matching End Table

Combo 1: sofa + coffee table + side table | combo 2: sofa + coffee table + side table | combo 3: sofa + coffee table + side table | combo 4: sofa + coffee table + side table

Custom Wood Coffee Tables

1. A modern sofa doesn’t mean you can’t pair it with more natural pieces. But like I said before, make sure something about one of the pieces of sofa talk. In this case, it’s a coffee table. Black marble and a modern base (open and airy for varied visual weight) play off the sofa’s traditional style. BUT the shape of the living edge of the marble speaks to the natural style of the wooden stump side table. There is also of course color and contrasting materials to keep the combo interesting.

Coffee Table With Matching End Table

2. All three of these pieces are quite modern but cool. The color palette is varied but tonal, bringing some much needed warmth. Then the table has the same round top shape but the base is different and unique. You may also notice that they have very different visual weights that help balance everything out.

3. Boy, that caning is beautiful and is a kind of showstopper of this trio. That being said, there is no need for a detailed table, so this brass cutie has a simple but attractive shape that makes it the perfect choice. Because it’s brass, the material and color really contrast and live up the whole color palette here.

Coffee Table With Matching End Table

Wade Logan® Marksbury 3 Piece Coffee Table Set & Reviews

4. Postmodern neutral heaven. While black and white, this combo is anything but boring. The bulkiness of the coffee table is toned down by the light color and the door under the arch (and we love the unexpected tonal pairing). Then to make sure it’s not too neutral, the side table’s bold yet small stripes give the illusion that it’s more delicate than it really is (it’s a big block, ha). And while the sofa and table style is quite different, the color palette keeps it all in the family.

1. This sofa does not know what to press it. The incredibly cool coffee table speaks to the shape of the sofa but the unique materials and legs make it interesting. But to make sure we stay away from “rectangleville”, the side table has an interesting shape and design. Do they work together? Well, brass and wood colors are in the same warm tone family and both pieces are very structural. Plus, all three pieces have a natural variance to them. marble has several

Coffee Table With Matching End Table

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