Coffee Table With Drawer Storage

Coffee Table With Drawer Storage – This simple and clean coffee table design with storage is a project you can make in a weekend with our free plans!

I could be wrong, but I think the one piece of furniture we’ve replaced more often in our house is our coffee table.

Coffee Table With Drawer Storage

Coffee Table With Drawer Storage

When we first moved in, we just used what we had, which was a cheap and innocent Ikea table. A little later, I made my first coffee table. It didn’t require much in terms of carpentry. I made it out of galvanized pipe and frame boards for the top. It’s one of my favorite builds to date and is still one of our most popular DIY designs!

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Then I made a coffee table with a fake cartographer. It’s inspired by the $1,300 version at Restoration Hardware, and I made this one for only about $200. It gave us great storage in our living room for blankets, pillows and other items that we don’t use every day but have easy access to.

Coffee Table With Drawer Storage

When we renovated our basement to include a playroom, office, and family room, I made this faux metal and wood coffee table. It fit our family room well, but we found we needed more toy storage. As our girls’ toy collection steadily grows, so must our ability to store them!

When I designed this coffee table, I made sure to maximize all the available space inside it for storage. I thought about making it a lift but we have a lift in our living room and when you want to get something out of it you have to move everything from the top and it’s a bit of a pain. With this design, kids can open and close the drawer to their heart’s content.

Coffee Table With Drawer Storage

Modern Storage Coffee Table (nora)

I purposely designed the coffee table to sit right on the floor. I didn’t want legs for legos, goldfish crackers and other small items to get lost under. I’m sick of getting down on my hands and knees to see if I can find lost doll shoes! These things are insanely small and never seem to stay on the dolls for long. This solves this problem. 🙂

I wanted it to withstand our kids putting their weight on the open drawers so there was no risk of it tipping over. I have also watched our children use our coffee tables as a stage for impromptu performances. If they decided to put on their favorite tunes while standing on top, I didn’t have to worry about it collapsing or tipping over…hell I could maybe even stand!

Coffee Table With Drawer Storage

This coffee table with storage project is easy for the novice woodworker to tackle with our free plans. It’s a small and manageable project that can be completed in a weekend!

Wakefield Reclaimed Wood Bench/coffee Table With Three Drawers

Click the link below to get full access to the designs for this closet organizer! And while you’re on Kreg’s DIY project site, I’m sure you’ll find plenty of other projects to make with your Kreg Jig. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a beautiful, organized living room with these gorgeous coffee tables with storage.

Coffee Table With Drawer Storage

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Coffee Table With Drawer Storage

Union Rustic Southside Frame Coffee Table With Storage & Reviews

A great coffee table can do a lot more than give you a surface to place your items. It can also anchor your aesthetic, showcase your decor, and—perhaps most importantly for many of us—store items out of sight until you need them.

“When spaces are tight on storage or when clients have kids, a coffee table can become a crucial place to keep toys and blankets. It’s also a great trick for quickly hiding clutter before company arrives,” she says. interior designer Maiya Kathryn;

Coffee Table With Drawer Storage

Many items that we tend to keep in the living room, such as blankets, remote controls, toys and compacts, certainly don’t need to be on display 24/7, but we often want them within arm’s reach when we need them. That’s why a coffee table with a bit of storage can be so useful.

Enna Lift Top Storage Coffee Table

These days, there are many coffee tables that provide storage in the living room, ranging from lift coffee tables with hidden storage to tables with drawers and open shelves. But with so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to hone in on just the right one for your space. After all, what works for one household may not be a great fit for another. To make it easier, we highlight the best coffee tables with storage for every type of home, budget and home decor.

Coffee Table With Drawer Storage

Combining a minimal mid-century silhouette with built-in storage, this table’s design was inspired by Japanese bento serving sets, offering the perfect place to store various living room items. Not only does the table allow you to store items until you need them, but the worktop includes three removable trays that you can remove and use as serving trays, laptop tables, or anything else you might need a hard surface for.

The table is also customizable, available in two different shades (walnut or oak finish) with the option to choose from regular metal legs or hairpins, so you can find the perfect design for your living room. And if you want to update more than your coffee table, you can also purchase a matching credenza/TV stand, side table or entry bench from the Carta collection. Each piece features easy assembly – you won’t even need any tools.

Coffee Table With Drawer Storage

Boom 2 Drawer Coffee Table

This lovely rectangular coffee table is made from solid acacia wood, so it’s beautiful and built to last. It has two storage options: an open shelf and a closed drawer. This means you can place unsightly items like remote controls and chargers completely out of sight, while displaying more decorative items like books and decorations in an organized, beautiful way.

As well as being functional, the table is also beautiful, with a sleek, streamlined design with a textured back silhouette that will complement a variety of aesthetics, from modern and bohemian to minimal and modern.

Coffee Table With Drawer Storage

If you love minimal, modular design, then it doesn’t get much better than this sofa table from Floyd. The table’s modest size means it can work just as well as a coffee table, depending on your layout. But thanks to an efficient, it still has a generous open shelf for plenty of storage space.

Humble Crew Seine Low Mid Century Coffee Table With Open Shelf And Drawer Storage, Dark Walnut/black

The table was designed to pair with the company’s popular sofa, The Sectional. When used as an end table with this sofa, it is flush with the dimensions of the sofa, providing a natural extension of it. However, it also works beautifully as a standalone piece and comes in two different finishes (Maple or Walnut), so the style possibilities are endless.

Coffee Table With Drawer Storage

Featuring two different color options, including a cool gray finish and a blonde wood finish, this coffee table is handcrafted from reclaimed European oak wood, giving it a modern yet slightly rustic look.

When the table is closed, you’d never guess it houses extensive storage, but once you lift it up, you’ll reveal plenty of storage space for your living room essentials – making this table an ideal piece for small spaces. Additionally, the raised component can stand on its own when open, serving as a raised side table that’s perfect as a laptop table.

Coffee Table With Drawer Storage

Sheesham Center/coffee Table With 4 Drawers

You don’t have to sacrifice your love of round coffee tables to have lots of storage. Take this boho beauty from Interior Define for example. With a diameter of 48 inches, it fits well in most living rooms and its circular silhouette is a welcome invitation for your loved ones to sit and stay a while.

The coffee table’s elegantly simple design is one that will look fresh regardless of current trends, so it’s an especially great choice if you’re looking to commit to a table long-term.

Coffee Table With Drawer Storage

Another mid-century inspired piece, this coffee table with an espresso wood finish is as functional as it is attractive. Its slim lift design opens up into a surprisingly expansive storage space, offering the perfect place to stash remotes, toys and other clutter.

The Persia 6 Drawer Storage Coffee Table Natural Sheesham (723888) Sold At Discount Home Furniture Serving Burnsville, Mn

In addition, the two-tone coffee table features an open shelf with a glass top, which makes cleaning easy while giving you a spot to display decorative touches like candles and coffee table books.

Coffee Table With Drawer Storage

With its sleek silhouette and retro touches, this coffee table is sure to make a stylish statement no matter where it lives. It comes in shades of brown and black and is made of solid wood so it can withstand almost anything a busy family room throws at it.

You can choose to store items on the open shelf or in one of the two hidden drawers, which are accented by Scandinavian-inspired rod techniques to give them an airy yet textured feel.

Coffee Table With Drawer Storage

Mahogany 8 Drawer Coffee Table

With striking contrasts and an affordable price, this table can serve as the focal point of your design without breaking the bank. The table is made of solid and engineered wood and features an ample amount of open space

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