Coffee Table With Book Storage

Coffee Table With Book Storage – We have selected 50 great coffee tables all with storage options for you, but first check out our top 3 favorite designs that offer value, great functional designs or real wow factor!

This modern lift-top coffee table with hidden storage is a great option for those who don’t intend to keep a lot on top of the table. It’s a great idea for those who want to store regularly used items away that can be reached with ease. With its additional writing function, it is also ideal for those who want to work from home in the comfort of the sofa.

Coffee Table With Book Storage

Coffee Table With Book Storage

Coffee tables that are styled like a dresser are great for keeping possessions safe, but hidden at the same time. Multiple drawers give you the opportunity to keep everything neat and organized.

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We love this elegant dual-wood coffee table from Wayfair because not only does it offer a practical yet stylish look, but priced at £129.99, it’s great value for money. The versatile nature of the design means it has a modern edge but also suits a more classic setting, meaning that at such an affordable price point, if you’ve ever decided to switch styles, this table is likely to be able to adapt. With a contrasting white and natural wood finish, this contemporary table also has the advantage of offering several hidden storage options.

Coffee Table With Book Storage

If you’re looking for a low-level coffee table, you might want to think about choosing one with a lift-top function so you can use it at both heights. Low coffee tables work well for those with a minimalist theme or who simply want to keep a room light and airy without overwhelming the setting with furniture but they are not always the most practical for height. Adding a lift top option allows you to get style and practicality from your table, but you’ll want to consider the height of your sofa before choosing a style like this

Not everyone has the luxury of space in their homes and if you lack space for all your furniture, why not think about a multi-purpose coffee table? With its various functions, tables like this one can double not only as storage, but as a place to eat, work and hold a cup of coffee!

Coffee Table With Book Storage

Ofnature Nordic Wood Table Wooden 3 Tier Side Table Book Shelf Bookshelf Mini Coffee Table Desk

Another great alternative for those looking to save some space, not only does this Ottoman storage table come with great hidden storage space, but it can also double as additional seating for when you have friends and family over.

For those who want a small, discreet coffee table, but sometimes require more surface area, an extendable coffee table may be for you. This option comes with hidden storage in the table, which is great for when you want to put away bits and pieces.

Coffee Table With Book Storage

If it’s storage you’re looking for, then allow us to introduce the floor shelf coffee table. Designed with storage and display shelves in mind, there’s plenty of room to hold decorative items and also place some cute storage baskets to keep all the clutter out of sight!

Table Basse Lustrio Ø92

Ideal for those with a whole bunch of blankets and rugs that you want neatly put away, a wire basket coffee table is both functional and visually interesting with plenty of space on top to hold a cup of tea!

Coffee Table With Book Storage

Bring comfort to your living space in a stylish way with a tray top coffee table. This option not only has a practical removable tray, but also has hidden storage underneath and rotating function, which makes it both multi-purpose but aesthetically impactful.

For those who want a unique space-saving design, consider choosing a swivel coffee table that provides extra table space when needed with the benefit of reducing the size back. This sleek glossy black table comes with hidden drawer compartments, meaning you get a lot of table and storage for your buck!

Coffee Table With Book Storage

Square Coffee Table With Storage Center Coffee Table Modern

Furniture in Scandinavian style furniture is a trend that has stood the test of time, so investing in a Scandinavian style coffee table, with storage benefits too, would be a great interior design move. The combination of white and natural wood seen on this table makes it highly versatile with a fresh, modern feel.

A box frame coffee table works well in a living space that has a lot of soft lines, as the angular look of this table helps to break them up and add dimension to the room. Opt for one with a storage shelf for all the coffee table books you have or if you have more to store, find an option with drawer inserts that keep things more hidden!

Coffee Table With Book Storage

Those looking for a touch of luxury should look no further than these space-saving, nesting coffee tables from Homary, £999.99. With hidden storage space to keep things free and maintain the luxurious vibe of your living room, this offering offers ultimate flexibility while conserving valuable floor space.

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The beautiful marble top along with elegant, textured sides and subtle touches of gold cater for those who want to inject a modern opulence into their living space.

Coffee Table With Book Storage

High-gloss finishes are ultra-modern and often let the shine do the talking, keeping the rest of the design sleek – making it great for those who are fans of minimalist decor. This option offers you a simplistic coffee table along with hidden storage options to keep the minimalist space of your dreams.

For those with more urban-looking homes (think exposed brickwork and metal features), an industrial coffee table could be what you’re looking for to up your interior game. It can be difficult to find an industrial style table with lots of storage, but look for one with a discreet shelf to keep your remotes away or one that you can put storage baskets on.

Coffee Table With Book Storage

Fat Boy Solid Mahogany Coffee Table With Storage.

Trunk-style coffee tables add a certain rustic charm to living areas with their vintage charm, plus they have the added benefit of coming with a large amount of storage. While their storage functionality is high, the practicality is somewhat reduced by the fact that you have to lift the top to access it, so maybe not ideal if you need to keep things on top of the table or if you need regular access to what is inside.

Mid-century style furniture has a classic yet retro feel, which means it fits with a variety of styles of living space. Typically made of wood, they offer great durability, so they’re a great choice if you want to carry something stylish but heavy.

Coffee Table With Book Storage

Stone coffee tables offer a highly contemporary feel to a room, similar to that of glass or marble, but with a harder tragic finish and generally at a less expensive price point. It can be challenging to find stone coffee tables that offer storage options, but this square table comes with a stone top and hidden drawer capabilities that make it a win-win!

Artiss Display Shelf 7 Shelf Tree Bookshelf Book Storage Rack Bookcase

Round coffee tables are a great way to bring softer shapes into a room and this option has a variety of features, from a lift top storage and desk option as well as another large hidden storage section in the base.

Coffee Table With Book Storage

Acrylic coffee tables are a great durable choice that usually come in more abstract, modern designs. Transparent acrylic designs are popular right now but not as practical for hiding a variety of clutter sins, so choose a block color instead. This option comes with a hollow center which is great for storing books but could also hold boxes for additional storage.

Marble coffee tables offer a real sense of elegance but they also come with an expensive price tag. Opt for a table with a marble top to bring down the price tag. This option will look chic in any living space with its dark wooden floor, which has plenty of storage space with drawers and alcoves.

Coffee Table With Book Storage

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Similar to stone and marble, concrete offers a sleek, modern touch to living spaces. It is a durable material but finding concrete coffee tables with a storage offer is not easy. Consider choosing one that has a tangible effect, like this one, instead.

A metal coffee table is a real statement piece that will be a real focal point in a living room. This hammered metal table with its unusual texture is stylish with plenty of storage under the lid.

Coffee Table With Book Storage

Glass coffee tables are a chic and contemporary style but not as practical for those who need additional storage space from their coffee tables. A coffee table with a glass top offers the best of both worlds, as you can then hide stored items, but still have the elegance of the glass from above. All glass coffee tables are not the most practical as they are prone to breakage, so this also offers a safer way to incorporate glass and give you an easy, wipeable surface for drinks!

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Soften any hard lines in your room with a rounded rectangular coffee table like this one from

Coffee Table With Book Storage

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