Coffee Table With Book Shelf

Coffee Table With Book Shelf – Coffee table books are probably one of our favorite decor accessories to add to our space. They never fail to add a nice touch to a coffee table or bookcase, and with so many great books on the market, they can be perfectly matched to match any decor or color scheme. As a matter of fact, the latter is exactly what the best designer, Dee Murphy of Murphy Deesign, is talking about today! If you’ve been hunting for that coffee table book in the perfect shade, then you’re in the right place. Stick with us as Dee dives into her favorite coffee table books with color, plus GM prints (last day 20% off btw) she’ll match them with…

When it comes to coffee table books, you can choose the content, style, or size to create your table. You can also organize your surfaces (tables and kitchen) by color… of course it’s good for the “gram.” Do you want the beauty of black and white? Want a rainbow of colors? It sounds simple… but it can be difficult to fill in the blanks when you’re looking for a BIG BOOK. Especially if you try to tie the book to other pieces of decor in your space, such as a really strong print to hang on the wall or put on top. So, following my friend’s request (he actually asked me to make this list quite a while ago), here is a collection of some of my favorite books in five different colors and beautiful prints by Gray Malin, which are currently 20% off, to match them. You’ll never need to wander the aisles of Barnes & Noble aimlessly again. Unless you like doing things like that… like I sometimes do. 😉 Think of this as your starter kit—if you like where I’m going, I’ll give you two parts! Note: With some of these books… I remove the jacket for the desired effect! Here we go… Black Coffee Books

Coffee Table With Book Shelf

Coffee Table With Book Shelf

1. Tom Ford, $60.75 (Everyone has them… but you can’t deny the beauty of simple designs.) | 2. Black: Architecture in Monochrome, $33.96 | 3. Free Exhibition 100 Years: From the Jazz Age to Our Time, $36.56 | 4. Free: Thirty Years of Fashion at Vogue, $143.37 | 5. Next house built, $36.50

Marvelous Coffee Table Bookshelf Coffee Table Book Shelf

1. History of Surfing, $39.58 (LOVE this book, as a surfer that I am… but I love it with a jacket to show off the white cover!) | 2. Kinfolk Home: The Interior of Peaceful Living, $18.57 | 3. Lee (Icon), $32.53 | 4. Coveteur: Custom Space, Custom Style, $30.93 | 5. Organic Architecture, $20.39

Coffee Table With Book Shelf

1. ESCAPE, $30.22 (Vacation FOMO? Just leave it on your coffee table and open it to escape… at least for a few minutes!) | 2. Mykonos Muse, $69.99 | 3. Los Angeles: Cityscape, $53.61 | 4. Coin Stay (Classic), $55.42 | 5. Allegra Hicks: Eye for Design, $41.80

1. Gisel Bündchen, $49.57 (The top is red… the back is orange… and EVERYTHING works for me!) | 2. Christian Louboutin, $72.50 | 3. domino: Your Guide to a Better Home, $10.97 | 4. Mexico: The Book, $44.11 (Eatable…and pretty to look at!) | 5. VALUE: 50-year CFDA, $48.74

Coffee Table With Book Shelf

Minimalist Book Shelf // Windowsill Shelf // Display For Coffee Table Books By Atelier Article

1. BEACHES Signed Collector’s Edition, $125 | 2. Neutra: Complete Works, $47.41 | 3. Three travel books: Venice, India, Senegal, $200| 4. Good Things: Timeless accessories, clothing, and accessories, $24.28 | 5

What colors do you draw the most? Are you going to grab one of these amazing coffee mugs?

Coffee Table With Book Shelf

With all these amazing options, how can we choose just one?! Let’s be honest, we’re adding more to our shopping cart as we speak… While you’re shopping for coffee table books, head over to the site and grab a Gray Malin print that matches your color scheme for 20% off.

Coffee Table Books By Color & The Best Prints To Pair With Them

To learn more about Dee Murphy, follow her work on Instagram and visit her website. And of course, stay tuned for more design tips here on the blog!

Coffee Table With Book Shelf

This website uses cookies to ensure smooth navigation. By blocking the banner, navigating this page or clicking on anything, you consent to all cookies. To learn more and change your preferences please see our Cookie Policy. One of the most important parts of a library is books! When I started collecting decorative pieces and knick-knacks to organize my new built-in bookcase by the fireplace in my living room, I knew it would take a great selection of coffee table books to pull it all together.

No matter what your layout is, there will be ways to bring your library together in a cohesive way. I focused on bright colors and gold to liven up my white shelves and found many coffee table books with beautiful spines and covers. Although organizing a bookshelf is always a fluid thing, and things will probably change and change as I continue to look at the library, I have finally finished one side of the bookshelf built!

Coffee Table With Book Shelf

Authentic Models Dory Bookshelf/coffee Table

As you can see, I am a big fan of ginger jars. I’m always on the hunt for fun and affordable sweaters to add a pop of classic blue to any space I’m decorating. There’s something decorative about blue that enhances space, plus, you can find them in any size or shape you need to fill your closet. The Williams Sonoma home is a great place to find gingerbread, and I found a ginger jar on the second table there. I found two more ginger jars at HomeGoods, and I’m sharing similar ones here too!

I love incorporating art into book designs, especially when I can use pieces from local Charleston artists! On the top shelf of my bookcase is a beautiful piece by Lauren Neville, who I introduced to yall at my Charleston service. I love how the blue and yellow pull the colors from the rest, and the design is so fun! I styled it in a gold chain-like pattern to match the other gold in the room. The photo below is from Target.

Coffee Table With Book Shelf

Inadvertently, these book stores have taken on a kind of beast. This vintage monkey shaped jar was recently acquired by some friends who hold monkey candles and I am still figuring out how to put the other side of the structure. I love monkeys, as you probably know after my trip to the Myrtle Beach Safari, and I love that I can incorporate them in fun and cute ways into my home decor. I found the monkey bowl at Chairish. I also got this pair of bird books from Target. Although that sold out, they now have a range of white and gold PINEAPPLE books. Can you think of anything better? I can find another place in my house for them to go.

L1 Living Room Set With Coffee Table, Bookshelf And Tv Stand

Target is truly one of the best places to find jewelry. The faux wood for this kitchen is from Target and has all the texture and beauty of a real plant but without the maintenance!

Coffee Table With Book Shelf

One of my favorite places to find jewelry is actually a local Charleston store, Rhodes Boutique! I mentioned this store up on my Instagram recently, and I continue to be impressed by the selection of home decor. Plus, everything there is SO GOOD, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw some of the prices. One of the best things I found were their faux flowers. Each flower or flower is something beautiful and looks real. The flowers I have on the bottom of the bookcase were built in Rhodes!

Now as far as books go, I was able to put together this kitchen using some of my favorite coffee table books. Some of these books are fine as is, but with some of them, I’ve removed the dust jacket to reveal the colorful cloth binding underneath. All of these books are books that I actually read and turn to for inspiration, so I feel it’s good to buy things that have a good and positive purpose!

Coffee Table With Book Shelf

Ikea Besta Small Book Shelf/coffee Table, Furniture & Home Living, Furniture, Tables & Sets On Carousell

I LOVE how colorful all these books are; it brings a lot of joy and happiness to the place. Just because it’s a “styled” cabin doesn’t mean it has to be overt or stuffy, and the cabin certainly screams fun. I’ve found the key to making all those colors work together is to balance the best shades with pastel tones, and then stick with just one or two of the other matching colors.

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