Coffee Table To Dinner Table

Coffee Table To Dinner Table – This coffee table is built from manufactured wood. Top table equipped with a mechanical hinge with plenty of storage space inside the top to store remote controls, magazines and laptops. The hidden storage space keeps your top table neat and tidy. Under shelf provides extra storage space within reach. Not only this facility also has four matching folding stools with padded comfortable seats. All elements are facilitated with electronic functions so that you can customize their size according to your facility. This coffee table is purpose-built for dining table, coffee table, side table, and many more multi-function uses. Anchor your decor and lively comfortable life With our new arrival furniture collection.

All paid options work the same. We suggest using Klarna as we have seen higher approval rates with them but in case you are not approved with Klarna then you can go with Affirm or Shop Pay.

Coffee Table To Dinner Table

Coffee Table To Dinner Table

Please CLICK HERE to see step by step instructions for submitting an order through Klarna, Affirm or Shop Pay.

Coffee Table That Converts Into A Dining Table Deals, 59% Off

** does not decide the interest rate. All three providers (Shop Pay, Klarna and Affirm) have their own model for calculating interest based on your credit score and profile rating. We suggest you go through the application to know your eligibility and interest rate. Mostly, Pay in 4 payment plans are interest free but longer term payment plans may require you to pay interest based on your credit profile.

Coffee Table To Dinner Table

We understand how hard you work to save every penny and that’s why it’s common to have questions when it comes to spending big on furniture. We also understand your concerns while navigating products and do our best to answer all your questions through this FAQ so you get the comfort you need to make a good purchase.

You can always reach us at (800) 819-9862 or via the chat option if you feel that your questions are not answered to the best of your satisfaction.

Coffee Table To Dinner Table

Bento White Glass Convertible Coffee Table

Rest assured, we will not process your order until we understand every little detail of your need. We will call you if we need additional details before processing your order. You can always call us or chat with us within 48 hours of placing the order to make any changes.

Top graingenuine leather is a genuine 100% natural and best leather available on the market. This is a bit expensive but will last for years without much wear and tear.

Coffee Table To Dinner Table

Bonded Leather is processed leather that gives you similar texture and feel to Italian leather, but is a little cheaper in cost and is an option if you want to save money on your furniture while maintaining the standard. We strongly recommend buying top grain genuine leather if your wallet allows you to spend a little more.

Woodwall Nest Coffee Tables

Change the leather quality in the drop-down list to see the price difference. Both leathers have the same warranty as described in the warranty section of the product.

Coffee Table To Dinner Table

Only the areas that touch your body while sitting (such as seats, back, headrest, armrest, etc.) are made of bonded or top-grain leather. Other areas such as sofa back, side and bottom of sofa that your body does not touch while sitting are made in synthetic leather. This is a standard practice in the industry.

My Aashis home goods delivery partner always schedules an appointment with you before delivery so that you are available to receive the product.

Coffee Table To Dinner Table

Place Multi Use Coffee To Dining Table

Curbside delivery is the most common delivery mode, where the furniture boxes are delivered on the curb (on your driveway or in front of your front door or garage door) when the delivery truck gets there. You take the boxes in your room, unpack them and assemble them. Sofa assembly is very easy, because you just have to stack the pieces next to each other.

For White Glove delivery without assembly – your furniture will be taken to the room of your choice by the delivery company. Unpacking and assembly comes for an additional cost and you have an option to choose at the time of ordering.

Coffee Table To Dinner Table

For white glove delivery with assembly – your furniture will be delivered to the delivery company’s garage. We plan a separate assembly person who will take the carton to the room of your choice. They will unpack the boxes and also dispose of the trash in your garbage area. A furniture assembly service covers the assembly of one piece of furniture only. For additional furniture items, purchase separate assembly service. reserves the right to cancel assembly service or other services for custom orders.

Low Coffee Table Japanese Coffee Table Dining Table

Marble dining table assembly is provided only on the ground level of the house. Assembly fee will be reimbursed if the meeting place is not at ground level.

Coffee Table To Dinner Table

Based on the sofa you choose, it may give you the option to choose 2 leather colors: See the image for details

Base color: This is the main color where your body touches the sofa. Black is the base color in the image below

Coffee Table To Dinner Table

Transforming Tables Uk

Trim Color: This is the secondary color that contrasts the main color. White is the trim color in the image below

Color selection is an optional feature. You can choose not to choose anything and we will contact you after you place the order to make sure we know what color you want. After we receive your order, we will call you to confirm your selection before placing the order.

Coffee Table To Dinner Table

Every effort is made to provide high quality, accurate images to assist you in selecting your furniture. However, images may vary in color depending on a number of factors including but not limited to individual computer monitor color settings, photography, lighting and natural variations. Therefore, the item you receive may not exactly match what you see on your computer screen as physical and digital colors have slight variations.

Harrison Coffee Table/dining Table (convertible)

Chaise is an upholstered sofa in the form of a chair that is long enough to support the legs. Please see the image below to determine the direction of the chaise you need.

Coffee Table To Dinner Table

If your sofa has a chaise, you have an option to choose the direction of the chaise. Please select the direction that best suits your living/family room. The chaise direction cannot be changed once the sofa is made. You can see the selection of Chiase direction in the order summary.

Coffee table will usually cost you over $950 if you want to order it separately. The coffee table catalog can be found on Menu –> Furniture –> Coffee table. Typically the coffee table you see in the photo with sofa is what we offer as standard and you have an option to change the coffee table and choose any design from our coffee table catalog as long as the price is less than $950.

Coffee Table To Dinner Table

Coffee Cum Dining Table

Each of the coffee tables you see in the coffee table catalog can be ordered at the time of ordering the sofa by selecting JUST the matching coffee table and customer service will contact you when they receive the order to confirm the coffee table design you want to order. You can also mention the coffee table design in the notes section at the time of checkout. This is a great way to save ~25% on the coffee table.

Q6.Why should I add extended warranty to the furniture? Answer: My Aashis offers warranty for a limited period based on the product you order, which can be easily found on the product detail page. If you want accidental damage or any other damage to be covered for 5 years then you should choose the Extended Warranty as this will give you peace of mind for any accidental damage to your furniture. THIS IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for the investment you are making on this custom and expensive piece of furniture.

Coffee Table To Dinner Table

Q7.What is bed function? Answer: My Aashis offer an option to add bed function to any 2-seater sofa section. This option converts the 2-seater sofa section into a bed if needed. The width of the 2-seater bed feature is approximately 50 inches and the length is ~60-65 inches based on sofa design. please see the image below for details.

Piedra Round Dining Table

Q8.Why is USB Charging Port needed? Answer: My Aashis offers an option to add 3 USB ports and a charging station as an addition to the furniture. These can be added to either console table or armrests or sides of the bed. Please see the image below for details.

Coffee Table To Dinner Table

I have had this 2 in 1 coffee table for over a year now and I love it. It is very functional and is a perfect addition to my leather sectional in our family room. The quality is exceptional for the price.

We already had the matching side table and this was the perfect addition to the collection. Good quality, easy to put together and a great table at a great price. Just wish they had more matching pieces.

Coffee Table To Dinner Table

Trofi Round Marble Dining Table In Multi Coloured Maroon

Large free coffee table to end tables. Perfect size. I love this table. My section is going very well. I have had this for a few months and the table quality is great.

The perfect rustic industrial look we were going for! It was also very easy to set up

Coffee Table To Dinner Table

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