Coffee Table For Game Room

Coffee Table For Game Room – Oh great, the movers totally destroyed my coffee table. What the hell would get them to pull out the legs instead of unrolling them? Now I need a new coffee table…good thing I partner with Craig every month to build our dream piece of furniture.

The great thing about building your own furniture is that you get everything you want. I’m sharing my complete build plans on, Kreg’s awesome user-powered site.

Coffee Table For Game Room

Coffee Table For Game Room

This coffee table would be the one around which my family would spend the most quality time. It should function like a dream, but also blend in with my decor!

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Nothing is worse for a puzzle lover than finding out that your family has accidentally stumbled upon the puzzle you’ve been working on for weeks, and now you’re missing a few pieces.

Coffee Table For Game Room

There’s nothing worse for a mom than constantly finding puzzle pieces while vacuuming when all you want is a tidy room. lol!

The solution? This bottom drawer has shallow sides to ensure no pieces get lost, and is large enough to hold a variety of puzzle sizes. My daughter can arrange her puzzle right there on the compartment, or she can pull out the entire drawer and move it to another location. Just to make the process easier, I also put some foam inside (which is lighter than the drawer) and she can pull it out of the drawer while she’s actively working on it.

Coffee Table For Game Room

Vendor 972 Giga 0183689 Foosball Coffee Table With Game Pieces Included

I’m a total board game geek and our family plays Eurogames, also known as “board games” or “modern board games”. These are not your mother’s board games, my friend! The one pictured below is one of my favorite games, “Agricola” by Uwe Rosenberg, and it needs more space than the average coffee table can provide.

Many Eurogames take up a lot of space (even more than this one!), and even though I designed this coffee to be a massive 4ft x 3ft tabletop, it’s still not big enough for some of our games. Especially after everything is set up, all the cards and figures… these games need a lot of space.

Coffee Table For Game Room

These pull-outs are designed to be individual game trays, with a drawer option underneath for various pieces, cards or figures that are supposed to be hidden in some games.

Extendable Board Game Table Made From Ikea Tv Stands

Sometimes the coffee table can get a little crowded, whether it’s my decorative items, or maybe the hubs and I are playing a game where the kids would rather sit and draw instead…either way, pull-outs can serve as extra space that kids can use for any project they get crafty with.

Coffee Table For Game Room

Then there are the big gatherings, whether it’s the holidays or just a social gathering with all our friends. The TV stands inevitably have to be moved out of the basement because there are simply too many people to sit in one place. With this coffee table, who needs TV stands?

However you like to use your coffee table, whatever you need to store, this coffee table has it all!

Coffee Table For Game Room

Cozy Game Room With Brown Sectional Sofa Stock Image

The concept behind this build is pretty simple, and if you’re even a little handy, it’ll be easy!

It’s basically just two thick, durable pieces of wood, the same size, with some side supports sandwiched between them.

Coffee Table For Game Room

TIP: If you can add the drawer slides in step 2, it will be easier to install…harder to get the spacing right, but definitely MUCH easier to install!

Top 5 Game Room Furniture By Sofa Dreams

The drawers and drawers are just plain plywood with a grid glued on (screws can be added on the underside for extra sturdy support).

Coffee Table For Game Room

Need more details? You will find more detailed build instructions on my BuildSomething profile. But if you have any questions please come back and ask here because I don’t check this profile very often.

If you like this or have created it yourself, please share with me on Instagram or Facebook by tagging me!

Coffee Table For Game Room

Sonoma Custom Reversible Poker Table

*This post was awesomely sponsored by Kreg. I received product and compensation for this post, but all opinions, designs, and plans are my own. Whether you are a professional gamer or just enjoy playing games for entertainment purposes, having a dedicated gaming coffee table will enhance your gaming experience as well as your relaxation.

Otherwise, if you don’t want to spend a lot, creating this piece of furniture yourself will be a good choice. The best car seat cushion for long distance driving is another thing you don’t want to miss.

Coffee Table For Game Room

A DIY gaming table project not only helps you save some money, but in the end, it should give you a piece that best suits your style.

Ram Game Room 48

When it comes to a gaming coffee table, you need to create one that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing, as this piece of furniture can be the center of attention.

Coffee Table For Game Room

Apart from being a table to play your favorite games with the family, this piece can also serve as a place to store your magazines and any other items.

For this reason, it’s important to build a gaming coffee table that reflects your personality and suits the rest of the decor around that piece.

Coffee Table For Game Room

Kyoto Custom Professional 60

Also, if you need some reference, the following DIY gaming coffee tables might help you find what you need.

When playing Monopoly, you’ll need a place to organize your property and money cards. Other board games that have a lot of parts may also need extra space for the equipment.

Coffee Table For Game Room

That’s why this coffee table has built-in storage made by thewoodwhispererguild, which is a good solution for the above situation.

Game Room Ideas (epic & Cool)

You can also get the plans from the internet or simply create one yourself to suit your requirements.

Coffee Table For Game Room

Do you like to play chess, checkers or other casual games? Then rearranging a few nesting tables into a fun gaming table should be one of your preferences.

Even if you don’t have any old nesting tables at home, buying some from a nearby thrift store will be easy and you don’t have to break the bank.

Coffee Table For Game Room

Small Living Room Table Or Game Table With 2 Drawers 18th Louis Xv Style

Plus, by adding a stencil and spraying on a new coat of paint, you’ll have this unique coffee table for your basement or living room.

If you’re into the sci-fi genre and want to take your gaming room to the next level, recreating this unique piece of steampunk style furniture will be great.

Coffee Table For Game Room

Also, with built-in drinkware holders and two-tier surfaces, this table can bring you a new gaming experience at home.

Elements International Bar And Game Room Giga Giga Foosball Table

The round design makes this table even more ideal for a family gaming room as it can encourage more communication between players.

Coffee Table For Game Room

If budget is not your concern, building this DIY coffee table might be the best choice. With a built-in flat screen TV, you can play any type of software controlled game here.

So, from board games to miniatures to popular RPGs, you can count on this table to handle all of these types of games.

Coffee Table For Game Room

We Review The Wyrmwood Lilliput Gaming Coffee Table

You can build this piece by using an old gaming table and modifying it with the built-in screen. Materials needed will include screws, foot bolts, putty, stain, and more.

For the tools, prepare a jigsaw, a drill and a saw. Considering you already have a used coffee table for gaming, the project can cost at least $150.

Coffee Table For Game Room

This project is perfect for those of you who have an old coffee table with fine legs but a damaged top. With some paints and a board, you can turn the piece into something functional.

The Wyrmwood Modular Gaming Table: Coffee & Dining Models By Wyrmwood Gaming — Kickstarter

Instead of a plain counter, consider replacing it with a chalkboard. This will allow you to save scores when playing with other family members.

Coffee Table For Game Room

Although this coffee table looks like it was created by a professional, it only needs some easy cuts and measurements to create the piece at home.

If you have an average level of experience and are familiar with the plan, it is possible to complete this DIY project within a few days.

Coffee Table For Game Room

Union Rustic Cathleen Coffee Table With Storage & Reviews

You can create this DIY project from scratch or convert a store-bought coffee table into a functional tabletop gaming desk.

This gaming coffee table comes with a raised border around it and spacious shelves under the top to store things like magazines, mobile phones or more.

Coffee Table For Game Room

If you decide to build this game table from scratch, you’ll need wooden boards, foam, glue, and some tools like a drill and a staple gun.

Crazy Coffee Tables To Enliven Your Living Room

If your family prefers to play games outdoors, it would be a wise choice to move your gaming table outside.

Coffee Table For Game Room

This gaming table is usually not that different from the one you put in the home. You just need a piece that can withstand your outdoor conditions.

A round wooden gaming table as shown above is perfect for playing board games or card games with your loved one during the cool summer.

Coffee Table For Game Room

We Review Wyrmwood Lilliput Gaming Coffee Table

Save a big chunk of your budget by creating a coffee table for games from old furniture. You can repurpose a used rocking chair to create a functional play table for kids.

This piece is pretty easy to recreate and allows you to change it up a bit to suit your kids’ personalities.

Coffee Table For Game Room

For example, if your kids love dinosaurs, feel free to change the design by creating a dinosaur head and attaching it to one side of the table.

Unique Coffee Tables That Help You Declutter And Stylise Your Lounge

Any kind of puzzle games is exciting and relaxing. This is a good game to play with your family or just to spend some time alone.

Coffee Table For Game Room

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