Coffee Table Fire Pit Outdoor

Coffee Table Fire Pit Outdoor – Spring is coming, which means more creative ways to spend time with loved ones and celebrate fun events like St. Patrick’s Day! And to keep the celebrations going even in the most unusual years, Carhartt and Guiness’s friends have been asked to find a creative way to celebrate their #MakeYourOwnParade campaign at home! So, to keep things safe and fun, we created a DIY concrete coffee table that can also be used as a beverage cooler or fire pit for outdoor entertainment!

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Coffee Table Fire Pit Outdoor

Coffee Table Fire Pit Outdoor

I can’t believe this is my first concrete furniture project! I’m very excited about the way it turned out!

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I’m not sure which one I like more on this table. It can be used as a beverage cooler…

Coffee Table Fire Pit Outdoor

1. First cut the melamine to the required size for the tabletop mold. Make the bottom part 24 inches wide by 36 inches long, then cut a 2-inch high strip to fit the edges.

3. I then nailed a 1¼” high melamine strip to the center of the mold to form a mold for the pan to fit in later (it’s best to hold the pan in your hand to measure this. You’ll want to make sure it fits snugly. Perfect before pouring.

Coffee Table Fire Pit Outdoor

Castelle Altra Firepit Aluminum 49 Round Classical Coffee Table With Firepit And Lid

Of this box. I wanted the box to be the exact size of the pan. Because this will form an opening in the concrete where you will later drop the pan.

4. Next, vacuum the mold and seal all corners with silicone caulk. I wiped off the excess before drying.

Coffee Table Fire Pit Outdoor

5. When the silicone dries, mix the concrete until it has a peanut butter consistency, then shovel the concrete into the mold by hand. We also added wire mesh to strengthen the concrete table.

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6. Flip the mold up and down a few times and run a sander along the sides to make sure it vibrated some air bubbles before covering the concrete with plastic and letting it dry for a few days.

Coffee Table Fire Pit Outdoor

7. While the concrete dries, we begin to lay the foundation. It started with assembling the legs. I used (2) 2 x 4 boards for each leg and attached them with wood glue and deck screws.

Then I added two little stretchers (top and bottom) between the whole legs with wood screws and glue.

Coffee Table Fire Pit Outdoor

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8. Once the base was assembled, I added decorative sheet metal to the outside using wood glue and brad nails.

10. When the table base was dry, the concrete slab was demolded and the edges lightly sanded by hand. Then the concrete was sealed.

Coffee Table Fire Pit Outdoor

11. The final step is to assemble the table and insert the fan into the opening. You can even drill a drain hole in the pan to make cleaning easier! Fire pit tables have become very popular in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. It is an attractive and practical addition to your outdoor space. It serves as an eye-catching focal point anchoring patio furniture, along with keeping you warm on chilly nights after enjoying an after-dinner drink or soaking in a hot tub. From wood-fired tables with cozy faux wicker finishes to stylish concrete tables, there are options for every style, whether contemporary, contemporary or in-between.

Fire Pit Coffee Table 90cm Round / Pebble White

First, measure your space to get the right dimensions for your fire pit table, and make sure the model you’re looking at has the right proportions for your existing furniture and overall outdoor setting.

Coffee Table Fire Pit Outdoor

Most fire pit tables are propane fueled and some are converted to natural gas. If you have a large terrace that can be heated, look for options with over 50,000 BTU or equivalent natural gas. Fire pit tables usually have a hidden compartment at the bottom of the propane tank (some have a separate tower for the tank that acts as a table or plant stand) and also serves as a coffee table with inserts to place on top of the lava rock. The glass windguards you see in the photos are almost always sold separately, but you can safely place a glass of wine on the edge of the table. Fire pit tables are primarily used for warmth and atmosphere rather than for grilling, but there are several options on the market that do both.

If you plan to use a fire pit to grill, your best bet is to purchase a smokeless fire pit that can burn a grate or other firewood. Finally, if you plan to put your fire pit table on your deck, make sure the one you buy is safe for use on a wooden surface, or buy a thermal barrier to place underneath.

Coffee Table Fire Pit Outdoor

Aruba Outdoor Fabric Large Patio Corner Sofa Set With Fire Pit Coffee Table

To determine the best fire pit tables on the market, we honed tables with an average customer rating of at least 4 stars and narrowed down our finalists to a handful of high-quality products with the best designs and features. Our selection includes fire pit tables in a variety of sizes at different price points that work well in a variety of outdoor environments.

Looking for a nicer addition to your backyard? Check out our range of the best portable fire pits, aboveground pools and outdoor sections.

Coffee Table Fire Pit Outdoor

Here’s a fire pit table with a solid lineup of desirable features. This table has an average rating of 4.6 stars from over 3,700 Amazon customers. The main highlight is the included lid designed to rest on the lava rock, creating ample space in the center of the table for a wine bottle, stemware and a few snacks.

Manhattan Outdoor Gas Fire Pit

It is made of iron with an antique finish and features decorative details on the floor. The fire pit table is powder coated to prevent rust, and although it is small, it dissipates 50,000 BTU of heat and has a side door that hides the propane tank in the floor.

Coffee Table Fire Pit Outdoor

This popular fire pit table has earned an average of 4.8 stars from over 1,000 customers. Whether you opt for the cool-toned slate gray or the warm espresso brown, shown by its elegant design, it blends seamlessly with a variety of décor.

It has a powder-coated aluminum frame covered with an all-weather material woven like wicker and provides 50,000 BTU of heat. It has a black tempered glass insert to place on top of a lava rock that creates a flat surface and turns it into a coffee table.

Coffee Table Fire Pit Outdoor

Cosiloft 100 Square Coffee Table Fire Pit Black Alu Frame Grey Top

With a distressed finish, this slate gray concrete fire pit table will add a brutal touch to your outdoor space. This model produces 50,000 BTU of heat and can be used on a wooden deck with a heat-resistant protective barrier, and the handle on the side controls the flame. It comes with lava rocks, a protective rain cover and, like other luxury options, includes a side table to store the propane tank.

If you are looking for an oven that can also be used as a coffee table, this is an excellent choice. It includes a lid that you can place over a glass flame ball, giving you plenty of space to serve hors d’oeuvres before a conversation, and requires no furniture. What’s more, it’s attractive enough to match any outdoor setup.

Coffee Table Fire Pit Outdoor

The 44″ wide round table is made of rust-resistant aluminum and has a firepower of 50,000 BTU and a flame control knob on the side. Underneath it there is space for storing a propane tank.

Canvas Breton Outdoor Fire Pit Table 40,000 Btu

This stunning rustic fire pit table is made of concrete but looks like natural stone. The table, which can be placed on a wooden deck as long as there is a heat-resistant barrier below, transfers 65,000 BTU of heat with propane fuel, has a removable panel to store the propane tank, and a handle on the side. Adjust the flame. It also comes with a gas conversion kit if you have a natural gas line connection and lava rock and glass marbles are included in your table purchase.

Coffee Table Fire Pit Outdoor

This stylish fire pit table has a unique look that will complement any outdoor space. It’s made of lightweight concrete with a molded finish for added visual interest and comes with a stainless steel panel with a handle that can be placed on lava rocks when not in use.

The fire pit produces 50,000 BTU of heat and comes with a protective cover, but a side table for storing the propane tank is sold separately. If it’s a dealbreaker, there’s another option using natural gas.

Coffee Table Fire Pit Outdoor

Buy Cosiest Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Coffee Table W Dark Bronze 40.5 Inch Round Base Patio Heater, 50,000 Btu Stainless Steel Burner, Wind Guard, Aqua Blue Fire Glass, Waterproof Cover Online In Nepal

All-weather polyester wicker wraps the bottom of this fire pit table for a warm, modern feel. It’s the perfect size for a small deck or patio, dissipates 50,000 BTU of heat, and has space for a propane tank underneath. It’s made of powder-coated aluminum and comes with an insert that can be placed on a lava boulder, so it can also be used as a small table.

A protective rain cover is included and nearly 400 customers

Coffee Table Fire Pit Outdoor

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