Coffee Table Decor Ideas With Tray

Coffee Table Decor Ideas With Tray – I am sharing all my favorite coffee table decoration ideas to help you have a beautiful, functional coffee table!

I am a sucker for a nice coffee table decor! When I took a good look at the two coffee tables in our house, I realized that there are five basic design elements that I always use and I’m going to share with you each of these coffee table decoration ideas today!

Coffee Table Decor Ideas With Tray

Coffee Table Decor Ideas With Tray

I always use a large tray on my coffee tables. Always. I love that they keep everything tidy, and if you want to clean the coffee table to use to play or lay out your food, you can take it all off by simply lifting the tray. Trays are also a great way to add a contrasting texture or color to keep your curiosity.

Spring Refresh With Decorative Serving Trays

For our family room coffee table I chose a large 28 inch square wooden tray that takes up a large piece of the coffee table but still leaves room for my husband to throw up (we have a designated “foot pillow” for him to do this – lol! ):

Coffee Table Decor Ideas With Tray

Sources: White corner pillow case with fringes | Textured gray pillowcase | Antelope pillowcase | Artificial violin fig tree | Carpet | A pair of floor poufs | Acrylic Coffee Table (Similar) | Black and white striped box (on the coffee table) | Brass cranes | Coral white (similar)

The hardest part was finding a large square tray with a handle that I liked, but in the end I found the perfect one on Etsy. The store I bought from no longer exists, but an almost identical tray can be found at. They offer them in a wide variety of colors in a velvety matte or glossy finish. A tray that is so big is expensive, but I will have mine for YEARS. I like that if I change the color scheme in the future, I can just repaint it instead of buying a new tray.

Coffee Table Decor Ideas With Tray

Chic Ways To Tackle Your Coffee Table Decor

On our footstool / coffee table in the living room, I mainly use bright woven trays to add some brightness and texture. I recently purchased which is a nice size and great price for such a large tray:

FYI, remember to add felt pads to the bottom of the woven trays so they won’t scratch your coffee table! Here are some other favorite coffee table trays that will also work beautifully (

Coffee Table Decor Ideas With Tray

I use flowers and natural elements all over my home as they add life in ways nothing else can, so it’s no surprise that one of my favorite coffee table decorating ideas! In summer, when a lot of flowers bloom in our backyard, I keep small bouquets of fresh flowers on the table:

Pretty Farmhouse Coffee Table Tray — Homebnc

You can add even more life and personality by placing the flowers in something special like my brass swan pot (you can find similar pots and) that I’m obsessed with:

Coffee Table Decor Ideas With Tray

If you don’t have flowers to prune from your yard, grab a $ 5 packet of tulips at the grocery store or, for even less maintenance, add a plant. This serpent plant that once sat on our coffee table in the living room is the best – really hard to kill:

And I love that I also have a pile of books at the end of our coffee table – that’s another way to bring nature into this space.

Coffee Table Decor Ideas With Tray

Coffee Table Decor Ideas That Don’t Require A Home Stylist

There is also no shame in pretending! I recently bought raspberries and two of them create the most beautiful arrangement:

And after moving my snake plant upstairs, I used three of these eucalyptus twigs (found) in our living room ottoman:

Coffee Table Decor Ideas With Tray

You can also use other natural elements to add life – a bowl of pine cones, feathers or elements from the sea like wood, shells and coral are just a few ideas. The best thing about natural elements is that there are so many behind your door that you can find and use them for free!

Places To Consider Using Trays In Your Home (& Quick Ideas On How To Style Them) • A Glass Of Bovino

Books are another must-have for me. They’re great for adding a layered look, and it’s nice to have some interesting coffee table books for your family and guests to pick up and read. Being the design lover that I am, most of my (big surprise) focus is on design. Books about your neighborhood, your favorite state or country for your vacation, or your favorite hobby are other great choices.

Coffee Table Decor Ideas With Tray

Or, you might think about transferring a few photos from my phone and computer to one of them – these are future coffee table goals for me! And if you want to add color or pattern to your coffee table, an easy way to do so is to use the remnants of your favorite fabric to create a fabric book cover:

If you are a design lover like me and are looking for good books for your coffee table then there are a few that have great content on the inside and look nice on the outside (

Coffee Table Decor Ideas With Tray

Best Ways To Decorate A Coffee Table

Along with a few stacked coffee books, I always add one or two book covers. These can be almost anything from the large gold rocker arm (similar available) which I used in my cloth-covered book above, to a decorative magnifying glass such as one or a small piece of coral:

Gift boxes are the best! There are so many beautiful options and they’re great for storing things that you don’t want to clutter on the table. on our coffee table in the family room there are additional TV remote controls, our lighting remote control and my flash drives with photos that I need from time to time on my laptop in the section:

Coffee Table Decor Ideas With Tray

With those essentials ready, it’s time to have some fun and add some quirky things you love! For me, it’s often brass animals (#obsession) like this pair of brass cranes (similar available):

Coffee Table Decor Ideas For Every Home

But for you it could be something related to your favorite hobby or a piece that just has a story and a special meaning. Put it all together and you will get a coffee table that will be the star of your space!

Coffee Table Decor Ideas With Tray

Sources: TV console (similar) | Chandelier (satin bronze) | Rattan chair | White corner pillow case with fringes | Textured gray pillowcase | Antelope pillowcase | Artificial violin fig tree | Carpet | A pair of floor poufs | Acrylic Coffee Table (Similar) |

Thank you so much for stopping by today! You can find a complete list of sources for my family room and a list of sources for my living room in case you are wondering where something came from. And if you are new here and want to join the Driven by Decor team in getting DIY and decorating inspiration to your inbox, I would like you to subscribe by email – usually it’s only 2 posts per week and you can unsubscribe at any moment! CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE! So today I thought I’d create a blog post that can live forever to deliver you the goods.

Coffee Table Decor Ideas With Tray

Coffee Table Décor

I’ll be updating these coffee table ideas regularly as the products come and go, but for now all the great trays are in stock and ready to buy.

It looks like many inexpensive retail stores do not have trays. This is probably why there is a perception that coffee table trays are hard to find. In fact, that’s not the case, and the top 20 will prove it. You just need to know where to look. In fact, online stores often have the best.

Coffee Table Decor Ideas With Tray

I have broken down all my coffee tray ideas into styles below. We have the Coastal / Hamptons Collection, the Contemporary Collection, the Luxury Collection and the Global / Eclectic Collection. Thought I’d best do it this way so that you would know which coffee table best suits the style of your home.

Coffee Table Decor Ideas

Write me a comment at the end of this post if there are any coffee tray suppliers that I have skipped that you know. Or if you have any questions feel free to post them as well.

Coffee Table Decor Ideas With Tray

The coffee table ideas above come in a wonderfully neutral color palette. I’m sure you will agree, they are not boring! What makes the trays so divine is the fact that while the color is discarded, the pattern and texture are turned up.

From marble to rattan, grass to shiny wood, there are lots of tactile details to enjoy. And the marble line and geometric pattern on two of the above trays also add another layer of dimension.

Coffee Table Decor Ideas With Tray

Coffee Table Decor Ideas That Add Interest + Style

I have labeled these trays Coastal / Hampton’s but can be squeezed completely into a Scandi or Provincial lounge. Basically any room that evokes a sense of calm and serenity will look amazing with one of these trays added to the mix. I’ll be tossing a few styling notes at the end of this post, but I’ll leave the purchase links below for now.

If you have a more modern feel to your home, the following trays are just right for you.

Coffee Table Decor Ideas With Tray

All the coffee table trays in this style category are more fashionable and up to date. They are in

Coffee Table Decor Ideas And How To Style Them

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