Coffee Table Books By Color

Coffee Table Books By Color – If you haven’t gathered by now, I love decorating with books… Like a lot. My collection of coffee table books has grown quite a bit over the past year. I display them in many of the rooms in my house so I thought I’d share a couple of pictures of where they live in my space.

I’ve done a few updates to my home office, living room and sunroom using coloring books as decor. I especially love the glass coffee table in our living room piled high with tons of them. A few years ago, one of my clients, an editor at

Coffee Table Books By Color

Coffee Table Books By Color

, he invited us over for drinks at his apartment on the Upper East Side. He had a large side table (the size of a normal person’s dining room table) covered with large books. It looked so amazing and has inspired me ever since.

My Favorite Coffee Table Books

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Coffee Table Books By Color

Welcome to Lemon Stripes, where my adventures in motherhood, style, healthy(ish) living and life in New England come into play. Coffee table books are probably one of our favorite decorative accessories to add to our space. They never fail to add that perfect touch to any coffee table or bookshelf, and with so many beautiful books on the market, they can quickly be coordinated to be according to any decorative style or color scheme. In fact, the latter is exactly what our lovely design maven, Dee Murphy of Murphy Deesign, is tackling today! If you’ve ever been looking for that ONE coffee table book in the perfect shade, you’re in the right place. Join us as Dee dives into her favorite coffee table books by color, plus GM prints (last day today until 20% off get it btw) she would pair with them…

When it comes to coffee table books, you can choose by content, style or size to create your tablescape. You can also arrange your surfaces (tables and shelves) by color … which is, of course, beautiful for the “gram”. Do you want black and white beauty? Do you want a rainbow colored shelf? It seems easy… a print hanging on the wall or placed on your shelf. So, following the request of a friend of mine (who asked me to create this list a long time ago), here is a collection of some of my favorite books in five different colors AND the Gray prints Best Malin, which is 20% off right now, to pair with them. You’ll never have to wander aimlessly through the aisles of Barnes & Noble again. If you don’t like to do that kind of thing…like I do sometimes. 😉 Think of this as your starter kit – if you like where I’m going, I’ll give you round two! Note: With some of these books… I take off the jacket for the desired effect! Here we are… Black Coffee Table Books

Coffee Table Books By Color

Coffee Table Books Are Always A Good Idea — Mimosa Lane

1. Tom Ford, $60.75 (Everyone has it…but you can’t deny its simple graphic beauty.) | 2. Black: Architecture in Monochrome, $33.96 | 3. Vanity Fair 100 Years: From the Jazz Age to Ours, $36.56 | 4. Grace: Thirty Years of Fashion at Vogue, $143.37 | 5. The House That Pinterest Built, $36.50

1. History of Surfing, $39.58 (LOVE this book, as my favorite surfer… 2. The Kinfolk Home: Interiors for Slow Living, $18.57 | 3. Lee (Icons), $32.53 | 4. The Coveteur: Private Spaces, Personal Style, $30.93 | 5. Organic Architecture, $20.39

Coffee Table Books By Color

1. ESCAPE, $30.22 (Holiday FOMO? Just leave this on the coffee table and open to escape… at least for a few minutes!) | 2. Mykonos Muse, $69.99 | 3. Los Angeles: Portrait of a City, $53.61 | 4. Chic Stays (Classics), $55.42 | 5. Allegra Hicks: Eye for Design, $41.80

Tips On Styling Your Coffee Table — Jordan Morrissey Interior Design Co

1. Gisel Bundchen, $49.57 (The top is pink … the back is orange … and it ALL works for me!) | 2. Christian Louboutin, $72.50 | 3. domino: Your Guide to a Stylish Home, $10.97 | 4. Mexico: The Cookbook, $44.11 (For the food… and so pretty to look at too!) | 5. INFLUENCE: 50 Years of the CFDA, $48.74

Coffee Table Books By Color

1. BEACHES Signed Collectors Edition, $125 | 2. Neutra: Complete Works, $47.41 | 3. Three travel sketchbooks: Venice, India, Senegal, $200 | 4. The Best: Timeless Furniture, Apparel, and Details, $24.28 | 5. Habitat: The Field Guide to Decorating, $23.79 (Keep this one close—not the top shelf—for style lessons!)

Which color scheme appeals to you the most? Are you going to splurge on any of these amazing coffee table books?

Coffee Table Books By Color

Why I Love Coffee Table Books

With all these amazing options, how do we choose just one?! Let’s be honest, we’re adding several to our shopping carts as we speak… While you’re shopping for coffee table books, hop on over to the site and pick up a Gray print Paint that matches your color scheme for 20% off.

To learn more from Dee Murphy, follow her work on Instagram and visit her website. And of course, stay tuned for more design advice here on the blog!

Coffee Table Books By Color

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Premium Photo Books

From my first apartment in my 20s, I decided to invest in several coffee table books. First, they add color and texture to a room. In addition, they can highlight your hobbies, interests, etc. Today, I wanted to share a collection of the best coffee table books – separated by color.

Coffee Table Books By Color

After all, it’s fun to arrange the books by color within a space. There are also several ways to design coffee table books. In addition to placing them on tables, shelves, fireplace mantels, and accent tables, I’ve learned a few tricks of the trade from Amelia on how to style them.

Over the past few years, I’ve had the opportunity to learn some home styling tips and tricks. Little hacks, if you will, that can take your space from drab to glam. From working with Aimée Mazzenga in our recent photoshoots to collaborating with Amelia on the design of our various locations, I’ve gathered some fun tips that I wanted to share with you below:

Coffee Table Books By Color

Slipcase Coffee Table Book Hardcover

Hardcover options can run you up to $55-$100 per book. Looking for an affordable solution? Stop by your nearest thrift store or Salvation Army. There are a bunch of reasonably priced coffee table books on sale.

Now, more than ever, independent booksellers need our support. Throughout this post, I have included books from small shops where possible. Also, I created a Bookstore page for almost every book featured in this post! If you don’t already know, is an amazing online bookstore focused on independent bookstores!

Coffee Table Books By Color

Another option? Wrap used books (or ones that belong to you) in colorful and decorative papers. This gives the place a complete look. Plus, it will save you a lot of money! I especially like the way Katie Kime used this trick in her Austin store. So cute and perfect for making use of your old books that may be in less than perfect condition. Also, great idea for old textbooks!

How To Style Coffee Table Books — 136 Home

One of my favorite tips from Amelia is to simply rotate your books around – especially if the covers don’t match the look and feel of a room. I love this quick tip that helps create a quick look.

Coffee Table Books By Color

I love the way coffee table books give you an escape from the world – especially during the pandemic. Open the pages of a travel book, and you’ll be instantly transported to the beaches of Ibiza or the murals of Portugal. Some of my personal favorites include Lilly Pulitzer and, which inspires great memories!

I have curated the books below​​​​ that will surely inspire and add beauty to your home decor and bookshelves for many years to come.

Coffee Table Books By Color

Tips For Best Coffee Table Books Styling

The most popular coffee table books are probably white and neutral because they tend to blend into any space. Below, I’ve featured several of my favorite books to add some white and neutrals to a room.

Some of my favorite coffee table books are in the blue section. Since our family room and kitchen are blue, we incorporated a lot of blue coffee table books into the space.

Coffee Table Books By Color

Bright and cheery, yellow books add to it

Favorite Coffee Table Books

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