Coffee Table Books About New York

Coffee Table Books About New York – From splashy, limited-edition Depeche Mode retrospectives to quieter Japanese crafts; From contemporary black art to landscape photography, it reminds anyone who needs to be reminded of how much we stand to lose: there’s a visual book for everyone.

The oil portraits collected in LYNETTE YIADOM-BOAKYE: Fly in League With the Night (D.A.P./Tate, $55) depict figures imagined by the contemporary British artist and point to a long tradition of European paintings by men such as Rembrandt and Goya. Degas – Change these examples and make the message and the medium your own.

Coffee Table Books About New York

Coffee Table Books About New York

In Young, Gifted, and Black: A New Generation of Artists (DAP, $49.95), art critic Antoine Sargent, Kerry James Marshall, and Tunji Adeni-Jones, Eric Schiffon Thomas, E. N. Mack and Wilmer Wilson IV.

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Book Collectors, Books and Design Nostalgia, Peter Mendelsund and David J. Alworth’s book Origins: Jackets, Covers, and the Margins of Art Literature (Ten Speed, $50) tells an alternate history of the Western canon. They think the physical editions have made it so much better.

Coffee Table Books About New York

The Oxford Illustrated History of Books (Oxford University, $39.95) takes a more scholarly approach to the book: James Raven edits essays by academics from around the world to illuminate the evolution of global bookmaking from the ancient world to the present day.

Much has been made of the Bloomsbury Group’s influence on 20th-century Anglophone culture, but Wendy Hitchmough’s The Bloomsbury Look (Yale University, $40) is the first book to fully unpack the group.

Coffee Table Books About New York

New York By New York From Jay Mcinerney

Aesthetics range from John Maynard Keynes’ painted portraits to Leonard Woolf’s photographs of his wife Virginia to fashion designs and handwritten letters.

In “The Bloomsbury Look”: Pajamas and dressing gown by Roger Fry, designed by Vanessa Bell. Credit… Tony Senecola/The New York Times

Coffee Table Books About New York

Whether you follow him on social media or not — New Yorker Brandon Stanton’s Humans deserves a spot on your coffee table: With Humans (St. Martin, $35), the photographer expands his local scope to capture the stories of remarkable everyday people. from all over the world.

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In Refuge: America’s Wildernesses (Earth Aware Editions, $50), environmental photographer and filmmaker Ian Shive captures nearly half of the world’s national wildlife refuges and creates a powerful vision of protecting what we can of the natural world. Scenery – All around us.

Coffee Table Books About New York

Shiv is far from alone. HUMAN NATURE: Planet Earth in Our Time (Chronicle Books, $45) features the work of 12 photographers on the biggest threats to our planet right now, from the destruction of our forests and oceans to industrialization and poverty and species extinction.

Photographer Amy Vitale captures a moment of tenderness between an orphaned giraffe and its wildlife caretaker, “Human Nature.” Credit… Tony Senecola/The New York Times

Coffee Table Books About New York

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Anton Corbijn, Dutch music photographer and creative director for DEPECHE MODE (Taschen, $900), is releasing a stunning limited edition of his photographs of the English electronic band since 1981.

Instantly transporting the reader back to 1998 in 200 pages of comic book stills, PEARL JAM: Art of Do the Evolution (IDW Publishing, $39.99) revisits the creation of the rock band’s seminal animated music video by one of its producers. , Joe Pearson.

Coffee Table Books About New York

Above and below: Stills from Pearl Jam’s 1998 music video “To The Evolution” in progress. Credit… Tony Senecola/The New York Times

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Nineties fashion, celebrity intrigue, and punk rock nostalgia are intertwined in Kim Gordon: No Icon (Rizzoli, $45), a scrapbook-style memoir of a life and career spent deep in the New York underground.

Coffee Table Books About New York

To celebrate her 80th birthday last year, Tina Turner compiled a visual memoir about her lonely childhood and rebirth as a musician and Buddhist. “I vowed to sing my music, my way,” she writes in Tina Turner: That’s My Life (Rizzoli, $65). “It took me a while to get there, but that was my destiny.”

In Shaping the World: Sculpture from History to the Present (Thames & Hudson, $60), artist Antony Gormley and art critic Martin Gayford conduct a groundbreaking, comprehensive study of the medium from the Lion Man to 35,000 B.C. Kara Walker to the Chinese Terracotta Army.

Coffee Table Books About New York

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It’s hard to put your finger on why it’s so sweet to turn the page through Handmade Japan: The Pursuit of Perfection in Traditional Crafts (Gestalton, $60). Tokyo-based photographer Irwin Wong captures intimate moments of creation that satisfy the reader’s desires for travel, escapism and tactile design. Still undecided about getting someone eligible — including yourself — to enjoy New York’s chairlift views? If you can handle the inventory — the pounds (11) and the price ($250) — “New York by New York” (Azoline) is the perfect gift. This majestic five-part kaleidoscopic tour captures the city’s evolution through immigration, maritime commerce, skyrappers, culture, and the likes of famous photographers (among them, Edward Steichen and Weegee) and renowned writers (including Edith Wharton, EB White, and Tom Wolfe). . Resistance movements in text and over 300 illustrations.

The book has a foreword by Jay McInerney, a suburban transplant who never looked back, and is edited by Wendell Jamison, former metro editor of The New York Times, who writes, “New York is permanent and fleeting, and that’s perhaps the greatest paradox of all.”

Coffee Table Books About New York

“New York Rising: An Illustrated History from the Durst Collection” ($60 Press) to Columbia University’s Avery Library of Architecture and Fine Arts in 2011 by Kate Asher and Thomas Melins; ) maps, ephemera, photographs and other illustrations liberally punctuate the 10 chapters, ranging from “Moving People” to “Remaking Times Square” and written by a team of municipal experts including Russell Shortow, Hilary Ballon (who died in 2017). ), Andrew Dolgard, Carol Willis, Ann Buttenweiser, and Lynn P. Sakhalin.

In Bloom By Georgianna Lane

“In the Shadow of Genius: The Brooklyn Bridge and Its Creators” ($34.95; Empire State Editions/Fordham University Press) reimagines the story behind the span and its engineers through the lens of decades-long photographer Barbara Mensch. The maritime warehouse overlooks her subject. As he writes persuasively in defining the genius of the Roebling family, his images are arresting and unconventional, his discoveries are frank and personal.

Coffee Table Books About New York

In her foreword to a charming collection of vintage holiday postcards, singer Roseanne Cash writes of the season, “We emphasize joy, but at the end of the year, when our lives pile up with too much loss, we feel nostalgic. And Christmas is a harsh reminder of the past.” “100 Christmas Greetings: Vintage Holiday Cards from the New York Public Library” ($17.99; St. Martin Griffin) is full-hearted. A book consisting of six detachable and reusable postcards, Ms. In Cash’s words, it’s a reminder of how previous generations wanted “peace, joy, magic, grace, family, and light to shine through the world.”

If holiday cards aren’t uplifting enough, read “Sacred Shelter: Thirteen Journeys of Homelessness and Healing” ($105 for hardcover, $30 for paperback; Empire State Editions/Fordham University Press), edited by Susan Celia Greenfield. They are a reminder that individuals can make a difference through a program established by Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of New York in partnership with the Interfaith Council on Homelessness and Housing, which shares royalties with Life Experience and Faith Sharing Associates.

Coffee Table Books About New York

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The title, “Reviving Memory: New York and Paris 1960-1980” ($45; Daylight Books), speaks for itself. Frank Van Riper’s black-and-white photographs and accompanying text immortalize two unique decades that will never be duplicated. Mr. Van Riper captured the city’s excitement on the cover: a couple dropped from a parachute jump at Coney Island.

Speaking of Brooklyn, Larry Raciopo’s “Brooklyn Before: Photographs 1971-1983” ($34.95; Three Hills/Cornell University Press), essays by Tom Robbins and Julia Van Houghton, capture faces frozen in time. Today’s metropolis. Still, Mr. Even then, Robbins writes, “life went pretty normal.”

Coffee Table Books About New York

Marla Hamburg Kennedy offers an accompanying “after” view in “Brooklyn: Photographs Now” ($55; Rizzoli New York), prompting James Agee with an introduction by Brooklyn native Philip Lobate: “Everywhere the returned traveler saw signs of change, no change, signs of change. But very fast, signs of change but not fast, saw millions of signs.

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Occasional interiors are also commemorated in “New York Splendor: The City’s Most Memorable Rooms” ($85; Rizzoli New York) by Wendy Moonen. For example, stunning photographs and explanatory text provide a rare peak into the handiwork of the famous designers and architects who created Brooke Astor’s library and renovated the Crazy Mansion. I’ve wanted to write this (accidentally very long!) blog post for a long time. Now it’s a big reader request and I’ve built quite a collection and have a lot of opinions when it comes to coffee table books. Nothing makes me happier

Coffee Table Books About New York

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