Coffee Table And Side Table

Coffee Table And Side Table – Boca do Lobo furniture is an exclusive emotional experience, a sense of belonging and a state of mind. They strive to encourage sensational experiences by creating beautiful items inspired and handcrafted in Portugal. Today we show you our favorite

No detail or element is overlooked as they offer the best between design and art. Each piece takes you on a journey to forgotten sources of pleasure and places you have never been before: a journey to the world of Boca do Lobo – a world of sensations.

Coffee Table And Side Table

Coffee Table And Side Table

Represents part of the tree of knowledge and the tale of the creation of desire. Boca do Lobo uses the highest quality materials and textures, giving them forms through objects that create a cosmopolitan luxury environment, and finds a perfect example in this table.

Around Coffee Table

Made of fully polished cast brass, the top surface reveals the heart of golden wood right to the heart of the house. There is a set of two modern coffee tables and an elegant and highly decorative side table.

Coffee Table And Side Table

Mixing the old with the new, the Newton side table is a clever combination of grandeur and playfulness. This piece is so versatile that it can easily be converted into a stool. Its structure is made of aluminum with a black lacquered, high-gloss finish. The design of this side table is expressive and forward-thinking with its gilded spheres and hemispheres.

Designed to create a certain atmosphere, this futuristic side table has an undeniable presence beyond its mere functional characteristics. The Newton side table adds a classic yet modern charm to any setting, especially when placed between two contemporary armchairs.

Coffee Table And Side Table

Scala High Coffee Table

Soho Collection offers you a variety of decor styles for your home! After the great success of the Soho sideboard, Boca do Lobo is launched in two new versions: a bedside table and a console. Now it’s time for the Soho coffee table to add an exclusive touch to your modern living room. An exquisite and unique piece that captures the soul of Boca do Lobo.

The enormous success of the Metamorphosis series gave birth to another unique creation – the Metamorphosis Coffee Table. Similar to the dramatic and sudden transformation of an animal’s body structure, the Metamorphosis Coffee Table sees new unexpected design techniques, precious decorations through a careful artistic process.

Coffee Table And Side Table

Lapiaz inspired this unique coffee table. The French word is the name of typical karst formations formed by surface dissolution of limestone or dolomite rocks. It can also cause freezing and thawing in cold climates. This is how the Lapiaz luxury coffee table was born.

Goldfan Marble Effect Side Table Small Round Coffee Table End Table Metal Bedside Table With 2 Tier Storage For Living Room Bedroom

Imagine a stone frozen and freshly cracked to reveal a rich, golden interior to the world. Polished brass details and mirrored sides characterize this luxury design art as an artistic yet inviting and warm beauty. Definitely a statement for the most luxurious interior design.

Coffee Table And Side Table

Designed in the quintessential Boca do Lobo style and influenced by natural elements as well as artisan furniture making techniques, the Monet coffee table is a unique and sophisticated piece of furniture. By using contrasting design elements and materials, Boca do Lobo has achieved a beautifully balanced coffee table that sits comfortably in any modern setting.

This impressionist side table is an homage to Monet’s work. This sophisticated, organic limited edition side table is filled with emotion and a special touch. All the parts that make up the coin are interconnected, from the polished acrylic geometric base to the polished brass top.

Coffee Table And Side Table Nesting Table Set Of 2

A true classic never fails to impress, and this is certainly the case with the wave table at Boca do Lobo. Currently, the traditional coffee table is no longer the only way to decorate the living room,  recently, coffee tables are taking on original shapes and designs that give the living room a completely unique look through unusual shapes and new materials.

Wave is an original and stylish coffee table for the modern living room, as it is an unusual centerpiece for your sitting room. With great style and elegance, it creates an exclusive atmosphere for your modern interior. Designed by a Portuguese jeweler, this piece is crafted from hand-forged brass with a black mirror finish.

Coffee Table And Side Table

Times Square has been featured countless times in literature, television, and film. Boca do Lobo wanted to pay homage to that and created Times, an exquisite hand-crafted side table designed for both function and unadorned beauty. This is a simple and sophisticated design table for any modern interior space.

Milano Tavolino Side Table

The Empire Center table can find itself at the heart of the most memorable events and celebrations. He asks for a meaningful conversation and many annual toasts, symbolizing the unity of friendship and the celebration of life.

Coffee Table And Side Table

Designed and built to impress and deliver an unparalleled experience, this exquisite piece will add a stunning touch of elegance and glamor to your luxury suite.

Derived from the ancient Greek word for “unbreakable,” Diamond is inspired by gemstones and their discreet yet powerful nature. The diamond face table is designed with one of Boca’s most sonic designs from Lobo.

Coffee Table And Side Table

Unique End Tables That Add The Perfect Living Room Finish

Aquarius is a very unique coffee table. Featuring exquisite jewelry, this stunning table combines a certain delicacy with its contrastingly strong character. Perfect for your modern living room, Aquarius will add elegance to your home decor. Its tempered smoked glass top rests on a beautifully curved polished stainless steel base.

With a clear top, this attractive piece features a curved column finished with tripod legs. Subtly carved and completely covered in silver leaf, this Ottoman side table is a stunning piece of art capable of creating magic in any space.

Coffee Table And Side Table

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Mixing Coffee Tables And Side Tables

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